The Tar Heel Knight

August 2018

State Officers

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants


State Officers

State Deputy: John Nussbaum
Chaplain: Father Lesak
State Secretary: Dan Lange
State Treasurer: JC Reiher
State Advocate: Chris Losack
State Warden: Sergio Miranda
Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants

#1: JP Horvat
#2: Joe McCarthy
#3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
#4: Ron Cortopassi
#5: Tom Kotz

State Deputy

Holy Spirit calls each of us, what are you called to do?
28 Councils on track to get their membership quota.
8 Councils already have met both their membership and insurance quotas for the year!

Faith Director

Fred Burton Devotions 101: (Individual Devotions) The Knights of Columbus, as a Catholic lay organization, is now stressing our spiritual development as the true motivation for our charitable and…

LAMB Director

LAMB – A Busy Couple of Months The State Officers and LAMB Foundation Board Directors along with local Council representatives have been busy the past couple of months presenting LAMB…


Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All, Vivat Jesus! Congratulations to each of you for being the elected leader of your Council or Assembly!  With Supremes’ new initiative, “Just…

District Master

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers all, Thank you all for your help and support as we all continue Programs in support of our Church, Community and Veterans across this State….

State Deputy

John Nussbaum

North Carolina is planning to have another great year. How about you?

We have started a new fraternal year. It is hard to believe that one month of it has already past. Everyone is busy trying to fill positions, doing paper work (Form 185, Form 365, State Directory input, Council budget, fraternal action plan, etc.) and many other activities. Are we taking time to think about how we can grow in our Faith? Our Faith is the one thing that we all have in common. We are Called to grow in our Faith and to help those around us grow in their Faith. As we grow in our Faith, we grow closer to God.

To help us and those in our family grow in our Faith, a number of new programs are being introduced this year. They are part of the new Faith in Action program. Take a real go look at them. How can you incorporate them into your Faith journey? Yes, some of the program may push some to do some things that may a little uncomfortable but growing in our Faith is truly worth it.

On July 13-15th, the NC 2018 DD Organizational meeting was held in Durham. The RMPCs and DDs were given many tools to help them better help the Councils and members in their District. They either have had or will be having a District meeting with the Council leaders in their district by the end of August. They will share some of what they learn at our meeting. A Council activity plan is so important to the success of a Council. Your District Deputy will have you get with your pastor to determine what he needs and whether any of our programs can help him with any of his needs. It is so important to have the support of your pastor. After you have written down your Council activity plan, it is so important to see if your approved Council budget will support your efforts. Your District Deputy will also be working with each of his Councils to schedule an installation of officers for this fraternal year, if it hasn’t already been done. Admission (1st) and Formation (2nd) Degrees need to be scheduled for a least the next six months. They need every one’s help on this. Please plan to attend your District meeting.

With every Brother in North Carolina working together to grow in our Faith, we will have a great year. We need to do everything we can to help those in our Faith community grow in their Faith. We are also Called by Christ to spread our Faith to others.

On August 7-9th, I will be at the Supreme Convention in Baltimore representing every Brother Knight in North Carolina. It is always exciting to talk to Brother Knights from around the world. You quickly learn that what we do in North Carolina is only a small part of what the Knights of Columbus does around the world. I am always very proud to talk about the great things we are doing in North Carolina to help our Faith grow. Some of our programs designed to help others are top notch. LAMB is a perfect example. Keep up and improve the many great traditions that North Carolina has.

If you need any help, please ask your District Deputy or Regional Membership and Program Consultant (RMPC). Your State Officers and State Staff are always ready to help you. If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I can be reach at or 919-366-6405. I will do my very best to make sure you get the help you need. Let’s work together to do God’s work.

Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
NC State Deputy

State Advocate

Chris Losack

New Fraternal Year Means Liability Insurance Renewal

Brothers all,

We are one month into our new Fraternal Year which means that the liability certificates that are on file at your local parishes need to be renewed. Currently the liability policy for North Carolina runs from July 1 – June 30 each year. Your Council is assessed each six months in conjunction with the state per-capita. In most cases the parish facilities that we utilize will remind us that we need to submit an updated liability certificate, but sometimes that is not the case. Rest easy that as long as your council pays the assessment then your council will be covered. It is, however, prudent to update the certificate with your parish. To date, I have only received a handful of requests so I expect that this action may have gotten lost in the transition between leadership.

