I been asked to take this position by our State Deputy. I believe that the ceremonials of the Knights of Columbus are extremely important to the Order. Not only do the exemplifications of the lessons taught in each degree instruct each candidate in the desired message, they remind the Brother Knights observing those degrees of their continued goals of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

The challenge given me by our State Deputy is to not only continue to insure the high standard of each and every degree but, also to have more degrees, conveniently located throughout the state to enable each brother to receive all their degrees in a timely manner.

To complete this charge I need your help: GKs: Schedule 1st degrees in your council. If your council does not have a 1st degree team, form one. Coordinate with your DD to insure that all nearby councils are aware of your degree schedule. DDs: work with the councils in your District to insure a significant number of 1st degrees are scheduled to accommodate the needs of the District. It is your job to schedule 2nd degrees. Work with the GKs and 2nd degree teams in your district to insure venues for these degrees and team availability. ONLY DDs can post 1st and 2nd degree schedules on the state website. The more publicized the degree, the greater the participation. Now is the time to get your councils to request a date to hold a 3rd degree.

My initial goal was to have at least a dozen 3rd degrees scheduled by the Org meeting. So far I have 6. Please help me increase this number. I will be attending the Org meeting and addressing this point. Talk to me and let’s make it work I will be posting any and all ceremonial news and information on this page. Please check in often. Help me answer the SD’s challenge.


Conferring Officers
John Gouldie
2409 Ferguson Rd
Raleigh, NC 27612
(C) 9192192426
(H) 9198701808
Richard Lewis
309 Bergen Ave
Apex, NC 27502
(C) 9193699094
(H) 9193632625
Cris Caines
2439 Impatien Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28215
(C) 7046612441
(H) 7045967759
Mac McGaffigan
7610 Lasater Rd
Clemmons, NC 27012
(C) 3369180148
(H) 3367669654
Steve Byrnes
1010 Blue Wren Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28312
(C) 9109889882
(H) 9103239118
Tony Anello
3909 Lancaster Dr
Raleigh, NC 27612
(H) 9197815930
Richard Horton
404 S Cottonwood Dr
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(C) 9193943799