2018 Knights of Columbus State Basketball Tournament


4 on 4 – Half Court
Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hosted by Council #4507
Immaculate Heart of Mary
4145 Johnson St.
High Point, NC 27265

Tournament Directors:

Entry Fee:  $125/first team; $75 any additional team

Registration:  9:00 A.M.; Games Begin by:  9:30 A.M.

  • Open to all NC Knights of Columbus Councils (may combine councils to form a team)
  • All players must have 2018 membership card and photo ID – no exceptions
  • All teams must have 4 players to start and teams may have no more than 8 players
  • All teams must be registered by 9:30 A.M. on game day
Game Structure and Policies:
  • Games are 4 on 4, half-court
  • Games will be to 32 points – no time limit
  • Baskets count for 2 point and 3-point baskets count for 3 points
  • After a 5th team foul, all non-shooting fouls will result in a 1 and 1 from the free throw line. All shooting fouls will result in 2 free throws (3 for a 3-point shooting foul).
  • Designated referees will oversee each game with full authority on all calls
  • Each player is allowed 3 fouls per game. Players exceeding the foul limit will be disqualified for the duration of the game
  • Players receiving a technical foul will be disqualified for the duration of the game. A 2nd technical foul will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  • Substitutions may be made during any dead ball situation when allowed by the official.
  • No black-soled shoes allowed on court. Athletic shoes with white soles only
  • Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. We are Knights!
Game Rules:
  • First ball will go to team winning a coin toss conducted by referee
  • Two timeouts per team per game
  • During an inbound, team A with the ball must pass ball to teammate before scoring
  • If Team A scores, Team B must take ball out from behind the base-line. After the inbounds all three points (2 feet and the ball) must go behind the 3-point line and then Team B will be allowed to attempt a shot.  Team A may defend any position and attempt to prevent Team B from taking ball behind the 3-point line (Pressing).
  • If a player on Team A is fouled then Team A will take possession of ball at top of the key, unless it is a shooting foul or Team B has more than 5 team fouls. The player committing the foul will have a foul counted against him.
  • If Team A shoots the ball and does not hit the rim or backboard, Team B must still take the ball behind the 3-point line. No cherry picking.
  • Any ball that goes out of bounds will be checked up at the top of the key. The player for Team A has to pass to a teammate before the ball is in play.  Team B may defend once the ball is checked.
  • First team to score 32 points wins the game
  • Number of games played by each team will depend on the total number of teams playing in the tournament.
  • Championship Round(s) will be the top 2 or 4 teams depending on the total number of teams in the tournament.
Entry Form Deadline:

Teams must notify our council by February 10, 2018 if you plan on attending (entry fee and form may be mailed or brought the day of the tournament)

The number of teams (and players) participating in the tournament impacts the cost for officials as well as the cost of food and beverages needed for the lunch (grilled hot dogs and hamburgers) that follows the awards presentation ceremonies. So please try to plan ahead and send in your team entry form as early as possible.

2018 Knights of Columbus Tournament Entry Form