The State Council will host 6 Regional Council Leadership Training Sessions in 2018.  Click the link below for the one for which you would like to register.

Click here to see the meeting agenda.
8:30Call to OrderState Officer
Pledge of AllegianceState Officer
Opening PrayerState Officer
Welcome/ Opening Comments/Overview

  1. What is to be covered

  2. Mission Statement

  3. Goal

State Officer

  1. Why insurance is important

  2. Insurance message at every business meeting

  3. Insurance message in every Council bulletin

  4. Always invite your agent to:

    1. All Degrees (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

    2. All membership drives

    3. Open House for prospective new members

  5. Fraternal Benefit Nights

General Agent or Field Agent
Communication - Two way process

  1. Forms 185 and 365

  2. State Directory Form

  3. Website

State Officer

  1. Strategic Plan

  2. Planning Calendar

  3. Fraternal Leaders Success Planner (if available)

State Officer
10:00Financial Responsibility

  1. Council Budget

  2. Council Audits

  3. EIN and Form 990

  4. Financial Secretary Responsibilities

State Officer
Membership – Recruitment and RetentionMembership
Round TablesMembership
12:45Second Half Program awards are presentedState Officer/Program Director
Council Programs

  1. Church

  2. Community

  3. Council

  4. Culture of Life

  5. Family

  6. Youth

  7. LAMB

Program Director

  1. Supreme Forms

  2. Program Reports

  3. Program Matrix that DDs completes with you

State Officer
State Officer/CO
Wrap-up and Challenge

  1. Briefly review what has been covered.

  2. Upcoming State Meetings

    1. Mid-year meeting in January

    2. State Convention

  3. We Are Called

State Officer
Click here to see the detailed FS agenda.


Role of the FS Training Group
What we intend to Accomplish Today

2.Leadership Resources Guide

Link to Leadership Guide

GK Section   LRG Page 16

Audit Instructions and responsibilities

Check Signing  Supreme ByLaws

Voucher Signing  Supreme By Laws

DD Section  LRG Page 28

Requirements of DD to insure proper financial procedures  LRG Page 27

FS Section  LRG Page 24

Duties and responsibilities of the FS

Handling Council Funds

Billing & Collecting Dues

Financial Reporting to Council

Role in Membership Retention
Records Retention
Form 990 Filing  Officer’s Desk Reference

Other Existing Council Requirements
Audit  Google Docs  Master Audit Spreadsheet

Defining Audit Period

Audit Instructions – Hand out

Who completes and files Audit? LRG Page 16

Who gets copies?  See Form 1295  Bottom

New Council Requirements  Officer’s Desk Reference

Securing EIN Number

Registering with Supreme  Officer’s Desk Reference

Reporting Officers to Supreme  Member Management

Accessing Supreme Store

Accessing MM/MB  Click on   “Login”

3.Supreme Website  (Click on “RESOURCES”)

Forms  Filling in Supreme Online forms using print to  .pdf


Logging into Supreme Program


Test Program

FS Training Videos

Officers Desk Reference

Logging into Member Management

Member Information

Officers Section


E-mailing Members

Going into Member Billing

Setting up “Chart of Accounts”

Setting up “Classes”

Setting up Dues

Handling Vouchers

Handling Receipts


E-mailing Members

Billing Members

Member Notes & Retention

  1.  State Website

Main Page

Things happening Now


How to log in

How to correct your Council Information

FS Trainers Section


Useful Links and Documents

  1.  New Spreadsheet for Audit Completion and Council Financial reporting : Google Docs

Accessing Google Docs


Working with Google Docs

Copying online forms for Council Use

6.Budget (This Subject should really be included in GK and DD Training)   : Google Docs

Why have a Budget?

What does a good budget look like?

Who manages the budget

Providing YTD updates to Trustees and Council at every Business Meeting

Handling non-budgeted items – Refer to Council By Laws and Supreme Limits

  1. Wrap up and Questions

FS should bring the following to any Training Session

Copy of Leadership Resources Guide

Copy of Current Council ByLaws

Copy of Current Supreme ByLaws

Copy of Recent Bank Statement  Either June or December

Copy of Financial Report for most recent Large Fundraiser

Copy of List of Officers for Current and Upcoming Year

ID and Password for MM/MB

Laptop with WiFi Access, Anyone who has a WiFi hotspot should also bring that

as access to the Internet is not always conveniently available

If any FS has a specific question or needs a particular area covered, he must submit a written

request to Gre Rachal at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting so appropriate information

can be prepared.

June 9th
Region 1 – Council 3574

Infant of Prague Catholic Church
205 Chaney Ave.
Jacksonville, NC 28540

Region 3 – Council 11101

St. Pius X
Simmons Parish Center
2210 N Elm St
Greensboro, NC 27415

 June 16th
Region 6 – Council 4600

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
331 Hammond St.
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Region 6 – Council 8857

Good Shepherd Catholic Church
5050 Oak St
Hope Mills, NC 28348

June 23rd
Region 4 – Council 12832

St. Luke’s Catholic Church Parish Center
13700 Lawyers Rd
Mint Hill, NC 28227

Region 2 – Council 3390

Holy Cross Catholic Church
2438 S Alston Ave
Durham, NC 27713

 June 30th
Region 5 – Council 7184

Immaculate Conception Church
208 7th Ave W,
Hendersonville, NC 28791