If you need an updated liability insurance certificate, please send an e-mail to with the specifics including: council #, parish name, parish address, diocese, etc. The lead time for certificates can be between five (5) and ten (10) business days. Please keep this lead time in mind as you request certificates for specific events. For those events, you will need to also include the location, date, activity and any information about the additional insured which is any entity that needs indemnity from liability.

Finally, your State Council is constantly evaluating the services that we contract with to ensure that we provide the most efficient and effective coverage for you. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective alternative for all of our members. While the current coverage may not meet every need of every council, we strive to provide the best alternative for the state as a whole.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Advocate

We Are Called

General Program Director

Chris Losack

Updated Program Information Now Available

Brothers All,

With all of the changes to the program area, everyone has been busy at a feverous pace to get all of the resources updated and available to you. This has been no small feat and honestly has taken longer than hoped. That said, the vast majority of the updated information is now available on the NC State Website.

First and foremost, the update Council Recognition Manual has been posted in the Document repository. This is an extremely valuable resource to your council as you plan your activities throughout the year. It has recommended programs that your council can conduct and information about the purpose of each program. Additionally it has all of the requirements for the awards that are handed out throughout the year. Please download the CRM and utilize it to position your council of success.

Secondly, the Matrix Form that is used to report the programs that your council conducts each year has been updated as well. It lists all of the new Faith in Action programs as well as those programs that are sponsored by the State Council. This form is to be filled out by your District Deputy in conjunction with your Program Director and submitted twice a year. The first deadline is rapidly approaching, August 31.  In conjunction with the submission of the Matrix Form is the submission of the best program that your council has conducted in each of the six program areas: Faith, Family, Community, Life, LAMB & Membership. These forms have also been updated to accommodate these changes. If you have previously submitted a program using the old format, it will be mapped to the appropriate new category. Remember that the program award year will change slightly to accommodate our changes to the Convention timeline. Starting for 2018-2019, the 1st half program reporting period will run from March 1 – August 31 and the 2nd half reporting period will run from September 1 – February 28. The awards submission deadlines will be the last day of the period or August 31st and February 28th respectively. Please plan accordingly.

Finally, there is a wealth of information on the website under each of the program categories. Please check out the new website for the programs and take advantage of the information that is available to help you successfully run programs in your council. Between the information provided by Supreme and the State Program Directors and Chairmen, you should be well equipped to be successful for this upcoming year.

I wish each of you the very best this year and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime at

Christopher J. Losack

NC General Program Director

We Are Called

Faith Director

Fred Burton

Devotions 101: (Individual Devotions)

The Knights of Columbus, as a Catholic lay organization, is now stressing our spiritual development as the true motivation for our charitable and fraternal programs. Devotions toward this end can be categorized into three general areas:

  1. Individual
  2. Family
  3. Group

We’ve had some regular group devotions  – Fifth Sunday Rosary, Silver Rose, Consecration to the Holy Family, renewal of marriage vows, adoration, Stations of the Cross, etc. – but what about those others?

Let’s look at Individual Devotions. First we’ve got “Into the Breach”:

Become the Catholic man God intended you to be! This outlines the problem of ‘non-faith’ facing our society and was written to encourage and challenge you, calling us all forth to the mission of New Evangelization. It asks us what does it mean to be a Catholic man? How does a Catholic man love? Why is fatherhood so very important on every age level? It tells how saints can be our guides and inspiration. We read the roles of husband and wife as compliments to each other not competitors. But you can’t be idle and expect all good things to fall your way. No, there are practices every man can and should do to fortify himself in his Faith. Although this was originally intended for younger men seeking their way to a greater spiritual maturity, all can benefit!

Next, there’s “Fathers for Good”:

Unlike “Into the Breach” this is not a single call to arms in response to timeless and timely truths but an ongoing review of life as a father. There are discussions about questions and situations we may have difficulty resolving. There are examples of those who’ve overcome temptations and trials to reach a full, Faith-filled life. Yes, they discuss temptations and offer means of combating them. It also stresses that you are not alone and has links for e-mail and Facebook contacts. You’ll also see monthly topics for discussion and resources for additional reading.


There are other specific devotions for both individuals and families to be found in the Building the Domestic Church kiosk. Some councils may have won these in a recent competition but in truth, it’s available to all. The abundance of literature and devotional guidance makes this ideal to place in the church narthex so that all may reap its benefits. Three suggestions: (1) this would be a simple project for one or two NEW brother knights, (2) expect heavy demand with frequent restocking  – one council had to put “Please Read and Return” stickers on the booklets so they’d at least have something available between supply orders – and (3) order kiosks on both Spanish and English.

