The official newsletter of the North Carolina Knights of Columbus State Council
 - State Deputy: John Nussbaum
 - Chaplain: Father Lesak
 - Secretary: Dan Lange
 - Treasurer: JC Reiher
 - Advocate: Chris Losack
 - Warden: Sergio Miranda
 - Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch
#1: JP Horvat
#2: Tom Smith
#3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
#4: Ron Cortopassi
#5: Richard Hamel

State Deputy

Colin Jorsch

Greetings to one and all from Fayetteville!

Gina and I truly pray this edition of the THK find you well and in good spirits.

I hope you are having a great Lenten Season and re-energizing your relationships.  I know I have, and (as my pastor likes to say), we find it so easy to see our faults, our merciful God sees the goodness in each one of us.

It is hard to believe that we have only a short three months until the end of another fraternal year.  As leaders and members of the order, I hope that you are well on your way to accomplishing all the goals that you set for yourself in the beginning of the year.  If not, remember, there are still three months left to go.  You have a chance to make a difference in the lives of so many.

As I like to say during my short talk after the Knighthood Degree, I truly feel blessed to have been asked to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.  I believe the order has made me a better man; a better husband; a better father; and most importantly, a better Catholic.  I hope you share this belief with me and ask someone else to join the order and give someone else the great opportunity that is the Knights of Columbus.

My Lenten journey has me reading the Gospel of Luke (another suggestion of my pastor’s).  Probably my favorite passage of this Gospel is the parable of the prodigal son.  It is amazing that the crux of the story is that the younger son essentially cut all ties with his family.  Upon coming back, his father RAN to him when he was still a distance away.  What an amazing story.  When we stray and make our mistakes, our Father welcomes us back and slaughters the fattened cow.  What a forgiving God we have, and for that I am truly grateful.

I pray Christ’s Peace be with you through this month.  Have a Blessed Easter.

Peace in Christ!

Colin Jorsch
State Deputy

State Secretary

John Nussbaum

Lori and I send our greetings from Wendell.

Our NC State Convention is just around the corner. With all of the fantastic things we have accomplished throughout the state this year, we will have a great celebration. Lori and I sure hope you are planning to attend. We are looking forward to spending time with you to find out more of what great programs you have been working on.

To be ready for the NC State Convention, you will want to take one last look at the 2017 Countdown to Convention check list. If contains many very important tasks that you will want to complete before arriving at the convention. It will help you be ready to enjoy the weekend.

For many of these items, there is additional information on the State website

It is not too late to submit the names of Brothers that have gone to meet the Lord this past year. We want to include them in our necrology at the State Convention Mass. We want to read the names of as many Brothers as we can. We feel it is important to recognize those that have served the Lord through their work within the Knights of Columbus.

Every year we collect money for Right to Life and the Bishop’s Fund. The State Council then uses that money to help the Right to Life cause or our Bishops. Please bring your checks, made out to Knights of Columbus NC State Council, to the convention. If you don’t plan to attend the convention, you can mail your check to me at 143 Talford Drive, Wendell, NC. Thank you for your help.

Don’t forget to send in the money that your Council has collected for the Penny-a-Day fund. As we head into the summer months we will need that money to help those in need.

I look forward reading your Annual Report. A copy will be placed in the Proceeding Manual. You can either email it to me or hand it in to me during the Convention.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I am here to serve you.

I hope to see you at the convention on May 5-7.


Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
NC State Secretary

State Warden

Chris Losack

Brothers All, Vivat Jesus!

Speaking of achieving STAR Council, for most Councils in this state this is not an unrealistic goal. Let’s refresh ourselves from the discussions at the Mid Year Meeting on what it takes to achieve STAR Council. First, the Council must achieve its membership and insurance quotas. As stated, this is not an unrealistic goal for most Councils. For those Councils that believe it is too lofty of a goal, work with your District Deputy and Field Agent and they will make it become more realistic and achievable. Another criteria is to conduct service programs in each of the program areas and new this year is the requirement for programs that are part of the Building the Domestic Church initiative. Again, this is likely something that you are already doing, you just need to report them in June on the Form SP7. The tradition in North Carolina is to turn in the SP7 at the convention, please bring them with you. The Council must also remain in good standing with Supreme requiring payment of dues assessments and submitting Council audits. Again, this is something that the Council does as a matter of course in doing Council business. Easy so far, right? Well the final requirements are the ones that are the easiest to do, but often we don’t think they are important and forget about them. These requirements are the reporting requirements. As already mentioned, you must report your service program activity on the Form SP7 due in June, you must submit the service personnel information on Form 365 due last July, and you must submit the Survey of Fraternal Activity on Form 1728 due on January 31st. This is the reason that I spend so much time talking about the importance of submitting your forms. Not to harass you, but to make sure that an oversight does not prevent your Council from being recognized for all the hard work that it does. It is always a shame when a Council has done all the work necessary to achieve STAR status, but fails to earn their award due to the lack of submitting a form.

