The Tar Heel Knight

July 2018

State Officers

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants


State Officers

State Deputy: John Nussbaum
Chaplain: Father Lesak
State Secretary: Dan Lange
State Treasurer: JC Reiher
State Advocate: Chris Losack
State Warden: Sergio Miranda
Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants

#1: John (JP) Horvat
#2:Joseph M. McCarthy
#3:Walter A. Kulla, Jr.
#4:Ronald J. Cortopassi
#5: Thomas E. Kotz

Content 1

State Deputy

Holy Spirit calls each of us, what are you called to do?
28 Councils on track to get their membership quota.
8 Councils already have met both their membership and insurance quotas for the year!

State Treasurer

Brothers, Happy New Year! (Fraternal Year that is). Congratulations are in order for all of YOUR successes this past fraternal year. I know that I am not only speaking for…

State Advocate

State Convention – Council Delegates
Youth Director – Youth Protection
Continuity of Council Leadership


Worthy Brothers, Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the effort in recruiting this year. Your efforts have paid off. As…

Faith Director

Fred Burton “Spiritual Reflection” Opportunity! – Man Fully Alive Conference, July 21st, Apex NC WOW! We haven’t yet finished Leadership Training and we hear of a great program opportunity!…

Life Director

Fred Burton A Great Way to Start a Great Year! As of this writing we haven’t named a Life Program Director, so let me pinch-hit as his Silver Rose…

Culture of Life

The good news for saving lives of Unborn Children in NC is that the State Legislators provided 2 Million dollars in grants for Pregnancy Centers to purchase ultrasound equipment.

Family Director

Family Week, August 2018 Brothers All, as we start our new fraternal year, that I’m sure will be full of new and exciting opportunities to build the domestic church, please…

Southeast Regional Bocce Tournament

Southeast Regional Bocce Tournament Congratulations to Wilmington, Council #1074 Last month, on Saturday, June 2nd, the 1st. Regional Bocce Tournament was held in Wilmington. Approximately 30 brothers from both District…

State Golf Tournament

State Golf Tournament, Saturday, August 18th, 2018 It has been three years since the last Knights of Columbus State Golf Tournament. The reason for this long overdue tournament is primarily…

LAMB Director

LAMB Collections – Halftime Report As of today, I am happy to report that Year to Date, Council collections are approximately 5% ahead of where we were last year. However,…

Knights in Action

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Council 11966 18th Annual May Crowning of Mary The 18th Annual Crowning of our Blessed Mother took place at Taylor’s Peak in May for the 18th consecutive…


Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All, Vivat Jesus! Congratulations to each of you for being the elected leader of your Council or Assembly!  With Supremes’ new initiative, “Just…

District Master

  4th DEGREE EXEMPLIFICATION Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers all, Congratulations to all the newly elected Assembly Faithful Navigators and Faithful Officers for the Fraternal Year 2018-19. You have been…

Content 2

State Deputy

John Nussbaum

North Carolina has had a GREAT year.

How this year has flown by. From my point of view, most of you have had a great year. You may not have done everything you wanted to but you made a difference in the lives of your Brothers, their families, your parish and your community.

I am very sure that as your Council completed your Form SP7, which list some of the many programs you completed in each of our program areas, it become apparent all of the good work that you have done. I sure hope the leadership of your Council will share what they submitted. It will make you feel great about what you have accomplished. How are you going to answer God’s call for you to do even more good next year?

For next year we are changing our program structure some but most of you are already doing many of the programs with a different name. There are a few new programs that are intended to help us grow in our Faith. The program structure for this next year will be Faith in Action. I trust some of your leaders learned about the programs in their Regional Council Leadership Training session in the month of June.

Everyone wants to be part of a group that is growing and is doing great work. The Knights of Columbus in North Carolina is both growing and doing great work. Let people know.

This past year, DD20 Bob Hall started a new Council 16839 in Jefferson to serve the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church parish community and the community of Jefferson. We also reactivated an inactive Council 11605 in North Wilkesboro to serve several small parishes in that area. On June 29th, DD 16 Peter Kruse started a new Hispanic Council 17058 in Marion to serve the Our Ladies of the Angels parish community and the Marion community. North Carolina now has 130 active Councils serving our parishes and communities. Within those 130 Councils we have over 17,400 members. With that kind of manpower, what great work we can do.

The final 2017-2018 numbers aren’t in yet but looks like at least 30 Councils have met the membership quota for their Council. That is outstanding! In North Carolina, we should end up with over 960 new Brother Knights to help us in doing God’s work.

What good work will you do this next fraternal year? Every Council is asked to write down and communicate their goals for this next year. The goals of each Council will be slightly different because the needs of each parish and community are a little different.

If you need any help, please ask your District Deputy or Regional Membership and Program Consultant (RMPC). Your State Officers and State Staff are always ready to help you. If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I can be reach at or 919-366-6405. I will do my very best to make sure you get the help you need. Let’s work together to do God’s work.

Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
NC State Deputy

State Treasurer

JC Reiher


Happy New Year! (Fraternal Year that is). Congratulations are in order for all of YOUR successes this past fraternal year.

I know that I am not only speaking for myself, but for all of my brother State Officers, it truly was a pleasure seeing many of you at the various Council Leadership Trainings held last month throughout the state. We covered an enormous amount of material in a short time, however, it is our hope and prayer that you were able to at least gain something from the material, and bring it back to your council.

During the State Convention held in Hickory, NC, in my conversations with a few of you, you asked me about the “Penny A Day” (Catholic Charities Fund), “Bishop Fund” and “Respect Life” (Culture of Life Fund). Specifically, it was asked to know how those funds were spent and some examples. Below are some details:

Per Article II Finances, Section 7 of the NC State Council Bylaws – A Catholic Charities Fund has been established in North Carolina for the purposes of funding special needs in the Dioceses within the State. These would be emergencies as a result of limited parish funds or disasters that have occurred. The Bishops of the Dioceses in North Carolina will be made aware of this fund and the State Council will work closely with the Bishops to disburse the funds.

This is a voluntary donation by the members of the Order in the State and will be administered by each Council Financial Secretary. The voluntary donation is calculated as “A penny per day, per Knight” for a total of $3,65 per year added to the Misc. section of a member’s council dues notice. The Council Financial Secretary will forward all of the resulting collections to the State Secretary for deposit in the Catholic Charities account.

Funds will be collected from the Councils between March 1 and February 28. If any funds remain from the prior collection period at the conclusion of the fraternal year in June, then the Bishops within the State will be contacted to find out their needs and the remaining funds disbursed to them.

Some $11,819.00 were donated by the councils between Mar 1, 2017 and Feb 28, 2018. Of those funds, $8000 were given to the Greensboro area Councils assisting the victims of recent tornados in the Hampton Elementary School district. The remaining funds, were evenly distributed to the Bishops of Charlotte and Raleigh.

As for the Bishops Fund donations received, each Bishop is regularly given a donation for “The Bishops Special/Personal Intentions”, which means they can do with those funds what they wish.

As for Culture of Life donations received, we routinely give to organizations that respect life, and last fraternal year was no different, we gave to MiraVia, Birthchoice, Room at the Inn, NC Right to Life, Inc., March For Life Charlotte and Stanton Healthcare.

I hope this snapshot aided you to know exactly where your monies are spent.

I wish all of you a fantastic new fraternal year with much success.  Until we meet again, I leave you with the words of Robert Schuller; “I’d rather attempt something great and fail, than to do nothing and succeed”.

Vivat Jesus,

JC Reiher

State Treasurer

State Advocate

Chris Losack

Changes Coming to Youth Protection Requirements

Brothers all,

As we transition into a new Fraternal Year, many of you are transitioning into new roles within your Council. Some may be first time officers, first time directors or even first time Grand Knights. I would like to focus on this last category this month, the first time Grand Knight. You recently attended one of the Regional Council Leader Trainings and I am sure that you took away a lot of great information to utilize within your Council. I’m also sure that you will be needing additional support throughout the year as you encounter situations that you may not have planned for. For this reason I want to make sure that you are aware of a wonderfully powerful tool at your disposal – The Officer’s Desk Reference.

The Officer’s Desk Reference is a tool available in your Officer’s Online portal at . If you have not already received an invitation to log into this portal, you should be receiving one soon. Within the Officer’s Online, you find many references including any forms you will need to submit, reports on your membership, and the Officer’s Desk Reference.

Within the Officer’s Desk Reference you will be provided information that will allow you to answer most any question that comes up. It lists the by-laws so that you can research what you are supposed to do as a council in certain situations. There are multiple Question and Answer sections that provide a wealth of information for most all common situations. If any situation arises in you Council that you are unsure how to handle, you and your Advocate should first consult the Officer’s Desk Reference and I am sure you will find your answer. If you don’t find your answer there, I can be reached at and will be happy to work with you on any situation. Please remember to be Fraternal in all of your dealings with delicate matters.

I am excited about the upcoming year and am looking forward to working with you this year.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Advocate

We Are Called


Nick Nastasi

Worthy Brothers,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the effort in recruiting this year. Your efforts have paid off.

As of the writing of this article, the North Carolina Knights have brought in 905 new members. That is an average of over 75 new members a month, which is our monthly goal. Congratulations on reaching our goal of 900. This was truly a team effort. Unfortunately, there were 18 councils that did not bring in a new member into the Order this Fraternal Year.

Currently we are number 11 in the entire Order. Nine jurisdictions that are ahead of us are outside the United States. This means that we are the number two jurisdiction in the United States!  Great Job!   I want to thank all the councils who have brought in new members in to the Order.  We are called upon to invite every Catholic gentleman and their families the opportunity to join our Order. The best way for a man not to join our Order is by not inviting and offering him and his family the opportunity to join us.

