The official newsletter of the North Carolina Knights of Columbus State Council
 - State Deputy: John Nussbaum
 - Chaplain: Father Lesak
 - Secretary: Dan Lange
 - Treasurer: JC Reiher
 - Advocate: Chris Losack
 - Warden: Sergio Miranda
 - Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch
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State Deputy

Colin Jorsch

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Brothers, help me figure out what we are doing wrong!
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Greetings to one and all from Fayetteville.

Gina and I truly hope that you experienced a Blessed Christmas and are looking forward to Holy New Year.

I would like to welcome our new General Agent for the western part of the state, Shawn Williams.  I have had the opportunity to speak with Shawn while he and his family were here doing some house hunting.  He comes to us from Florida and is excited about the opportunity in the North Carolina.  I would ask that you provide him a warm welcome and get to know him as he travels the state.

We have had the opportunity to travel to many councils over the past few months with the honor of presenting the STAR award.  All the state officers that had the opportunity to present the awards have expressed their deepest gratitude for the warm welcome and fraternal love expressed during those visits.  Last year, the state realized 34 STAR councils.  That is quite an accomplishment, but personally, I feel we could do better.

In that effort, Membership Director Pete Devlin will be rolling out some pretty significant incentives that we would like to provide.  We are providing the incentives in the hope to bolster your efforts in the recruiting of fine Catholic men and offering them the opportunity to join this great order.

So you know, the Supreme Knight announced again this year that the $4.50 per capita relief for all councils achieving STAR council, just the same as the past three years.  So, in concert with your retention efforts, each council has a fantastic opportunity to keep some of their hard earned monies and direct the funds toward those charitable projects that truly help the community.

With all of the incentives, the introduction of our new General Agent, and your love for our Order and conducting charitable works, I know that each council will work toward earning the STAR award.

By the way, congratulations to Belmont Council 11076 on achieving their quota for both membership and insurance set by supreme.  With their track record for conducting great programs, I know it will be a simple matter of capturing and submitting their programs on the SP 7 and they will achieve their STAR award.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the mid-year training meetings this month.

Until then…

Peace in Christ!
Colin Jorsch
State Deputy
State Secretary
John Nussbaum

John Nussbaum

Lori and I trust that each of you have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is great to have time to spend with family and friends. But most importantly, it is a time to remember the great gift that God gave to each of us. He gave us his son.

In addition to his son, God gave each of us a very special gift. The special talent that God gave each of us is to be used to help complete God’s plan is your Church and community. What is your special talent? Are you using it to help others or are you hiding it. With the new year, it is a great time to find new ways to put your special talent to work. There is always more to do than we can get done without your help. Your Council, your church and Community can use your talent.

January has many opportunities for you to get involved. Here are some of the events that you could consider:

  • Mid-Year Meeting East (Kinston - Caswell Developmental Center) – January 7 If you are attending, you should have registered on the State website by now. Food for lunch is being planned based on these registrations.

  • Right to Life March (Charlotte) – January 13

  • Mid-Year Meeting West (Morganton - Iverson Riddle Developmental Center) - January 14 If you are attending, you should have registered on the State website by now. Food for lunch is being planned based on these registrations.

  • NCRTL Prayer Breakfast (Raleigh) - January 21

  • Love My Life Youth Rally (Raleigh) – January 21

  • Right to Life March (Raleigh) – January 21

  • Right to Life March (Washington DC) – January 27

  • Right to Life March (Jacksonville) – January 28

  • 5th Sunday Rosary Program – January 28-29

  • Survey of Fraternal Activity (1728) – Due before January 31

  • Special Olympics Partnership (4584) – Due before January 31

  • Council Free Throw Contest – In January

  • Poster and Essay Contest - In January

  • Get started on your Council audit – Due before February 15.

At the Mid-Year meetings, we will be handing out the Countdown to Convention check list. This checklist will help your Council get all the requirements due for Convention completed on time. For those that will not be able to attend it will be on the State website. This Countdown to Convention will help your Council get the recognition it deserves for the great work you are doing for your parish and community.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I am here to serve you.

Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
NC State Secretary

State Warden
Chris Losack

Chris Losack

Brothers All, Vivat Jesus!

Happy New Year to each of you and your families. A tradition in the US at the start of each year is to make a list of things that we plan to accomplish in the new year. Many times we do not end up keeping these resolutions for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we just get caught up in our daily routines and forget them. Sometimes we feel that they are not really as important as we thought they were when we first made them, then give up. And sometimes they are just unrealistic from the beginning and we cannot achieve them.

