District Master

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers All,

Congratulations to all the newly installed Assembly Officers for the Fraternal Year 2017-18. You are starting your second month in Office, the newness is still there, however now it is time to get down to business. Implementation and execution of your plans are the next steps in the process of managing your Assembly. Please remember, we are here to help at any time, please call.

Installations are still taking place and District Marshal Paul and I are enjoying the installations and fellowship with our Brother Knights across the State. We are getting a great opportunity to meet with Brother Knights and their families and thank you for the hospitality. If you are still looking for an installation date, please call me ASAP.

As you read this, the new Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral Dedication will have taken place. Many thanks to all the Brother Knights for volunteering for the Honor Guard, Vesting and Parking Attendants. Each job was just as important as the other and the Diocesan Volunteer Committee Chairmen expressed their gratitude for the assistance rendered by the Knights of Columbus.

However, we are not done yet as the new Bishop of Raleigh will be installed on Tuesday August 29. We have not received any further information as yet but have been put on notice by the Diocese to have the Honor Guard reserve the date.

Just prior to the 29th is the 4th Degree Exemplification on Saturday August 26 at St. Eugene Catholic Church in Asheville. St. Lawrence Assembly No. 781 will be the Host Assembly. All the pertinent information and required forms can be found on the 4th Degree Website at www.kofcnc.org. These same forms will be attached to this issue for your convenience. There will be a ladies program, a trolley tour of Asheville at a cost of $21.00 per person. There are some minimum numbers required which will be explained when you register and intend to bring a guest.

Plans are underway for the next 4th Degree Exemplification to take place hosted by Senator Albert J. Ellis Assembly No. 1541 at Infant of Prague Catholic Church in Jacksonville, NC on Saturday Nov. 18, 2017. Please watch for further information which will be forthcoming.

There is also plans to hold a 4th Degree Exemplification in the Raleigh area sometime around the February 2018 time frame. Will advise as we go forward and secure a host and date.

The Annual Eucharistic Congress for the Charlotte Diocese will be held on Saturday Sept. 9, 2017 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Brother Sir Knight’s, we need your help! There is a Procession through downtown Charlotte to the Convention Center, Adoration all day requiring an Honor Guard and Mass requiring 4th Degree Knights to escort Priest’s to their assigned location in the Convention Center to deliver Communion to the Faithful. Brother Sir Knight’s in Charlotte have been a part of this Congress since its inception. We are inviting Brother Sir Knights from the surrounding Assemblies, not necessarily just from the Charlotte Diocese, to assist in this great service and honor to our Church. Information will be posted on the 4th Degree website: www.kofcnc.org as to times and starting location, etc. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation to make this a truly memorable event for all that attend.

We have received a final report from Supreme Master that the Military Chaplain’s Scholarship Campaign ended on June 30, 2017. Total donations received was $1,565,331.50  and with an original goal of $1 million, that goal was exceeded by another half million. Nice job done by all!

Just as with the 3rd Degree, there is a Chain of Command that we must follow.  If you have any questions, you can contact any of the District Officers, Assistant District Marshal’s and me. You can also call me direct and I will get the answer for you. Please do not call the 4th Degree Supreme Office with questions that we can help you with. Also a lot of information is on the State Website relative to the 4th Degree, Forms, requests, etc. Please refer to the State Website: www.kofcnc.org and again, if the information you seek is not there, please call and we will respond or direct you to the information.

Drivers are still needed for transportation of Disabled Veterans to and from Doctor and Hospital appointments. This need is across the State, not just localized. Please contact SK Tom DuPree for further information. Just once a month will be a big help in support of our Veterans. Please take the time to review the article that is submitted monthly by SK Brother Tom DuPree. There is a very big need in support of all Veterans and any time, help, etc that you can lend a Veteran is very much appreciated.

Special Remembrance Dates for this Month:

  • August 1 –   National Air Force Day
  • August 4, 1790  – US Coast Guard Established
  • August 7, 1782  – Purple Heart Medal Established and Vietnam War Began
  • August 14, 1945- Japan Surrendered, Ending WWII
  • August 16 – National Airborne Day
  • August 19 – National Aviation Day

Jo and I wish for all continued good health and we keep in our daily thoughts and prayers those in special need and those who have gone to their eternal reward. Like the song says, “See You in September”

 REMEMBER: “Sir Knight” is an Honor – Not just a Title!


