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Communication Director's Blog

State Deputy

John Nussbaum

Do you need to make any goal adjustments?

As 2017 comes to a close, it is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished this year. It is also a time for Council leaders to reflect on what the Council has done to help their pastor, their parish and their community. What adjustments to your plan are required to reach your goals. As a Knight, each man should be striving to be a better man, a better husband, a better father and a better Catholic. How are you doing? What can you do to improve? We Are Called to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As a Council, what are you doing to help the men of your parish to be better men, better husbands, better fathers and better Catholics. The goal of the Building the Domestic Church Initiative is to do just that. Remember we are being watched and judged based on what we do. Please make sure you and your Council are doing things that will make men want to join and be a part of the work we are doing. I pray that God will reward you for your work.

We are half way through our fraternal year. Due to the great work of many Councils, we have shared the gift of membership with 414 new Brother Knights. This is great work! We have 128 active Councils in North Carolina and we now have 93 Councils that have shared the gift of membership with someone in their parish. Just think where we could be if our other 35 Councils could share the gift of membership with one member of their parish.

The following Councils have shared the gift of membership with at least one new Brother in December (processed by Supreme as of December 30, 2017):


Council # City New Knights
12119 Fuquay-Varina 7
5487 Goldsboro 5
7450 Concord 5
9709 Raleigh 5
11102 Charlotte 5
6650 Cary 3
10505 Charlotte 3
7184 Hendersonville 2
8143 Morehead City 2
8680 Salisbury 2
11265 Smithfield 2
12281 Hampstead 2
12885 Wrightsville Beach 2
1074 Wilmington 1
2546 Raleigh 1
6451 Hickory 1
7024 Swansboro 1
7186 Apex 1
7343 Charlotte 1
8759 Kill Devil Hills 1
9560 Charlotte 1
11101 Greensboro 1
11911 Asheville 1
11966 Boone 1
12017 Wilmington 1
13236 Greensboro 1
13812 Durham 1




This all adds up to 59 new Brother Knights. Thank you to all those that were responsible for sharing the gift of membership with these new Brother Knights.

With these new Brother Knights, we now have 10 Councils that have already met their membership quota for the year. Of those nine, five of them have also met their insurance quota for the year. Based on membership, we have an additional 15 Councils that are currently on track to get STAR Council. What an incredible start, but we are just getting started. There are many more men that could really benefit from the gift of membership. Let’s go find them and give them the gift that will help them and their families.

Our Field Agents have been very busy taking care of our Brothers and their families. So far, this year, we have 80 Councils that have at least one new insurance member. 203 Brothers have taken out KofC insurance for the first time to protect themselves and their families. We now have 9 Councils that have met their insurance quota for the year. Thank your Field Agent for his help and schedule a meeting with him to make sure you and your family is properly protected. That is what our founder Father Michael J. McGivney would have wanted. Please plan to attend the Fraternal Benefit night that your Council will have. You will be amazed and what you will learn.

I would like to congratulate the November winners from North Carolina in the Supreme Family of the Month program:

The Mike Farino family from Council 3303 in New Bern

The William Lathram family from Council 12455 in Raleigh

They were selected from the nine submitted families from NC. The following Councils submitted the form to Supreme for the month of November:


1074 in Wilmington – District 25
2546 in Raleigh – District 28
3303 in New Bern – District 2
3498 in Burlington – District 30
8759 in Kill Devil Hills – District 3
11265 in Smithfield – District 28
12455 in Raleigh – District 9
13236 in Greensboro – District 24
13812 in Durham – District 10

Our Faith starts and grows within our family. Our Building the Domestic Church initiative is designed to help this growth.  We have many families working to grow their Faith. Each month, Councils are recognizing families that are setting a good example for the rest of us, but few are given the opportunity to be recognized by Supreme for their example because the simple Family of the Month form is not submitted by their Council.

Lori I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I can be reach at or 919-366-6405. I will do my very best to make sure you get the help you need. Let’s have a great year! With your help, we can.

Fraternally yours in Christ,
John Nussbaum
NC State Deputy

State Secretary

Dan Lange

Worthy Brothers, I trust all of you and yours are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas. I would like to thank all of you for what you and our great state jurisdiction have accomplished so far this year. I hope that all of you are planning to attend the Mid-Year meetings this month. Remember it is open to anyone who wishes to attend. However, every council should have at least the GK, DGK, FS, Program Director, and Membership Director attend. There will be many new ideas discussed and it in most cases will inspire new ideas and help your council to surge ahead in their mission to earn the Star Award and possible the State Deputy Award.

Also, please check out the state website to see the new events that are posted under the “What’s New” section. We are trying very hard to have the information you need when you need it. You will hear many new things about the website at the Mid-Year meeting. To come to the meeting is absolutely free, and, we feed you lunch. However, you need to register so we know how much food to get. Please go to the website and click on the link on the front page. It will take you to another page where you will see what is scheduled. Click on the registration link and follow the information.