Finally, your Council should have already completed the audit for the second half of 2016. I have been receiving copies of audits since early January which shows me that many Councils are really on the ball. Having the Form 1295-2 on file with Supreme is one of the criteria needed to maintain your good standing mentioned above. If you have not conducted your audit, Grand Knights please get with your Trustees and schedule this ASAP. This submission was due on February 15th and there are still nine Councils that have not submitted their audits. Please remember to always copy your District Deputy and State Deputy on any form submissions.

As always, if there is anything that I can do to assist you in any manner, please do not hesitate to reach out. That is what I am here for, to help you in any possible way.

Vivat Jesus,


Council Director

Nick Sanstasi

Brothers All,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast! I want to thank all the councils that turned in a submission for your best Council program for the second half of the year. I look forward to recognizing the winners at the State Convention being held in Durham from May 5th to May 7th.

It is understood that programs are not done to win awards, but submitting the program is a way to recognize your members who spent their time, talent and treasure running these programs and to let them know you appreciate their efforts.

There has been a change to the deadline to register a team for the State Bocce Tournament being held in Winston-Salem. The new deadline date is April 29th. The information can be found on the State Website. The dates for the State Golf Tournament are October 7th and 8th in Clemmons. Please check the website and future articles of the THK for additional information. Thanks to our State Athletics Chairman, Craig Smith for coordinating with the councils to host these events.

In keeping with the new parish initiative, please remember to extend an invitation to the entire parish to participate in any activity that you hold and that your activity has your priest’s or pastor’s blessing.

District Deputies and RMPC’s, please continue to keep track on the progress on the Traveling Gavels that are going through your councils, districts and regions. Please remember to submit your monthly progress report to the Traveling Gavel chairman, Anthony Thompson. Please ensure that all the gavels are brought to the State Convention so that they can be re-distributed for the 2017-18 Fraternal Year.

If you have any Special Olympic events going on, please make the Special Olympics chairman, Michael Garguilo aware of that event. If you wish to host a State Athletic event, please contact the Athletics Chairman, Craig Smith on how to get started.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my chairmen if we can assist your regions, districts and councils in going and making a difference in this fraternal year in building your domestic church while strengthening our parishes. It is an honor to be serving you as your State Council Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

I wish everyone a very peaceful and joyous Lenten season and a very Happy Easter.

Vivat Jesus,

Nick Nastasi
State Council Director

Family Director

Fred Burton


The account of the woman at the well, read during Lent, is one of my favorite passages.

After Cana Our Lord had been invited to the wedding at Cana, a happy occasion to be sure, but He kept as a low profile as His Blessed Mother would let Him. Immediately afterward, He chooses to go to Sychar in Samaria knowing all along He would meet this woman – He wasn’t invited but He made sure He was there anyway. He knew some of her five ex-husbands may have died. Others may have divorced her – all a man had to do then was to drag her into the town square and yell “I divorce you” three times and it was final. And she was devastated! Repeatedly! She wants no more long-term commitments.

Living Water But Jesus had other ideas. He promises the gift of Living Water – in the painting she appears to be about to say, “Yeah, right” – and then lets her understand He knows everything she ever did. She knew there’d be a Messiah – ‘whenever’. Now she is the very first person on Earth to whom Jesus reveals He is that Messiah. It changes her life and she, in turn, joyfully runs toward neighbors who had shunned her and thus changes the life of an entire town. When you are most in need, Our Lord will seek you.

Pointers for our own times Pope Francis’ comments in Chapter 6 of Amoris Laetitia: “It is important that the divorced who have entered a new union should be made to feel part of the Church. “They are not excommunicated” and they should not be treated as such, since they remain part of the ecclesial community. These situations “require careful discernment and respectful accompaniment. Language or conduct that might lead them to feel discriminated against should be avoided, and they should be encouraged to participate in the life of the community.” An exhortation to be merciful from the Pope who gave us a Year of Mercy!

