District Master
Jack Murray

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights and Brothers All,

We begin the New Year 2017 with heavy hearts as we mourn the passing of PSD & SK David Jones, a member of Msgr. Lawrence Newman Assembly 2208 of Mint Hill and a Past Faithful Navigator. A Memorial Mass will be held at St. Gabriel’s Church, 3016 Providence Rd., Charlotte on Saturday January 28, 2017, visitation from 12:00 to 1:00 PM. , Mass to follow at 1:00 PM. A Fourth Degree Honor Guard has been requested to participate.

The following listed events are the Pro-Life Marches for January 2017 and through our actions and prayers, one way to let all know we are against abortion and the killing of the unborn:

  • March for Life in Charlotte – January 13, 2017

  • March for Life in Raleigh – January 21, 2017

  • March for Life in Washington , DC – January 27, 2017

  • March for Life in Jacksonville, NC – January 28, 2017

We would like as many Sir Knights as possible to participate in the Charlotte, Raleigh and Jacksonville marches.  Charlotte – we use the sidewalk, not any real formation, however would like to post a 4th Degree Knight in regalia on each of the 4 corners. Raleigh – we march in the street and ask as many SK’s in regalia as possible to participate. Jacksonville – in the past we did not wear the regalia or tuxedo, however if you attend and wish to wear either – please do so. Washington, D.C. – we do wear regalia, especially for the No. Carolina Mass by our Bishop.

There will be a Regional Fourth Degree Exemplification at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Kernersville on Saturday March 25, 2017. All the information is on the State Website ( and attached to this issue of the Golden Plume in the THK. It is very important that all required documentation be completed and submitted by the due date – no exceptions. If you are planning on staying overnight, we have arranged a Knights of Columbus rate of $86.25 including taxes at the Sleep Inn, 1406 Heartland Dr., Kernersville. Phone (336) 993-6800. Please mention that you are with the Knights of Columbus. All hotel reservation must be made by February 25, 2017 to get the KofC rate.

We are working on a Regional Fourth Degree for the Western Part of the State – information to follow when finalized.

Brothers we need your help. We need our younger Brothers to become Sir Knights. Please do not be afraid to ask – how many times have we heard the comment “Well no one asked me”. The one day Exemplifications are being conducted as we are following the requests of our younger Brothers  “money is tight”. We all miss the weekend Exemplifications, the comradeship, Brotherhood, dinner and hospitality rooms. Perhaps in the future we can plan for one, however we must move forward with the one day Exemplifications for now.

Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – Form 1728 – due the month of January 2017, not later than 1/31/17. Please do not wait until Jan 31 to send it to me – it has to be at Supreme by that date. Please, let’s all work together to attain 100%  submission by all Assemblies in the NC District. You can get the form the link below:

Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – Form 1728

Please remember our Veterans and our all Military Personnel in your thoughts and prayers. The VAVS is always looking for support, please help out whenever you can.

REMEMBER:  Sir Knight” is an Honor – Not a Title

Jo and I wish for all of you a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!


SK Jack Murray, IPSD
District Master

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America
Tom DuPree

Tom DuPree

Greetings Brother Knights, Grand Knights and Faithful Navigators,

Vivat Jesus!

I hope your Christmas was filled with joy for you and your family.  As we enter the New Year, 2017, I wish you and your Council/Assembly much success.  My challenge to each Brother for the coming year is to increase your volunteerism in support of our men and women Veterans, USO and the VA Medical Centers that provide help to our Veterans.  I thank you for your time, talent and treasures this past year.

REPORTS:  Reporting of Activities in support of our Veterans is CRITICAL, in maintaining our status with the I.R.S.  The GK and FN, by now should have completed Form 1728, for the year 2016.

I NOW need you as GK/FN to COMPLETE the Activities Report showing your support for Veterans.

The Vice-Supreme Master has required the VAVS Representative for the District to obtain information from all Assemblies, Councils, Auxiliaries, and individuals that donate items or funds to a VA Hospitals, Clinics and State Veterans Retirement/Nursing Homes, etc…, within the District.  He must complete a spreadsheet showing an annual report of all donations to the VAVS National Representative in Supreme, the Supreme Master, Vice-Supreme Master and District Master.  “It will show everyone that the Fourth Degree DOES CARE for its Veterans and takes the Principle of Patriotism seriously.  Not just in words but in Actions, however, there are Veterans who have needs in the VA facilities for such items as personal hygiene products, underwear, socks, long distance calling cards, gift cards, etc…  They served us.  Now it’s our turn to serve them.  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

I need your assistance in completing the above report.  (This report is in addition to the Form 1728).  GK/FN, please see the link below to the Reporting Form.



If you are unable to complete the online form, there is a link on the form to download and print a copy that can be mailed.

THIS REPORT IS DUE NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31, 2017.  Questions, please contact me at

Every Council and Assembly must submit a report.

Leadership:  VAVS (Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service)  Representative and Deputy Representative are needed for the following VA Medical Centers:

  1. Fayetteville

  2. Salisbury

  3. Asheville

Duties of these Representatives is to communicate between Assemblies, Councils, Columbiettes and the District VAVS Representative for the purposes of providing assistances in procuring donations and volunteerism in support of our Veterans.  If interested, please contact me and I will arrange to meet with you to discuss a more detailed requirements.

Needs of VA Medical Centers in Support of Our Veterans: 

Fayetteville VA Medical Center:  body wash and sweat pants—2 XL, 3XL & 4XL

Salisbury VA Medical Center:  sweat pants—L, XL & 2XL for men, female—sweats—M & L

Asheville VA Medical Center: sweats—could use M and L in pants only.  SPECIAL NEEDS:  CRAFT SUPPLIES-they cannot have enough of them.  We have multi groups doing Crafts through Recreational Therapy.  They LOVE the model kits: cars, ships, planes etc…  Our HUD/VASH Program is also looking for cleaning supplies and towels.

Donations:  I would like to thank this opportunity to thank the Brothers, Councils and Assemblies who supported our winter coat program.  Due to your donations, coats were delivered to all four VA Medical Centers.

We have established a VAVS checking account (funds used solely for the purpose of supporting our Veterans-100%).  For donations in support of our VAVS program, you can use the following link:

Gift cards:  There is a tremendous need for all types of gift cards which the Voluntary Service uses to provide services not provided by the VA to our Veterans.  This is particularly needed in the Hospice Unit.  Donations of $20-$25 from Walmart, Target, groceries stores, restaurants, phone cards etc… are greatly appreciated.

Budgets:  As your Council/Assembly officers prepare and review their expenditures for the year 2017, I respectfully request your support for the National Wheel Chair Games which will be held in Cinn., Ohio in June 2017.  This is the world’s largest wheel chair game with over 600 Veterans participating.  In the past eight years, the Knights of Columbus have supported our Veteran athletes in attending these games by providing funds for travel, accommodations and team uniforms.  These games are life changing for these Veterans.

No Veteran Dies Alone”—Volunteers are needed at each of the VA Medical Centers.  Many of our Veterans do not have any family with them at this time.   Special training is provided for those participating in this special program.  If interested, contact me for more details.
USO Gift

District Master Jack Murray presents gift cards to the USO for traveling military personnel at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

November 4th Degree

4th Degree Exemplification - November 19th, 2016 - Fayetteville.

Exemplification Dress Code Form
Notice of Exemplification March 25
Form 4 2014