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Faith Programs Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

Family Director

Bob Macaluso

Family Prayer Night

Family Prayer Night is a new program that has been implemented this year, by Supreme, under the heading of Family Programs.  It is part of the larger initiative to “Build the Domestic Church”. The purpose is to strengthen the bonds between our brother Knights and parishioners of the church.  Family Prayer Night should not only be a night of pray but also an opportunity to share a meal with fellow parishioners and get to know one another.  It is my opinion, and I’m sure that there are others that feel the same way, that as parishioners we are strangers. Yes, we come together on Sunday to pray the gospel, but do we really know the person seated next to us? Here is an opportunity to profess your faith, outside of the mass, and extend fellowship to all.  It also serves the youth of our parish by having them participate and observe how we as Catholics should be willing to express our faith outside of the normal Sunday mass.

Here are a few tips for hosting a Family Prayer Night;

  • Gain the permission from your priest
  • Create a team to plan and host the event, encourage parishioners to serve on the team.
  • Promote the event in your parish bulletin, announcements from the Pulpit as well as signage in the church vestibule
  • Assure that all that attend are greeted as they arrive and issue name tags
  • If you have a school associated with your parish, invite the principal, teachers and students to attend. Students should attend with their parents

After the event, get feedback from those that attended and ask for a volunteer to host the next one.  Remember, this is a Monthly Family Pray Night not a one-time event.  Finally, write up and submit the Service Award Form.

For more information regarding the Family Prayer Night or any other programs, visit or

Family Prayer Night .pdf: 10608 5-18 Family Prayer Night SS

Good luck, and God’s Blessings,

Vivat Jesus,
Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC State Family Director

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

LAMB – A Busy Couple of Months

The State Officers and LAMB Foundation Board Directors along with local Council representatives have been busy the past couple of months presenting LAMB Foundation Grant checks across the state to the various agencies the Foundation supports.

The grant recipients this year included; the Special Olympics of NC, Duke Medical Fragile X program, Holy Angels in Belmont and the five, regional, State of NC run regional centers for those with intellectual disabilities, which include the O’Berry, Murdoch, J. Iverson Riddle, Black Mountain and Caswell Center.

These grants totaled over $120,000. Over $11,000 of which came from earnings from the LAMB Endowment (remember donations to the endowment keep this growing) and the remainder came from the 15% the Foundation deducts from statewide council deposits – so every Council that participated in LAMB contributed to these much needed grants.

Due to the increase in Council Collections in 2017, these grants totaled $17,000 more than the previous year, which is a tremendous accomplishment. However, the “wish lists” provided by the agencies totaled over $213,000! So the need is great therfore let’s all keep doing “Whatever It Takes” for these worthwhile causes.

We receive numerous, obviously heartfelt thank-you’s from all of these agencies, but I thought I would share one in particular that came in from the J. Iverson Riddle Center the other day…

heartfelt thank-you note to LAMB from the J. Iverson Riddle Center.

Richard White
LAMB Director

Visit, Like and Follow LAMB on Facebook:

Op LAMB Website:
Lamb Foundation of NC


Tom DuPree

Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All,

Vivat Jesus!

Congratulations to each of you for being the elected leader of your Council or Assembly!  With Supremes’ new initiative, “Just Faith”, I know you will have some challenges in the coming months.  As your Veteran’s Affairs Chairman and District VAVS Representative, it is my responsibility to communicate the needs of our Veterans.  In NC, we have over 800,000 Veterans and four VA Medical Centers, healthcare centers that provide medical care to those who have sacrifice much for you and me to be able to enjoy the freedoms in this great country.  Each day 22 Veterans commit suicide in North Carolina with 60% of them being women.  The Knights of Columbus in NC, with 128 Councils and 43 Assemblies with a total membership of 17,500+ have an obligation and a responsibility under the principles of Charity and Patriotism to provide needed assistance to our military and Veterans where requested.

How do we accomplish this charge from Supreme?  First step—is a plan budget.  Secondly, it is important for the GK and FN meet in the month of July with the objective of planning and cooperating programs that will assist our Veterans.  Finally, implementing those plans each month during your business meetings.  “Many hands make the task easier.”
In previous newsletters, Tar Heel Knight and the Golden Plume, I have provided programs and guidance.  In the coming months we will implement our New Coat program sweat pants and shirt program, basket bash, bingos, and holiday gift program.  My VAVS Reps and Deputy Reps and I are available to provide guidance and assistance in communicating the needs of our Veterans.  Please contact us and invite us to your monthly meeting.  We will be glad to help.

The Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner.  Remember the many sacrifices of those through the years that have given us our Independence.    Try to find an opportunity to say thank you to our Military and Veterans.

The National Wheel Chair Games will be held in Orlando, Florida July 29-Aug 4th.  Teams from the Fayetteville, Salisbury and Durham VA will be attending.  The Veterans wish to express their thanks for providing the funding for their rooms and transportation that allow them to attend these games which are life changing therapy.

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal—Second annual VHVH golf tournament is a benefit event to help homeless Veterans in the Winston Salem area.  Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH, Inc) is a 24 bed transitional housing facility for previously homeless male Veterans in Forsyth County.  Please see attach flyer regarding the golf tournament to be held in September with the funds to be dedicated in support of this program.  Your support and participation is requested.


2018 Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Golf Tournament Flyer

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Registration Form

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Sponsorship Form




No Veteran Dies Alone:  I am looking for volunteers who are willing to provide comfort to a Veteran during his/her final hours on earth.  Many of our Veterans do not have family members available to provide moral or spiritual support during this period.  You will be trained by the VA Medical Staff as to how to handle and support this program at the VA Medical Center.  Please let me know if you are interested.  There is no greater service that you could provide these SPECIAL VETERANS.

Personal Donations to the VAVS Account:  I have set up a special checking account for the VAVS Programs.  100% of your contributions goes directly to support our Veterans.  You can use the following link:

Special VAVS Account:

Councils and Assemblies should make their donations according to the following process:  Make checks “PAYABLE” St. Francis of Assisi Assembly 3552.

MEMO:  VAVS/Coats, Sweats etc…/Council #/Assembly #

Send to:  SK Gerard (Jerry) Cucurullo
6208 Heacham Ct.
Raleigh, NC  27614

DONATIONS: Are in tremendous need at all VA Medical Centers and Health Care Centers.

  • Gift cards to Walmart, Target, Dunkin Donuts, Lowe’s, Home Depot, I-Tunes etc….
  • Coffee supplies (Styrofoam cups, sugar packets, Splenda packets, sugar free creams,
  • Tickets to football games, basketball, baseball games, theaters and entertainment venues.
  • Restaurant gift cards..Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, P.F. Chang’s, Jimmy Johns etc…
  • Flowers weekly or monthly for hospice and Family Care (CLC)

VOLUNTEERS:  There is a tremendous need within the VA system.  “TIME is free but it is PRICELESS” The bad news is time flies, the good news is yours.  Please share your time, talent, and treasure to improve the lives of Veterans.  Our motto is:  “Serving Those Who Served”.

I thank you on behalf of the Veterans for your contributions.


SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
NC State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

Special Opportunity at Charlotte Eucharistic Congress

The program, Mass for People with Special Needs, is new ground for us but nonetheless a worthy endeavor. Happily, the Diocese of Charlotte has announced they will have a ‘Special Needs track‘ for the first time at the Eucharistic Congress on September 8th.

Councils can publicize this in their parishes and take a lead in the logistics, both for the journey and at the event. Make this happen for those in your parish with Special Needs! Here’s the diocesan webpage with the details:

Don’t forget, they always need Sir Knights in regalia (or uniform) for the processions, Mass and to stand guard at the Adoration booth. AND …. if 10% of your council (min: 10 members) attends in regalia/uniform or council attire you can also claim a “Spiritual Reflections” (Required Program!) credit for a ‘Two-Fer’!

Diocese of Charlotte, Eucharistic Congress

Regional Inter-council Bocce Tournament

Wilmington, NC. June 2, 2018.

The first Regional Intercouncil Bocce Tournament was hosted by Wilmington Council 1074 at Empie Park, Wilmington; councils in Regions 1 and 25 were invited. Representing District 1 was Harry J. “Hap” Hansen Council #12281 – Hampstead and St Theresa Council #12885 – Wrightsville Beach who each brought two teams of four players each. Wilmington Council 1074 represented District 25 with three teams of three players each.

The weather was perfect, in the low 80’s for a 9:00 AM start. The games were played to a winning score of 11. It was decided that there would be a two game elimination and the winners would go on. When lunch arrived the field was down to three teams Wilmington 1074 Team 1, Wilmington 1074 Team 2 and Wilmington 1074 Team 3.