Vivat Jesus!

Fred Burton
NC Family Director and Silver Rose Chairman

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

Brothers All,

There are a multitude of ways to raise money for LAMB to help those with intellectual disabilities, however one of the more unique ones to come to light recently was St. Francis Xavier Council 16442’s participation in the annual “Sapphire Valley Ski Resort’s Great Outhouse Race” in February.

A number of teams participate, each team consisting of two outhouse pushers and one rider, or “sitter” racing against another team down the training slope, which is a couple hundred feet long.

Council 16442’s rider was their Parish Priest, Father Francis Xavier Arockiasamy.

While this was a first for the Council, our Brother Knights were a favorite at the event, finishing second overall and also voted “Most Humorous” by the judges and “People’s Choice by those in attendance!

(Photos courtesy of DD17, Tim Kelley)

Auction at the State Convention – As mentioned last month, also remember the upcoming LAMB Silent Auction at the State Convention is another great way to “fun” raise for LAMB.

The value of items donated are fully tax-deductible, so make sure your Council brings some things to the Convention to auction off.   If you are bringing items, please let the LAMB Chairman for the West, Brother Steve Purcell know as he is helping to coordinate the event.  Steve’s email is

Richard White

LAMB Director

Bull City Roll, Walk, Run 2017

Tom DuPree

Bull City Run, Walk, Roll 5K

Click to download Flyer

Brother Knights,

What a great opportunity you have to participate in if you are available!  The Durham VA Healthcare System in partnership with the Knights of Columbus and the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 175 is proud to announce the 3rd Annual VA Bull City Run, Walk and Roll 5K fundraiser.  This event is Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Durham VA Medical Center.  We are inviting you and your family to celebrate Veterans, their families and love ones through a healthy, fun-filled, family friendly event.  Our GOAL is to raise $10,000. These funds will provide scholarships for Veterans to attend National Veterans Rehab Events.   Please read the attached flier for important details.

In order to achieve our goal, we are seeking financial support from our North Carolina Knights of Columbus Councils/Assemblies and individual Knights to provide funds for sponsorship.

Ways to reach our Goal:

  • Request sponsorship of local/community companies in your area
  • Sponsorship of a runner from your Council/Assembly
  • Donation by Council/Assembly
  • Donation by individual



SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
N C State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

Social Justice

Chris Lizak
Social Justice Chairman

Care For the Earth is Not Just an Earth Day Slogan

From the US Conference of Catholic Bishops:

We show our respect for the Creator by our stewardship of creation. Care for the earth is not just an Earth Day slogan, it is a requirement of our faith. We are called to protect people and the planet, living our faith in relationship with all of God’s creation. This environmental challenge has fundamental moral and ethical dimensions that cannot be ignored.

  • A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor . . .Everything is connected. Concern for the environment thus needs to be joined to a sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to resolving the problems of society. (Pope Francis, On Care for Our Common Home [Laudato Si’. . . ],nos. 49, 91)
  • The notion of the common good also extends to future generations. The global economic crises have made painfully obvious the detrimental effects of disregarding our common destiny, which cannot exclude those who come after us. We can no longer speak of sustainable development apart from intergenerational solidarity. Once we start to think about the kind of world we are leaving to future generations, we look at things differently; we realize that the world is a gift which we have freely received and must share with others. Since the world has been given to us, we can no longer view reality in a purely utilitarian way, in which efficiency and productivity are entirely geared to our individual benefit. Intergenerational solidarity is not optional, but rather a basic question of justice, since the world we have received also belongs to those who will follow us.  (Pope Francis, On Care for Our Common Home [Laudato Si’. . . ], no. 159)
  • We human beings are not only the beneficiaries but also the stewards of other creatures. Thanks to our bodies, God has joined us so closely to the world around us that we can feel the desertification of the soil almost as a physical ailment, and the extinction of a species as a painful disfigurement. Let us not leave in our wake a swath of destruction and death which will affect our own lives and those of future generations.(Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel [Evangelii Guadium. . . ], no. 215)

You can find an Earth Day bulletin insert with more information here:

Earth Day Bulletin Insert


State Bocce Ball Tournament

Santa Maria Council #2829

2017 State Knights of Columbus Bocce tournament.

Where: MILLER PARK: 2598 Queen St. Winston Salem, NC 27103

When: 8:30 a.m. SATURDAY, May 20, 2017(rain date 6/10/2017)
Teams: 4 Man teams (may be Co-ed with at least 2 KOFC members)

Cost: $80 per team

SK Matt Pisano
PO Box 26622
Winston Salem, NC 27114

Tournament limited to 24 teams.