As I will be speaking to at the Mid-Year meetings, I hope that each of you have set a list of goals (resolutions) for your Council and one of them should be achieving STAR Council. For most Councils in this state this is not an unrealistic goal. Let’s refresh ourselves on what it takes to achieve STAR Council. First, the Council must achieve its membership and insurance quotas. As stated, this is not an unrealistic goal for most Councils. For those Councils that believe it is too lofty of a goal, work with your District Deputy and Field Agent and they will make it become more realistic and achievable. Another criteria is to conduct service programs in each of the program areas. Again, this is likely something that you are already doing, you just need to report them in June on the Form SP7. The Council must also remain in good standing with Supreme requiring payment of dues assessments and submitting Council audits. Again, this is something that the Council does as a matter of course in doing Council business. Easy so far, right? Well the final requirements are the ones that typically fall into the first two categories of why we don’t keep our resolutions. We don’t think they are important then get caught up in our daily activities and forget about them. These requirements are the reporting requirements. As already mentioned, you must report your service program activity on the Form SP7 due in June, you must submit the service personnel information on Form 365 due last July, and you must submit the Survey of Fraternal Activity on Form 1728 due on January 31st. This is the reason that I spend so much time talking about the importance of submitting your forms. Not to harass you, but to make sure that an oversight does not prevent your Council from being recognized for all the hard work that it does. It is always a shame when a Council has done all the work necessary to achieve STAR status, but fails to earn their award due to the lack of submitting a form.

This year Supreme has extended the per-capita incentive for Councils that achieve STAR status. All STAR Councils will receive a credit from their Supreme per-capita. That’s $4.50 per billable member that you can use for your Council’s charitable goals. That’s a huge amount for any Council. Additionally, there are other incentives that are new this year from the State Council that you will be introduced to at the Mid-Year meetings. Please don’t lose out on these incentives by not completing your paperwork!

That said, there are two forms due on January 31st. These are the Survey of Fraternal Activity Form 1728 and the Report of Special Olympics Form 4584. Each Council should fill out the Form 4584 even if they do not participate in a Special Olympics program. I am hopeful that every Council has some type of support for such a worthy cause, but please complete the form anyway. The Supreme Council reimburses the State Council based upon the number of submissions and last year $5500.00 was donated to the Special Olympics NC at their Summer Games. Where else can you earn money for our special needs athletes simply by filling out a form? In North Carolina, both of these forms are collected in hard copy at the Mid-Year Meetings and sent in bulk to Supreme. This is to ensure that North Carolina achieves 100% compliance. If you don’t have a hard copy of your form at the Mid-Year meeting, and I don’t have record of your submission to date, you will be asked to provide a provisional form for submission to Supreme by the State Council. You can always update this provisional form by sending a revised copy to Supreme prior to the January 31st deadline and copying the State Deputy and District Deputy. I understand this may be seen as double work for some, but it is necessary for this important cause. This is very similar to the voting process that our country has recently gone through. If there is an issue with your registration, casting a provisional vote that will be counted only if your “updated” vote is not received. I’ve already received several submissions and look forward to receiving more in the coming weeks. As previously stated, if you have already submitted electronically, please bring a copy of these forms with you to the Mid-Year anyway so that we can ensure that North Carolina achieves 100% compliance as we have done in the past.

Once again, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you at the Mid-Year Meetings.

If there is anything that I can do to assist you in any manner, please do not hesitate to reach out. That is what I am here for, to help you in any possible way.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Warden
The Passing of a Knight Brings the Passing of Tradition
Editor's Note:  The following is a copy of an article from the website of Father Aloysius H. Schmitt Council #13220 at Camp Lejeune.  Thanks to our brothers at Camp Lejeune for allowing us to share this with you here.

At the December 2016 Regular Business Meeting, Father Aloysius H. Schmitt Council 13220's newest Sir Knight, David Soliani, was presented with the sword of Sir Knight John O'Leary on behalf of his family. Sir Knight John O'Leary entered the order in March of 1959 and took his 4th degree in June 1968. He served his Nation as a U.S. Marine and was a combat wounded veteran of the Korean Conflict. He was called to eternal rest in October 2016. The passing of John's sword by his family is meant to symbolize the passing of the principles, history, traditions, and wisdom of the Knights of Columbus through generations of Knights. Sir Knight David Soliani entered the order in August 2015 and took his 4th Degree in November 2016. He, like John before him, serves his nation as a U.S. Marine. David expresses his eternal gratitude to the family and hopes he can keep it free from tarnish the way John did all the years before him. You can read more about SK John O'Leary on the Council's Memoriam page.
Culture of Life Director
Boyce Williams

Boyce Williams

Worthy Brothers All,

I hope that this finds you all happy and healthy and that you and you families had a Very Merry Christmas. Now we start a new year and January is always very busy. I hope to see many of you at our two Mid-Year Meetings.

January is March for Life month so please attend any of these you can:

These Marches are a public testimony against the evil that is abortion. The more people there, the bigger the impact. If you have ever watched part of the National March on EWTN, the sight of many thousands united for this purpose, I hope, moved you deeply. Take part and make our message stronger.

The US Council of Catholic Bishops has called for a National day of Prayer for the legal Protection of the Unborn on January 23rd the actual Anniversary of Roe vs Wade is the 22nd but this year it's a Sunday.

Now we need to be alert to a push to establish Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in our schools. This a program funded in part by Planned Parenthood to help them get customers and implemented by SHIFTNC. Please get in touch with members of your local School Board to find out if they have been approached yet. If they have contact me: or Joe Werrell:

Joe has been part of a group that defeated SHIFTNC in Onslow County and has a plan on how to do this, but we need to get an early start to succeed.