God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America


SK Jack Murray, IPSD
District Master


2254 Honor Corps marching in Independence Day parade

Members from Fr. Bernard McDevitt Council 15085 distributed water and cooked hot dogs in support of the Town of Waynesville 4th of July Parade, and also conducted a fund raiser in support of the upcoming Wreaths Across America Event.

Council 4th Degree members GK/SK Mark Zaffrann and DGK/SK Gary Lepark lead the Town of Waynesville 4th of July parade.

Here are the faces of Patriotism, Caring and Compassion!

You guys have got to be very proud!.

47 cook team members came together on this special day and prepared an out-of-the-park, grand slam, home run of a meal that was spectacular.

Without a doubt this was the BEST Veterans Appreciation BBQ you’ve ever created.

I have received many compliments for the outstanding job you guys did in not only producing this meal but also for creating a friendly and fun environment in the VRQ courtyard for all those who attended.

The vets are still talking about it.

The amount of food you all prepared is outlined in the very excellent slide show created by Terry Jednaszewski.

Open this link and prepare to be moved by the not only the quality of Terry’s work but the achievement this day represented.


I think you’ll find the accelerated GoPro video and music very entertaining, too

There are many “Thanks You’s” to be expressed and here’s the list as best I can recall it.

  • Chef Eric Cox for his meticulous planning of this event. – Cooks Tim and Brian for their wisdom and help in the kitchen and at the grills.
  • Rick Schilling for help with planning and decorations.
  • Caleb Bradshaw for helping everyone get signed into the VRQ computer system.
  • The many Councils, Assemblies and individuals that gave so generously to make the meal a reality.
  • Pepsi Cola for the drinks at this meal.
  • Steve Forrest for the bottled water at this meal.
  • Howard Thiele and the Honor Guard for adding dignity and patriotism to this meal.
  • Derrick Sutton for a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. – Bruce Yarrington for delivery of the Pledge of Allegiance as only a Marine can.
  • Tom and Cindy Barkei for providing the vanilla frozen custard. – Party Blvd for the tablecloths.
  • Rev. Scott Rogers for a powerful invocation.
  • Terry Jednaszewski for capturing the day by picture and video. – WLOS for sharing our special day with the Asheville community. – God for providing us with a sunny day in opposition to the local forecast.

For those of you who haven’t seen the local WLOS press release, here it is.

http://wlos.com/news/local/volunteers-grill-steaks-for-veterans WNC volunteers grill steaks for veterans


by Aaron Addison

Tuesday, July 4th 2017

For the fifth time on the Fourth of July, the Knights of Columbus volunteered to make it a special day at the Veterans Restoration Quarters. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

For the fifth time on the Fourth of July, the Knights of Columbus volunteered to make it a special day at the Veterans Restoration Quarters.

Every good meal starts with preparation. That’s where Walt Trill comes in.

“My wife says, ‘You’re so good at it, you can help me at home, too.’ I do a lot of the chopping at home,” Trill laughed.

Dividing squash, the Navy veteran volunteered to unite.

“It’s just great to the see the expression of the vets faces when you come here,” Trill said.

More than 40 volunteers joined Trill. Sandy Bodi was one of them. July 4th means more to her than most.

“It’s my birthday. Eighty! I’m glad to spend it here. It’s nice,” Bodi said.

The VRQ provides a home to veterans without one. Joe Landry appreciates all the volunteers.

“It means a lot. It’s just really heartfelt, because a lot of us have been out there and in bad situations, and to be able to have something that’s uplifting, it goes a long ways. I really does,” said Landry.

You’re guaranteed to draw a crowd when there’s steak involved. He stood at the grill giving his time without complaint.

“I can sacrifice as much as I can on this here grill. It doesn’t bother me,” he said.

The Knights raised more than $4,000 to put the meal together.

If the link is still active, you can click on it and see the WLOS photo gallery.

These pictures are great. It seems the photographer took a liking towards Dan Giamarino and Walt Trill as their faces are very frequent within this gallery. I have to admit these two guys are very photogenic.

Thanks for all that you do for the veterans at the VRQ.

You provided an amazing meal for these heroes and it did not go unnoticed.

Let’s plan on the same quality of event next year.

I can’t imagine a better group of people to accomplish this with.

Warmest Personal Regards,

Rick Fletcher