2017 State Raffle

N.C. State Council Fund Raiser

!!! Update – 5/7/2017 !!!

Winners of the Raffle:

  • 1st Prize – Samuel Edwards sold by Council #15085.
  • 2nd Prize – Peggy Phillips sold by Council #8509.
  • 3rd Prize – Carl L Fabian sold by Council #8509. 
  • 4th Prize – Patrick Skelton sold by Council #9030.
  • 5th Prize – Ticket # 25019 sold by David Romeo Council #16013.
  • 6th Prize – Kenneth Reep sold by Council #6451.
  • 7th Prize – Basil Lyberg sold by Council #10852.

Prizes And Conditions – 2017

First Prize – 7 Day Alaskan Cruise (Sailing From Seattle Or Vancouver) For Two, Including:

  • Air Fare*
  • Cruise
  • $700 Cash

Second Place – 7 Day Carribean Cruise For Two, Including:

  • Air Fare*
  • Cruise
  • $500 Cash

Third To Seventh Places

  • $200 Cash, Each

(See below for conditions.)


  1. Work through your DD for extra ticket allocation, and ticket and money returns. Returns to include ticket stubs and money (council check, along with the Green “Council Return” Sheet. These must be returned to the DD on date set by him and in no case after April 15th.
  1. ALL tickets must be accounted for. (Indicate on returns sheet as to why ticket or stubs are not returned).
  1. All monies must go through the council books. Only council checks will be accepted by State.
  1. Return a Council check of $2.50 for each ticket sold along with ticket stub. Returns AFTER April 15th will be with FULL ticket price (i.e. $5 per ticket).
  1. Paper work (sheets):
    1. “Ticket Resolution” WHITE sheet – this sheet is for council use to control sales and as a record in case tickets or monies are lost. PLEASE USE IT.
    2. “Council Returns” GREEN sheet – return with ticket stubs and money to your DD prior to April 15th. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR COUNCIL NUMBER IS ON ALL TICKET STUBS.
    3. “Late Council Returns” PINK sheet – to be used only after April 15th – return with FULL amount of ticket ($5) with stubs (must be in hands of State Raffle Chairman no later than 12 PM, Saturday May 6th).
  1. General:
    1. Make checks payable to Knights of Columbus, NC State Council.
    2. Work through your DD with problems, or if needed the State Fund Raiser Chairmen.
    3. An Audit will be held of this program prior to the Convention.
    4. The State Officers, State Raffle Chairman and their immediate family members are not eligible. Immediate family includes spouse and dependent children.
    5. The winners will be drawn May 6th at the State Convention.

NOTE: Grand Knights should have their local Raffle Chairman make copies of BLUE “Prizes and Conditions” sheet for every member selling tickets. (Make ticket resolution sheet for every 100 tickets received.)

Copies of all forms are available below:


Joe Baummer
PO Box 153
Gibsonville, NC 27249
Home (336)449-5049
Cell (443)617-4040
email: labrat3467@gmail.com

  • The package is administered by the sponsor-selected Travel Agent,
  • The package is not restricted to the winner and trip portion may be transferred, but must follow all rules and budget established.
  • The package is convertible to cash. (1st Prize=$5,500.00 and 2nd Prize=$4,500.00)
  • Each vacation package has been established for a specific date range. Winners may negotiate any changes in itinerary or date range or number of parties traveling, with Travel Agent. Additional cost incurred will be the responsibility of the winner. No refunds will be given if the selected package costs less.
  • The vacation package must be committed to before December 31, 2017 and taken before June 1, 2018 or is forfeited.
  • Winners will be drawn May 6, 2017 at the North Carolina State Knights of Columbus Annual Meeting. Winners need not be present to win. Vacation travel expenses may exceed budget, and will be the responsibility of the winner.
  • Winners are responsible for cost of special medical equipment and/or special equipment for mobility purposes.
  • Cash portion of First and Second place winners will be paid when trip is actually booked and paid for by Travel Agent. If converted to cash, it will be paid with cost of trip at time the conversion occurs.

* Airfare is calculated from major North Carolina airports. There may be an additional charge if the winner uses a small airport or an airport outside North Carolina.