Wilmington 1074 Team 2 played Wilmington 1074 Team 3 for the semifinals; with Wilmington 1074 Team 3 coming out the victors. The final match between Wilmington 1074 Team 1 and Wilmington 1074 Team 3 was won by Wilmington 1074 Team 1. The winning team was composed of brothers Ron Thompson, Vince Arcieri and George Plarre.

A team plaque will be presented to the winning team and a winning plaque will also be presented to the winning council. The council plaque will be hung at Council 1074 as the First Winning Council for 2018. The council plaque will travel to the next winning team at the second outing.

A good time was had by all councils participating. Council #12281 from Hampstead wins for Best Dressed Team with complimenting hats for all team members. Thanks to all the brothers that played and for the fraternal spirit exhibited by all who attended. There will be another match in the near future; possibly in the fall of 2018.

The participants by team from each council were:

Harry J. “Hap” Hansen Council #12281 – Hampstead

Gold Team: Ken Ruginis, Capt., Gene Ziemba, GK, Bill Harris and Mike Maccalupo.

Blue Team: Russ Cappello, Mike Bush, Ted Synoraki and Roland Scheiber

St Theresa Council #12885 – Wrightsville Beach

Team #1: DD Frank Weisgerber, PGK Tom Rice, PGK Pat Kolenik and Doug Gillam.

Team#2: Joe Costy, Jim Murphy, Ron Mc Cord and Rich Kelly, Alternate: Mike Kane.

Wilmington Council 1074

Team 1: Ron Thompson, Vince Arcieri andGeorge Plarre

Team 2: Gordon Armiger, Lou Mattes and Charlie Backes.

Team 3: Rich Boccard, Tim Pflaum and Jim Bilisoly.

A complete set of pictures is available online here.

Article Submitted by: Francis Reck

District Master

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers all,

Thank you all for your help and support as we all continue Programs in support of our Church, Community and Veterans across this State. Please keep up the good work and send a picture of your events – will spread them on the State Website.

As we look forward to the challenges and tasks before us for the next Fraternal Year 2018-2019, my Brothers, we can only accomplish our goals (Faithful Navigator, Assembly, District) by working together as a T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More). No man can go it alone, no man is an island and if you ever heard the statement: “best laid plans of mice and men….”, well those plans can only be successful with all working together.

Membership is the lifeblood of any organization to insure continued growth and success. We must continue to offer and encourage our Brother 3rd Degree Knights the opportunity to become a part of the Patriotic Degree. There is plenty of free brochures and flyers available from Supreme to assist your Assembly with 4th Degree information. The Assembly Faithful Comptroller can order your free supplies.

We have received three (3) requests from Assemblies to host a 4th Degree Exemplification during Fraternal Year 2018-2019. Wilmington Assembly 2017 will be the host for a 4th Degree Exemplification on Saturday November 17, 2018 at St. Mary Catholic Church. We do not wish to schedule too far out so if there is a new District Master, he will be able to schedule future Exemplifications. Locations for Exemplifications in early and late Spring ideally would be located in the Western part of the State and then back to the Mid-State area.

Thank you to our Sir Knight Brothers (3) for stepping up and inquiring about becoming Exemplars. Please welcome SK Ron Schwartz Jr. of Assembly 2282 our newest member of the 4th Degree Media Team as he succeeds retiring SK Dave Benes. Please prayerfully consider joining a great TEAM of Brother SK’s as they Exemplify Brother Knights to the Patriotic Degree.

Please continue to support Veterans needs throughout the State. For further information on their needs, please call or e-mail Brother SK Tom DuPree for updates as to where you can help.

IMPORTANT: Please do not remit any funds to the M.O.P.H. which was sending wounded warriors home for Christmas. We have been advised that there is enough funds in the account at this time.

Further, FVSM & PSD Bob Singer is in need of our prayers due to failing health and the Army General working with him will continue to utilize the funds that is on hand to send these Warriors home.

To enhance security for the State Website the Communications Director and State Officers have developed a system similar to that of the Supreme Website. To view any of your Council / Assembly data, you must now go through a security process to gain access to the State Directory. Assembly FN’s and FC’s should have received an e-mail blast from me, detailing the process to gain access. You must go through the process to also place your Assembly contact information on the website. Any questions, please contact the Communications Director at

We have received inquiries from Charlotte and Harnett County Special Olympics Committees about assisting at their Spring Special Olympics games re: Color Guard to present the Colors and help distributing award medals. Contact names have been forwarded to me and they will be passed along to the local Assembly and Councils. Great opportunity to help our communities.