Any teams registering should send application and fees in no later than MAY 6th .
Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE!!

Convention Chairman

Editor’s Note: Full information about the convention can be found on the website: NC State Convention 2017

Rick Lewis

My Brothers all,

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? The 97th Annual Knights of Columbus State Convention is just around the corner. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year in preparing for this amazing event. As we come into the home stretch, the councils of District 5 and District 10 anxiously await the arrival of the convention.

We have firmed upped the programs for Friday Night Family, and will get that in just a moment. However, the most important items that need your attention are registering for the convention, making your hotel reservation, and submitting your council ad for the Ad Book. Please note the following key dates for these items:

Key Convention Dates

Registration:By 3/24By 4/30
Ad Book:By 4/1
Hotel:BOOK BY 4/10

The information for the hotel is as follows:

Hotel:         Sheraton Imperial, Durham, NC
Phone:        800-325-3535

BOOK BY APRIL 10, 2017 (Cannot guarantee you will be able to get a room after the cut offer date)

REMEMBER: the convention is happening earlier this year than in years past, AND it is vital that you get your registration for the convention (hotel and convention registration form) done quickly.  For convenience, we have initiated our first ever On-Line Registration option for those that want to use the electronic method to register.  So far, the response has been well received as we are receiving several registrations this way.  When you go to the convention web site via our State web site link, you will be taken to our cover page.  On that cover page, you will have two options; register electronically or register manually.

If you decide to register electronically, you will be taken to a fillable PDF form that you will fill in and submit electronically with your form of payment.  You will NOT be able to fill in an electronic form and mail in a check.  You must use a credit card to register electronically.  There will be a $6 convenience fee for this option.  The Convention Team has no control over this as we are utilizing a 3rd Party banking company to provide this service.  The convenience fee is a pure pass through fee that goes to the bank.

Please also remember, there is a $25 registration fee for both manual and electronic registrations, and must be included with your manual registration.  Electronic registrations will have the fee included along with the $6 convenience fee.

If you decide to register manually, you will be taken to a fillable PDF form that you will fill in and then print.  You will mail that form to the address on the form.  There is NO bank fee to do this.  However, you will need to keep in mind the due date for registration.  The date is when we need to receive the payment, so make sure you allow enough time to mail your form.

WE ARE EXTENDING THE AD BOOK REGISTRATION DEADLINE TO APRIL 10THSome councils are meeting late in March, and so we want to give them, and those who may be running a bit behind getting paper work in, a chance to take advantage of getting your ads in.  The Ad Book ads are vital to the success of any convention.  These are the funds that are used to bring you the extras for this event.  Things like the items handed out at registration when you register, snacks for breaks, and other things we do to make your convention more enjoyable depend on the generosity of councils and assemblies to take out an ad in the book.  Ads can be taken out by local businesses you may do business with; it’s a much less expensive advertising option for them with statewide coverage.  We hope you will be able to contribute to your convention by taking out an ad.  Your contact for all things Ad Book is:

Ad Book:    Bob Caron, FDD



And Now…the Big Announcement for Friday Night!
We are Proud to Announce our First Ever….

Cornhole…The Souths Version of Horse Shoes and Bocce Ball!

This is a sport that ANYONE can play.  You don’t have to have great cardio stamina.  You don’t need to be a super strong weight lifter.  You don’t need to be a marathon runner. If you have ever tossed anything before, then you have the skills to participate in this event.  All you need is the desire to have some fun, meet some new people, and can laugh.

Additionally, we will also have other games of fun and chance like Giant Jenga, card and dice games and some of the more traditional board games for you and friends to enjoy time together.  This is an evening of fun for everyone of all ages.