As we move into another year of our Lord, may you be blessed abundantly and remember that “We are Called.”

May His Peace be with you,
Dan Lange
NC State Secretary

We Are Called

State Advocate

Chris Losack

Youth Protection Update

It’s a new year and time to set some new resolutions. I wrote you back in September about the requirements that supreme has established about youth protection and how everyone has a role in protecting God’s greatest gift, our children. As a Knight of Columbus leader, you have certain responsibilities with this regard. If you have received a request from Praesidium Armatas, you should have already completed your required training. Thankfully, a number of you have already done this, but we have a significant number of Grand Knights and Youth Directors that have received the training invitation but have either not started or not completed the training.  If you do not receive an invitation, you are not required to complete that training but you should arm yourselves with the local Diocesan training available. Bottom line, we are all responsible for Protecting God’s Children.


Now, let’s look at who is REQUIRED to undergo the KofC training. If your Council does not have a Squires Circle (this is the majority of you) then the Grand Knight and the Youth Director are required to complete the specified training from the KofC. Additionally, the Youth Director must consent to a background check. If your Council DOES sponsor a Squires Circle, then the following individuals must also complete the required training and submit to a background check: Council Squires Chairman, Chief Counsellor and all Adult Counselors.

These requirements must be met within 30 days of notification and if they are not met within 45 days of notification that person will be ruled ineligible to serve in that role and must be replaced. If these requirements are not met, then the Council will be ineligible for the STAR Council award and subject to the suspension of the Squires Circle. This is a new requirement for the STAR Council award this year and is expected to be adhered to strictly. As your State Advocate I will have access to a portal that can determine each Council’s compliance so if you have any questions you can direct them to me directly.

The KofC requirement are not imposing upon any particular individual and are above and beyond local Parish and Diocesan requirements. There should never be a KofC event in which your Council participates that one of the KofC trained individuals is not present. Please remember that these things are being done to ensure that our greatest future treasure is kept safe.

Thank you for your attention in completing your requirements for this training and I look forward to seeing you at the Mid-Year meeting.

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Advocate

We Are Called


Nick Nastasi

Worthy Brothers,

Happy Holidays from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the efforts in recruiting this year so far. Your efforts have paid off.

As of the writing of this article, the North Carolina Knights have brought in 404 new members. That is an average of almost 68 new members a month, which is behind our goal of 75 per month overall. At the halfway point, we are only 46 members under the yearly quota.

Currently we are number 9 in the entire Order. The eight jurisdictions that are ahead of us are outside the United States. This means that we are the number one jurisdiction in the United States!  Great Job!  We are slowly gaining speed but we still have a long way to go to 900, but with everyone’s help, we can achieve this goal.  I want to thank all the councils who have brought in new members in to the Order. For all those who have not, please consider this your opportunity to change that and begin your recruiting efforts today.  We are called upon to invite every Catholic gentleman and their families the opportunity to join our Order. The best way for a man not to join our Order is by not inviting and offering him and his family the opportunity to join us.

The Mid-Year meetings will be held in Kinston for the East on January 6 and in Salisbury for the West on January 27. Again, I encourage you to register to attend the meeting that is closest to your area and to invite your Membership Director to attend. There will be a general information session and a breakout session for Membership at each meeting.  In the breakout session, we will discuss how to reach our goal of 900 new members for the year and to plan for the remaining months ahead as well as the incentives that your council and districts can attain for the second half of the year .

District Deputies, I am asking for your help in keeping your councils motivated and accountable for the goals that they set. You are a vital part to them achieving their goals. Unleash your awesomeness! RMPC’s, I am asking for your help. You are the Regional Membership and Program Consultants. Please keep your DD’s motivated and accountable to the district goals that they have set. With everyone working together, there is no question that everyone will reach their goals this fraternal year.

Please check the State Website for the Membership team who is here to assist you in achieving your goal of Star Council this year. Please know not hesitate to contact myself or anyone on the Membership team. We are ready and willing to assist you in achieving your goals. It is an honor to serve you and your councils as your State Membership Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Membership Director

General Program Director

Chris Losack

First Half Program Awards and BTDC

Brothers all,

It is a new year and many people set new goals for the upcoming year. This is a wonderful time in your Council to look back at the last six months and compare to your goals and see how you did. Then take that and reset your plan for the next six months. One of the most important areas you should include in this is the Program area. Look at the programs that are working well for your Council. How can you expand that success? Look also at the programs that are not working well. What can you do to improve in those areas? Also look for areas in which you can implement new programs. Remember always that the overriding emphasis should be to find ways to incorporate the entire Parish life and be part of Building the Domestic Church initiative.