To understand what this is about use these links:

I would like to remind you that what Culture of Life is about life from conception to natural death. We need to think seriously about the last part. Is Maryfield/Pennyburn here in High Point the only Catholic Nursing Home/ Assisted living Facility in the state? What can we do about caring for our elderly as they age. This is something I deal with and many of you have. I am looking for ideas and invite you to send me some.

Remember without the Right to Life, all other rights are meaningless.

May you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Boyce Williams

Culture of Life Director
Family Director
Fred Burton

Fred Burton

Changes Within

To fully achieve its rewards and benefits, Building the Domestic Church will require us all to think and do things differently. Father Lesak fully agrees with this but advised me that big changes first require inward changes!

I was wrestling with that concept in mid-December when some opportunities suddenly arose one day. I seized the chance to use some free time before a cardiologist’s appointment to attend the funeral Mass for the widow of a brother knight. Later, after a glowing report from my doctor, I sorely wanted to thank God for my health and remembered there was a church between there and where I was to take part in a 4th Degree Honor Guard for an evening Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration. OH, I could pray for the soul of my former DD interred in the Columbarium there! Oh! They had Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that day! Oh, I could pray the Rosary for the intentions of a terminally ill friend and brother knight while I was there! Oh, again! The Sacrament of Reconciliation was available that same afternoon, too. By the end of the day I could sense the kind of change to which Father Lesak had alluded. Acting on those spiritual opportunities dispelled the somewhat vague and unspecific impression I had of those inward changes. There’s much more to be done but is a start.

If you look at the list of Building the Domestic Church activities, you’ll notice most of them are of a spiritual nature. This is the way it should be! I’d already planned to dwell on that aspect of the initiative – you’ll see it on the Family webpage and hear it at the Mid Year Meeting – but now I could better fathom its importance.

Sure, as Knights of Columbus we have plenty of opportunities to perform Corporal Acts of Mercy as a group. The spiritual opportunities, however, are more personal, more subtle. Be open to those opportunities. Be alert for them, no matter how random or impulsive they may seem. Leap at the chances to explore those changes that can only be made from within. In the words of St. John of the Cross, “If you lose an opportunity, you will be like one who lets the bird fly away; you will never to get it back.”

May Jesus Christ be praised and His Blessed Mother be honored by all that we do.

Fred Burton

NC Family Director, NC Silver Rose Chair
The Golden Plume

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Communication Director
Scot Catlin

Scot Catlin

Brother Knights,

I'm still in need of help in the Communication Directorate.  If you would like to help with the website or with publishing the Tar Heel Knight, drop me an email or give me a call.

Your Servant,

Scot Catlin
(919) 413-7940
Upcoming Events

  • Jan 7 - Mid-Year East – Kinston - Caswell Developmental Center

    • Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – (Form 1728)

    • Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics – (Form 4584)

  • Jan 13 - Charlotte March for Life

  • Jan 14 - Mid-Year West – Morganton - Iverson Riddle Developmental Center

    • Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – (Form 1728)

    • Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics – (Form 4584)

  • Jan 15 - Family of the Month form is due – (Form 1993)

  • Jan 21 - NCRTL Prayer Breakfast - Raleigh

  • Jan 21 - Love My Life Youth Rally and Mass – Raleigh

  • Jan 21 - Raleigh March for Life

  • Jan 25 - Tar Heel Knight articles are due

  • Jan 27 - National Right to Life March – Washington DC

  • Jan 28 - Jacksonville March for Life

  • Jan 28-29 - 5th Sunday Rosary Program

  • Feb - District Free Throw Contest this month

  • Feb 4 - Knighthood Degree – 2546 Raleigh

  • Feb 11 - Knighthood Degree – 8363 Franklin

  • Feb 15 - Semi Annual Audits are due – (Form 1295)

  • Feb 15 - Family of the Month form is due – (Form 1993)

  • Feb 15 - NC State Per Capita invoices are mailed

  • Feb 18 - Knighthood Degree – 9499 Clemmons

  • Feb 24-25 - Ignited by Truth – Raleigh Convention Center

  • Feb 25 - Tar Heel Knight articles are due

  • Mar 1 - Ash Wednesday

  • Mar 4 - Catholic Men’s Conference – Charlotte

  • Mar 11 - NC State Free Contest

  • Mar 11-12 - Council Church Drive encouraged

  • Mar 15 - Family of the Month form is due – (Form 1993)

  • Mar 20-26 - Council Admission Degree Week

  • Mar 25 - Fourth Degree Exemplification - Kernersville

  • Mar 25 - Tar Heel Knight articles are due

  • Mar 27-Apr 2 - Council Outreach Week in honor of Father McGivney

  • May 5-7 - NC State Convention – Durham

  • June 10 - Regional Council Leadership Training

  • June 24 - Regional Council Leadership Training

  • July 14-16 - DD Organizational Training Meeting