  • Date and Time: Friday Night May 5th from 7:00p to 9:00p; Corn Hole Competition starts are 7:30p
  • Location: Imperial Rooms 1 & 2 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center, Durham, NC
  • Corn Hole Tournament: Corn Hole Single Elimination Bracket –Blind Draw Corn Hole Tournament- ACA tournament rules
  • Corn Hole Registration: Open to all participants ages 8 and older who are Knights, or immediate family members of Knights (No Ringers!!!!)
  • Pre-Registration: by email to Tournament Director Rick Lewis at by Wednesday May 3rd
  • Day of Event:  Registration will be open prior to the event for late comers
  • Corn Hole Team Structure: Two-Man Teams – each team will need to come up with a team name

Corn Hole Awards: Top 3 teams will cash out as follows:

  • 1st place: each winner receives $200 cash + wins a corn hole set
  • 2nd place: each winner receives $150 cash + wins a corn hole set
  • 3rd place: each winner receives $100 Cash + wins a corn hole set
  • Two teams that lose in final 4 will play each other for 3rd place

Get your teams together, get your team names and register!

Finally, If you have any question regarding either, please feel free to reach out to me.  My contact information is below


Rick Lewis FDD, PFN
Convention Chairman

Knights in Action

40 Cans for Lent

PGK Joe Lynch, Mother of Mary Council #11180, Edenton, NC, hands a can of food to Brother Joe Campbell for inclusion into the council’s “40 Cans for Lent” collection box. The box was handmade by PGK Walt Smith and placed in the church entryway for the Lenten season. Donations will periodically collected and transported to the local Food Bank of the Albemarle where they are desperately needed. Last year the council collected over 1,000 pounds of canned food items. With the positive feedback from the parish, hopes are collections will exceed that total this year.

Soup Supper

Knights of Columbus “Mother of Mary” Council #11180 sponsored a Soup Supper during Lent for the Edenton, NC, parish, supporting both the Anglo and the Hispanic communities. Supper was served between Friday evening’s English and Spanish Stations of the Cross. At least 50 people dined on eight different types of soups, including vegetable, chowders, clam chowders, tortellini, and tomato. Although Grand Knight Bill McCarthy’s primary concern was, “Who’s going to clean all these doggone dishes?”, Brother Colin Caron put it in proper perspective when he summed it all up: “It’s better than the Women’s Club!”

18 New Hispanic Knights

On Sunday, March 12th, 18 Hispanic Knights were exemplified in their Knighthood Degree at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish’s St. Drexel Hall in Newton Grove. The Dr. John C. Monk Council #7259 was the host council. Brother Knights from Council 5487 in Goldsboro (1), Council 7259 in Newton Grove (1), Council 9549 in Hillsborough (2), Council 10783 in Rockingham (3), Council 16013 in Mount Olive (8), Council 16247 in Red Springs (1) and Council 16401 in Candor (1) took their degree in honor of Fr. James F. Garneau. Their class picture was taken with one of eight world-traveling icons of Our Lady as Mother of Perpetual Help, the Patroness of the Redemptorist order of priests, who serve around the world. The miraculous icon just happened to be at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on this particular Sunday. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Church rectory serves as the mother house for three Redemptorist priests, two of which serve Our Lady of Guadalupe and one who serves Immaculate Conception Church in Clinton. All three priests are members of the Knights of Columbus.
Before the newly Knighted members took their class picture, they were addresses by State Deputy Colin Jorsch. After they took their picture, they were treated to an Hispanic meal of grilled chicken, beans and rice, a salad and tortillas with tea or water to drink. The winter weather experienced earlier in the day abated to give us a wonderful day for the event.

Pro-Life Fundraiser


District Master

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers All,

Please congratulate and welcome the newest Sir Knights receiving the honors of the Fourth Degree on Saturday March 25, in Kernersville, NC. Forty-Four (44) new SK’s to include two (2) Priests and one (1) Deacon were Exemplified. The Honoree for the Exemplification was Sir Knight Thomas Zumbahlen, so when you see Tom, congratulate him for his many years of service to the Fourth Degree Team. There was a nice turnout of Observers and guests for a total of  one hundred twenty (120) for the luncheon. Congratulations Brother Sir Knights  and welcome – now your turn to bring a Brother Knight into the Fourth Degree!

Many thanks to Pope John Paul II Assembly 3017, Kernersville and Faithful Navigator SK Robert Yuzuik for all their help, a great job done by all. I would like to mention that the three (3) Assemblies in Forsyth County all got together to insure the success of the Exemplification. Fine thank you to FN SK Dan Stanley of Santa Maria Assembly 782 and FN SK Joe Michalski of Triad Assembly 2282 and Brother Sir Knights from both Assemblies for all their help. Many thanks to DD 11 SK Jean Dion for all his coordination efforts and assistance.