One of the ways that we recognize the successful programs conducted through the state is through our state program awards. Every six months we reward the top five programs, based upon Council size, in each of the eight program areas: Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family, LAMB, Membership and Youth. For the first half of the year we had 172 submissions. If you really do the math that’s only about 17% of all of the programs that could be reported. These awards will be handed out at the upcoming Mid-Year meetings and there are some terrific programs ideas to be shared. I would like to challenge you to submit your best program in each of the program areas for this second half of the year and let’s get some more recognition out there. If you are not sure about the program awards or how to submit them, the details can be found in the Council Recognition Manual on the state website here:  It can be a valuable resource to you as you are revisiting your program plans for the second half of the year.

I would also like to take a moment to reflect again on the Building the Domestic Church initiative. This coordination between your Council and your Parish Priest must become a central focal point when you meet with your Pastor as you start this year. The importance of working alongside the parish’s goals needs to be a major part of your consideration when putting together your calendar for the upcoming year. Remember “We are a part of the Church, we are not apart from the Church.” The family is the first and primary place where we experience and are formed in our Catholic faith. By building upon our current programs and activities, the Knights of Columbus continues to promote the family as a “domestic church” where husbands and wives, parents and children, grow in their knowledge and practice of the Catholic Faith. In order to perform its important mission of evangelization, each family needs to find support in the sacramental life of the parish. We are there to assist as we can in doing this. If we approach everything in this manner, programs will draw new and old members together in this vision of what Fr. McGivney had in mind for us, supporting each other. There are many materials and ideas available on the Supreme website at

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Mid-Year meetings and to handing you an award for an outstanding program for the first half of the year.

Christopher J. Losack
NC General Program Director

We Are Called

We Are Called Cross

We Are Called Cross

Culture of Life

Boyce Williams

Greetings from High Point! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and you are starting the New Year off happy & healthy.

A reminder of the marches for life this month January 12 in Charlotte, 13 in Raleigh, 19 in Washington and the 27th in Jacksonville, NC. Links are in last months THK!

I hope to see most of you Grand Knights, DD’s, & RMPC’s at the Mid Year Meetings.

Now for the fun part. I would like to Commend Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Council 7547 in Elizabeth City. They have completed and submitted the paperwork for an Ultrasound for the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center. That is a fine accomplishment in itself but this is the second Ultrasound they have provided this center. They teamed up with Coastal Area Chairman Joe Werrell and secured a grant for an Ultrasound for the state of North Carolina. The second one will be a mobile unit to serve a larger area. This is the first Council to get 2 Ultrasounds in one year for the same center. So it is my pleasure to give Past Grand Knight Doug Gardner who lead this, Grand Knight Alan Procter, and everyone in their Council this public congratulations on an excellent job! I would also like to add the Thanks & Congratulations of the State Officers for this great job!

If any Council wants to try the State Grant route let me know and I will send a packet on how to apply. I am inquiring Supreme to see if that will count the same as the matching funds for SP 7 purposes.

There is still time to organize your council or parish to participate in upcoming Right for Life marches in North Carolina or Washington, DC:

Charlotte – January 12

Raleigh March and Youth Rally – January 13 :

National March for Life in Washington DC – January 19:

Jacksonville, NC March for Life – January 27 contact for more info.

These marches really do make a difference, please join or be an observer, numbers are important! Record the Washington March on EWTN if you can’t go and watch, the numbers are amazing and it is great. Of course it will get no mention in the mainstream media since the Culture of Life is not on their agenda. We need to get the truth out!

May you all have a great start to the new year!

Boyce Williams
Culture of Life Director

Family Director

Fred Burton

LENT: “We’re on a Mission From God!”

Maybe, for any number of reasons, conducting a Lenten fish fry is ‘no-go’ for your council. Perhaps the parish supports a mission church where they don’t usually attend the main parish’s activities. Maybe your parish is too small or too diverse to support a weekly Fish Fry. How can we attract these folks to Stations of the Cross?

Supreme has suggested “Stations and Simple Supper” ( but to make it less routine and keep up the momentum try having a different meal each Friday. (FYI:

My inspiration here is from Council 14422 at NC State University. Their Lenten program is “Stations and Sushi” where a visit to a Japanese Restaurant across from campus follows their devotions. This draws a strong core of students who discuss their Faith long into the evening.

That, in particular, would be great prior to the joyous celebration of Lateran Sunday! (Google it) Other times you might enlist various groups to provide different Lenten meals. How about something like these?

Stations, Soup and Salad’

‘Cross and Casseroles’

‘Blessings and Burritos’

‘Graces and Grilled Cheese’

‘Benediction and Brunch’

Corny! ….. But you’ve got everyone’s attention with meals for all six Fridays which appeal to different age and ethnic groups. Give departing guests a prayer card such as the Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. On the final Friday, a prayer card for Meditations on the Five Wounds of Christ would be especially appropriate.

