District Master

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights and Brothers All,

Congratulations to all newly elected Assembly Officers! Please accept my best wishes for a most successful Fraternal Year 2017-18.  To all, please recall hearing the words “you are not alone”, so if you need help, please call and get an answer before you reply incorrectly. If we do not have the answer, it will be researched and replied to you ASAP.

For the Outgoing Assembly Officers, especially the Faithful Navigators, thank you for all your hard work in leading your Assemblies as you complete your successful term. Please continue to support the new Officers as they now take over the leadership and planning for the next year.

As a reminder – please insure you complete the 4th Degree State Directory Form as well as Form 186 – Report of Assembly Officers chosen for the Fraternal Year 2017-18. Thank you for all your help to insure we get all the correct information for the new 2017-18 4th Degree Directory.

I have received many requests for Assembly Installations and working to honor your special dates. Thank you to the Assemblies that are grouping their installations together, a great help.

Thank you to all Assemblies that participated in Memorial Day activities across the State as we remembered the sacrifices of all our Veterans. We are here today to enjoy our freedom of religion, speech, etc. due to the bravery and service of these heroes to our Country.  Please forward any pictures and we will place on the State Website.

June is full of dates to remember: 6/6 D-Day; 6/14 Flag Day and US Army Founded (1775); 6/18 Father’s Day; 6/22 Pledge of Allegiance Recognized by Congress (1942). Again, we pause to remember the reasons for these special Holidays with special events, picnics, family gatherings, etc. Please forward any pictures and we will place on the State Website.

Star Assembly Award and the Civic Award Guidelines are attached to this  Article. Please read them and submit your requests to Supreme. Please remember you submit these reports to honor the hard work and support of our Brother Sir Knights, in each of your Assemblies, this past Fraternal Year.

To Be A Patriot Award – I wish to thank the six (6) Assemblies that submitted their “Special Patriotic Event”  for consideration. All were fantastic programs however, only one can be forwarded to the Vice Supreme Master for consideration from North Carolina. Great job done by all!

RSVP & Plaque Application due also to Supreme by June 30 with a copy to the District Master and Vice Supreme Master.

4th Degree Exemplification(s): Confirmed are the following Exemplifications for the next Fraternal Year through November 2017:

  • August 26, 2017 at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church, Asheville, NC
  • November 18, 2017 at Infant of Prague Catholic Church, Jacksonville, NC

The information sheet and dress code forms for the August Exemplification are available on the 4th Degree State Website.

Military Chaplain’s Fund is still active until the end of the Fraternal Year. Our Faithful Friar, SK Fr. William Lesak is very passionate and supportive of this initiative to insure our active military personnel have enough Catholic Priests to support them. Your support will help!

Once again a thank you and a job well done to the retiring Faithful Navigators for their service to their Assemblies this past Fraternal Year. To other Assembly Officers also retiring, thank you and best wishes to all.

Jo and I wish for all continued good health and we will keep in our thoughts and prayers those in special need.

REMEMBER: “Sir Knight” is an Honor – Not just a Title!

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America


SK Jack Murray, IPSD
District Master


Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service

Having just completed the Memorial Day celebration, I hope you took time to pause and reflect over sacrifices that our Men and Women in the Military have given to secure our Freedom in this Country.  In the month of June, we will reflect over the following events:  June 6th—D-Day 1944, June 25th—Korean War begins—1950, June 14th—Flag Day and Independence Day July 4th.  I would like to encourage all Councils, Assemblies and Brothers to honor these special days in “a Special Way”.

Worthy GK and FN, as you complete your term, I want to thank you for your leadership in guiding your Brothers to another successful year.  To the new elected GK and FN as well as other Officers, congratulations on your election.  I look forward to working with you in support of our Veterans and the VAVS Programs in the coming year.

As you prepare your budgets for the year 2017-18, I respectfully request your consideration in funding the following programs in support of our Veterans:  National Wheel Chair Games, Coats for Vets, Wounded Warrior Program (M.O.P.H.), USO of NC, Sweats for Vets & Gift Cards.  These programs are NOT funded by the Veterans Administration and are critical for the welfare and care of our Veterans.  Every dollar is important and is used to meet the needs as requested by our Veterans and the VA Medical Centers.  Please review your current budget to see if you have any surplus funds that were not allocated that you could donate to support the above programs.

In making your donations, please follow the following guidelines.  Make your check payable to: St. Francis of Assisi Assembly #3552 and in memo section: VAVS/Program/Assembly or Council #. Mail you’re to SK Jerry Cucurullo, Faithful Comptroller 6208 Heacham Ct., Raleigh, NC 27614.

Three Programs to Highlight:

We have been involved in a wonderful Veterans Support Program called ”Stars for Our Troops” for the past four years. I became involved with this program when I came in contact with a Veteran associated with N .C. Subvettes, Mr. Rick Pettit. He is also affiliated with the local D.A.V. His wife has processed over 60,000 Stars. The Stars are given to Veterans and also most recently to Emergency First Responders in honor of their service to their Communities and Country. The program was originally started in 2010 by Ms. Susan Wells as a retirement project to honor Veterans, as the press release will describe at the end of the article.  The Stars have been shared with the following Councils:

KofC Assembly # 3158 includes:  Albemarle/Annunciation # 10495, Concord/St James # 7450,  Kannapolis/St Joseph # 12167, Salisbury/Sacred Heart # 8680, St Thomas Aquinas # 10505, Our Lady of the Americas/Biscoe, and WG  Hefner VA Hospital in Salisbury

We are in the midst of an Assembly wide Flag collection through all Councils of the Assembly for a large Flag Retirement Ceremony in August 2017. This will be attended by Knights in Regalia and the local Boy Scout Troop # 103 of St James the Greater Catholic Church Concord.