We are currently working on the training curriculum and will advise of locations and times for these training sessions as soon as we get them all finalized.  We are considering four (4) regions for this training and if you would like to volunteer a location, please call or e-mail me.

The Charlotte Diocese Eucharistic Congress will be held on Saturday September 8, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Please make every effort to help with this event starting with the Procession to the Convention Center, Adoration Honor Guard throughout the day ending with the Mass and 4th Degree Eucharistic Guards to assist the Priests with distribution of Communion. There will be an Adoration sign-up sheet posted on the 4th Degree website for you to specify the time you will assist with Adoration HG.

Please continue to publish your newsletters and make sure a copy is forwarded to the VSM and the DM. This is one of the requirements for the “To Be aPatriot Award”.

Uniform Updates – The new Color Corps Manual is available on line from the Supreme Printer and the Assembly Faithful Comptroller can order them. The New 4th Degree By-laws are also available.

Dates to Remember for August 2018:

  • August 1 – Air Force Day
  • August 4 – US Coast Guard Established – 1790
  • August 7 – Purple Heart Medal Established – 1782
  • August 7 – Vietnam War Began – 1964
  • August 14- Japan Surrendered Ending WW11 – 1945
  • August 16- National Airborne Day
  • August 19- National Aviation Day

Remember – “Sir Knight” is not just a title, it is “An Honor” 

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America!


SK Jack Murray, PSD
District Master

Installation of Assembly Officers for Assembly 3005 Chapel Hill and Assembly 3365 Durham

Faithful Navigator Aaron Adams of Assembly 2713 enjoying his first “Patriotic Meal” following Assembly Installation Ceremony.

Assembly 2254 leading the 4th of July Parade in Snow Camp, NC,

Group Picture of Brother SK’s, Knights and families prepared and served a 4th of July Steak Picnic meal to the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC.

Official Dress Code

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding wearing of the new Uniform, when to wear and how to wear. I will give some basic guidance below and hope it will be informative. You can also go to the Supreme Website and on the face page you will see a title of “New Uniform”. You can click on this icon and it will take you to more information regarding the Uniform. You can also download a copy of the Color Corps Drill Manual if you wish. The Manual and an updated copy of the 4th Degree By-Laws (2017) is also available.

New Uniform consists of the Official Fourth Degree Blue Blazer, Official Gray Trousers, Official Fourth Degree Necktie and Official Fourth Degree Black Beret which you purchase from Knights Gear. You purchase on your own to wear with the Uniform: white shirt (no French cuffs or cufflinks) and no button down collars;  black belt, black socks and black shoes. The Official Fourth Degree Lapel Pin # PG-113, is attached to the left lapel of the jacket and you may wear any Past Miniature Medals of Officer over the left pocket. A Fourth Degree Member may also wear the current medal of his office around his neck: Assembly, Council, State Council, Supreme Council and Supreme Assembly.

The name pocket badge and social baldric are not worn with the new  Uniform at any time.

Color Corps and Honor Guard Uniform consists of the basic Uniform as detailed above with the following: Service Baldric and Sword worn over the Blazer, from right shoulder to the left hip and white gloves. For any reason the sword is not permitted, the Service Baldric and white gloves shall still be worn.

Regalia: Cape, Chapeau, Service Baldric, Sword and White Gloves may still be worn as called for by the Faithful Navigator and in some cases the Clergy. If the sword is not permitted, again, as above with the Uniform, the Service Baldric is still worn.

Tuxedo / Dark Suit: the tuxedo with social baldric, name tag and miniature medals may still be worn by Sir Knights when called for by the Faithful Navigator.

A dark suit with social baldric and name tag are also permitted.

Color Guard consists of the Flag Bearer(s) and Flag Guard(s). Shall be dressed in the Uniform or Regalia but not mixed, in other words must all be dressed the same.

Honor Guard consists of those Sir Knights performing a ceremonial honor guard. If there is not a Color Corps, the Official Lineup for an Honor Guard is the following: Uniform first and Regalia (Cape & Chapeau) to follow.

I have been asked about the Brother Sir Knights not possessing Uniform or Regalia participating in an Honor Guard. Tuxedo with Social Baldric and Dark Suit with Social Baldric should be worn and fall in behind the Brother Sir Knights in Uniform and Regalia. They are not to be mixed together. This is not listed in the Color Corps Drill Manual, however may be approved by the Faithful Navigator.