There were two (2) collections on Exemplification Saturday: first one at the Mass with Faithful Friar & SK Rev. William Lesak as the celebrant, netted $271.00 for the USO; second at the luncheon, “Passing of the Helmet” netted $700.00 for the Military Chaplain’s Fund. Thank you for your generosity.

The next Fourth Degree Exemplification will be on Saturday August 26, 2017 at St. Eugene’s Catholic Church in Asheville, NC. Plenty of time to start recruiting for this Degree to insure we start the new Fraternal Year with a large class of candidates. All forms for this Exemplification will be on the State website shortly and sent via e-mail to all the Faithful Navigators.

Brother Sir Knights, we continue to get written up for Sir Knights wearing WING TIP COLLAR shirts when wearing the tuxedo at a Fourth Degree Exemplification.

We were gigged for 2 Candidates and an Observer at the recent Exemplification. The Exemplification Dress Code Form explicitly states and is highlighted in yellow “NO wing tip shirts allowed”. Please advise all your candidates, when purchasing a tuxedo set, they are mindful of the required flat collared shirt. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

As an update:

  1. We are still working on a resolution of the coupons collection for our troops,  will advise as soon as we receive further information,
  2. The State Advocate has been assigned by the State Deputy to look into the question of Assembly Insurance and will pass along the information as soon as we receive it. If your Assembly is planning an event on Church property and there is a question re: insurance, please contact the State Advocate JC Reiher for further assistance.

A reminder, the Military Chaplain’s Fund is still active until the end of the Fraternal Year. Our Faithful Friar is very passionate and supportive of this program, to insure our active military personnel have enough Catholic Priests to support them. Your support will help!

The NC State Convention is scheduled for the weekend of May 5,6 & 7 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham, NC. The Memorial Mass for all Deceased Brother Knights will be held on Saturday at the Convention Center at 4:30 PM. The Raleigh Diocese Administrator, Msgr. Shugrue is tentatively set to be the Main Celebrant with SK Fr. William Lesak as Con-Celebrant. If you are planning to attend the State Convention, please bring your Regalia to participate in the Honor Guard for Mass. If you wish to attend the Mass and participate in the Honor Guard and are not a Delegate to the Convention, you are encouraged to attend.

It is now time for Assemblies to be thinking about Assembly Officers for the Fraternal Year 2017-18. As per the Fourth Degree By-Laws, the election must be held at the first regular meeting in May of each year. As soon as the elections are held, there are two (2) things the Faithful Navigator and the Faithful Comptroller must do:

  1. Go to the State website (  under the 4th Degree section and fill out the Directory Form. There is some additional info. requested this year:  meeting date and location and name of the FN wife – please be prepared.
  2. Go to the Supreme website ( and complete Form 186 – Report of Assembly Officers chosen for the Fraternal Year 2017 – 18. It can be done online or download and do manually. Please send me a copy ( and the Vice Supreme Master Robert Anderson (

Thank you for your help to insure we get all the correct information on all Assemblies posted on the website and the printed directory. Would very much like to see 100% participation ASAP so that the District Secretary and Marshals will not be hounding you for the information.

Other Forms and Due Dates:

  • RSVP & Plaque Application: Form 2863A – 4/1 to 6/30 – submit to Supreme with copies to VSM and District Master.
  • To Be A Patriot Award: Form TGP-1 – due by 4/30 – submit to the District Master only.
  • Civic Award Application: Form 2321 – due by 6/30 – submit to Supreme with copies to VSM & District Master.

I have just been informed of the untimely passing of Anne Onofrio, wife of Former District Master and Past State Deputy David Onofrio.  Anne was a most gracious “First Lady”  during both of Dave’s tenures as SD and DM and she will be missed. Eternal Rest grant unto her O Lord….

Jo and I wish for all of you and your families a “Happy Easter” and please continue to pray for us all during this Lenten Season

REMEMBER: “Sir Knight” is an Honor – Not just a Title!

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America


SK Jack Murray, IPSD
District Master

Photo From the Charlotte Right To Life March

State Deputy Colin Jorsch and DD’s Tom Kotz and Tim Walsh at the Charlotte Right to Life March. The Knights of Columbus SO’s were on each corner near the rally gathering, with a SK in Regalia and additional Knights with signs also assisting at each corner etc. a great turnout of support.