We encourage the utilization of this fine program and appreciate the fine coordination Statewide with S/K Tom Dupree VAVS Coordinator.

S/K James ”Eddie” McEachern

This years’ Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Activity went very well. Thanks goes out to the help and coordination from Christopher P. Froeschner, VP Operations USO of NC and George Washington Lane, CTR NG NCARNG (US), at the National Guard Center. The unloading of the GSC delivered by Operation Jersey Cares (OJC) was very smooth and with the help of 29 volunteers the loading of the different vehicles went quick.

  • SK Tom DuPree picked up 4 skids of GSC that included: 2,400 boxes of Do e dos, 1,620 boxes of Savannah Smiles 1,920 boxes of Tagalongs and 2,160 boxes of Samoas for a grand total of 8,100. The total value of these GSC is $32,400.00 (8,100 boxes X $4.00).
  • The National Guard Center picked up 480 boxes made up of a mixture of: Thin Mints, Do e dos, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, and Samoas. The total value of these GSC is $1,920.00 (480 boxes X $4.00).
  • The USO State Office picked up 1,272 boxes and the USO from Fort Bragg Center picked up 2,064 boxes made up of a mixture of: Thin Mints, Do e dos, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, and Samoas. The total value of these GSC is $13,344.00. (3,336 boxes X $4.00)
  • The American Legion & VFW from Kernersville together picked up 1,320 boxes made up of a mixture of: Thin Mints, Do e dos, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, and Samoas. The total value of these GSC is $5,280.00 (1,320 boxes X $4.00)
  • Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) from Winston Salem picked up 1,452 boxes made up of a mixture of: Thin Mints, Do e dos, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, and Samoas. The total value of these GSC is $5,808.00 (1,452 boxes X $4.00).
  • Kernersville VA Health Care Center in Kernersville received 721 boxes made up of a mixture of: Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles and Samoas. The total value of these GSC is $2,884.00(721 boxes X $4.00)
  • A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Chris Murray from OJC for taking the time to drive down on Tuesday night from Somerville, NJ. Without him and the GREAT support from Operation Jersey Cares this Activity could not have happened!!Vivat Jesus,
    SK Bob Yuzuik, Faithful Navigator, PGK

I attended the quarterly VAVS meeting on May 15 in Salisbury. We have a record number of 22 veterans on this year’s Blue Steel team that will participate in the 2017 (37th Annual) National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Cincinnati this July.

At the meeting Tom Dupree and I presented a check for $2,500 to the VAVS. This was in addition to $3,550 that had already been delivered to the VAVS. So for 2017, we were able to provide $6,050 to help our veterans in this life changing event!!!

And it is all possible based on the generous donations of many of the groups that have been noted in my past e-mails, plus the ones noted below:

The additional funds were donated by St. Lawrence Assembly #780 (Asheville), St. Mark Council #12654 (Huntersville), St. Gregory Council #6700 (Gastonia), Central Piedmont Assembly #3158 (Concord), Pope John Paul II Assembly #3017 (Kernersville) along with cash donations collected during a 3rd degree in Clemmons and the mid-year meeting in Morganton. A final thanks to SK Tom Dupree for an additional donation from his VAVS account with the Assembly in Durham.

Please give some prayerful consideration to working with your groups in the upcoming fraternal year to add a budget item for our veterans to help with other programs and activities throughout 2017 and into next year!

Mitch Miller

VAMC Salisbury
VA HCC Kernersville
VA HCC Charlotte

Civic Award

Purpose:  The Civic Award is presented annually as a tribute to the spirit of patriotism and national pride exemplified in the patriotic activities conducted by Fourth Degree Assemblies. Assemblies conducting a minimum of four (4) different patriotic programs during the fraternal year are eligible for the Supreme council Civic Award.

Requirement: To be eligible, Assemblies must complete and submit the Civic Award application to the Supreme Council office.

Judging:   No judging, just submit the Civic Award application.

Due:   June 30, 2017.  Note: Application will not be accepted by Supreme if late.

All Assemblies are encouraged to achieve Civic Award status each and every fraternal year.

Criteria For Attaining The Star Assembly Award

  • Publish and distribute to the assembly membership a minimum of six Assembly Newsletters during the 2016-2017 fraternal year.  A copy of each newsletter must also be sent (either in print or electronically) to the Vice Supreme Master.
  • Meet the assembly’s membership goal, with a net gain of 10% additions over deletions.
  • Earn the Civic Award by conducting a minimum of four patriotic programs during the 2016-2017 fraternal year, and reporting those programs to the Supreme Master by June 30, 2017 on the Civic Award Application.
  • Complete and submit to your District Master by April 30 the To Be A Patriot Award application.
  • Complete and submit the Report of Officers Chosen for the Term (#186) and the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) by their respective due dates. The Fraternal Survey form is due January 31, 2017.  The office report form was due July 1 but, for Star Assembly qualification purposes

NOTE: All required forms for the Star Assembly Award can be found on the Assembly Forms page of kofc.org/forms.