During Lent we often think in ecumenical terms so invite your Protestant friends to share this devotion. Tell them the scriptural basis of Stations and why these prayers are so important to you.

Know any kids showing an interest in becoming altar servers? Ask a different one to carry the cross between the stations each Friday and another to distribute and collect the prayer books.

Is there a religious community nearby? A monastery or convent? A retreat or prayer center? Maybe a seminary? A campus ministry? Invite them to lead one or more of the weekly Stations of the Cross – and send them on their way with enough good homemade food for one or two meals.

And since we’re talking about mission churches, ministries and religious communities, surely you’ve established Roundtables with them, right? NO?! It’s easy (it’ll help on that SP-7) with only two forms to deal with, so get in touch with our Roundtable Chairmen, Dick Angell at

Building the Domestic Church brings ….. Evangelization!

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Family Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

Youth Director

Pat O’Doherty

Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

Entries in the Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest must fall under either Alcohol Awareness and Abuse or Drug Awareness and Abuse. Each poster on either topic must include a slogan and an original visual image. Posters may be entered under only one topic.


The Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 8 and 14.

If you have not ordered your kits, please go to the Supreme website and get you kits ordered. Please contact the Directors of Religious Education, Directors of Youth Ministry, Home school Associations, as well as the elementary and high school administrations in your area about participation since the order has expanded the eligibility for the contest.

Contest entrants compete in one of two age groups – ages 8 through 11, and ages 12 through 14. (Note: Some school systems may have different age brackets for their elementary and middle schools. In some area, it may be appropriate to group students by grade rather than age. Sponsoring councils should use their own judgment in deciding how to group participants. Each local, regional and state competition many have up to four winning entries, one from each age category.)

Council officials should order the program kit (#SA-Kit) by calling 203-752-4270 or visiting



November/December: Students Create posters. Posters should be submitted to the Council for judging by January 15th.

Council Judging should be completed by January 31st.


District Judging should be completed by February 28th.


State judging. Posters are due to the Supreme Council for international judging by March 31st.

Council officials should order the program kit (#SA-Kit) by calling 203-752-4270 or visiting, promote the contest and contact schools to participate.

Regional/State – Please forward District results to the State Youth Director Pat O’Doherty by February 28, 2018 for State Level Judging.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Vivat Jesus,
Pat O’Doherty, PGK
State Youth Director
North Carolina State Council
Knights of Columbus
(336) 782-6901 (Please leave a message)
1925 Echo Trail
Pfafftown, NC 27040

2018 State Raffle

photo of Dave Onofrio, KofC NC State Raffle Chairman

Dave Onofrio State Raffle Chairman

At the Mid-Year Meeting, we will be handing out the State Raffle tickets and all the appropriate documentation needed to run a successful program. What a way to make money and not have any money invested. The tickets are $5 each and the Council gets to keep HALF of all money collected. Due to the cost of trips and cruises, all prizes are CASH.

Click here for list of prizes, terms, & conditions

Now is the time to appoint a dedicated Brother Knight to run the raffle for your Council. To help your Chairman get acquainted with the program ahead of time, we are attaching a copy of the information sheet all Grand Knights will receive as a part of their raffle package at the Mid-Year meeting.

Dave Onofrio, PSD, FM
State Raffle Chairman

Knights in Action

Coats for Kids

Council 15085 – Concord, NC

On behalf of the Council, Brother Chris Amsler makes a $500 donation to Mountain Projects in support of the Coats for Kids Program.

Photograph submitted by Lonnie Pizza


“If I had a Million Dollars” – LAMB Milestone

Fr. Thomas F. Price Council 2546

During our 2017 LAMB street campaign, Council 2546 completed a milestone of collecting over $1,000,000 in all time donations.  This program to support those with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities was founded in 1974 by Bill Scott, PSD of the council and has grown into the largest Knights of Columbus charity program in North Carolina.

Mark Haro, Grand Knight of Council 2546, and his son Chris are shown receiving a donation during this year’s (2017) LAMB store campaign.

Photograph and article submitted by John Gouldie

Wreaths Across America

Father Bernard McDevitt 15085

Council 15085 in Waynesville partnered with the local American Legion Post to coordinate/fund raise for the 2017 Wreaths Across America Event held at GreenHill Cemetery in Waynesville. Pictured GK/SK Mark Zaffrann addresses the volunteers as 490 wreaths were laid on the graves of veterans. Also pictured are PGK/SK Chris Amsler and his son, Brother Chris Amsler II, who participated in the event.

GK/SK Mark Zaffrann addresses the volunteers

PGK/SK Chris Amsler and his son, Brother Chris Amsler II