Sadly, we had 346 Brothers Knights leave the Order either by withdrawal or suspension. All councils need to do a better job with Retention and keep in contact with all our Brother Knights so that they do not want to leave the Order or just go away to where we cannot locate them and have no choice but to say goodbye to them. Councils need to make Retention a year-long process and maintain their council’s membership. This is not a once-in-a-while process to purge your rosters and hit the reset button every few years.

Let us applaud and celebrate the accomplishments that we achieved this year and learn from the mistakes that we made to improve and have a better year this upcoming fraternal year. To all the councils that had a great year, let’s keep that momentum going and do it again this upcoming year. To all the councils that did not bring in a new member this year or decided to hit the reset button, this is your opportunity to have a bounce back year and build up your council membership.

As one fraternal year ends, another intervenes to begin anew for all of us. Hopefully all the councils were able to take advantage and attend the Council Leadership Training sessions held around the State during the month of June. Our hope is that you gained a lot of knowledge to use on your road to success this fraternal year.

The Membership Team for the upcoming year:

Membership Director – Nick Nastasi   Recruitment East – Bob Hack     Recruitment West – James Pilate

Retention Chairman – Bob Hack          Roundtable Chairman – Dick Angell

Hispanic Recruitment East – Jose Santos

Please invite us to your meetings, recruitment drives and open house. We cannot come if we are not asked; we are ready and willing to assist your councils in having a successful year.

For councils in Regions 1, 2 and 6 please contact Brother Bob Hack or me for any assistance. For councils in Regions 3, 4 and 5 please contact Brother James Pilate or me for any assistance. For any councils needing assistance with the Hispanic catholic community please contact Brother Jose Santos. Please contact Bob Hack for any guidance on the retention process and procedures. We cannot help if we are not aware that an issue exists. Let us make a concerted effort to target the younger gentlemen and families and invite them to join the Order. They are our future; let us pass on our knowledge to them to keep our councils vibrant and long running.

Also, please take advantage of Online Membership if someone is on the fence about joining the Order. This gives that gentleman the opportunity to learn more about the Order as well as the opportunity to protect him and his family with our fraternal benefits. The goal is to move that gentleman from an Online Member to a Degreed Knight. The website for Online Membership is

If you have an Online Member that goes to your church or parish, please invite that gentleman and his family to your next event and invite him to your next business meeting. Encourage him and his family to meet with the local field agent as soon as possible. Remember that he is a Brother Knight and is to be treated like any other Brother Knight who is a guest that is visiting your council. The objective is to encourage that gentleman to join the local council by filling out a Form 100 and for him to take his first degree. Once he takes his first degree, he will become a member of your council and count as a plus one for your membership quota. If he has taken advantage of our fraternal benefits and got insurance, it will count as a plus one for your insurance quota as well.

Even if you are able to get a name and email address for these gentlemen during your drives, please send them along to the Membership team and we will send them up to Supreme and these families will start receiving information about the Knights of Columbus on a monthly basis.

Also remember that the Insurance Agents are a key part of membership. Please utilize these brother Knights in your recruiting efforts. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members.

District Deputies, I am asking for your help. You are a vital part to your councils. Unleash your awesomeness! RMPC’s, I am asking for your help. You are the Regional Membership and Program Consultants. Please keep your DD’s motivated and accountable.

Please check the State Website on how to contact the Membership team. We are here to assist you in achieving your goal of Star Council this year. Please know not hesitate to contact myself or anyone on the Membership team. It has been an honor to serve you and your councils as your State Membership Director this year. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and have a successful 2018-2019 fraternal year.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Membership Director

General Program Director

Chris Losack

Introducing “Faith in Action “

Brothers All,

Over the past four weeks I’ve had the honor of visiting many of you to talk about the theme for our programs called “Faith in Action.” I am very excited about this change for a number of reasons. First, it simplifies the program areas into four: Faith, Family, Community and Life. By simplifying the program areas, it allows is to focus on what is really important in our programs. This leads into the second reason, and that is the focus on Faith and Family programs. This theme squarely puts the fact that our Faith and Family are the cornerstones of our existence and should be the focus on everything that we do. This also dovetails very well with the Building the Domestic Church while Strengthening our Families initiative. Finally, the theme itself could not be more appropriate as I believe that is exactly what we as Knights of Columbus should be doing: Living our Faith and putting it into Action where everyone can see. So, as you can see, I am very excited about this new Fraternal Year and I am looking forward to the great works that your Councils will be doing.

With that, I would like to introduce the NC State Council Program staff for 2018-2019

The men are here to help you in any way necessary to make your Council successful in running these programs. Another resource for you is the NC State Council Website. While we are in the process of updating the program area with all of the new information, there is a link on the home page under “What’s New” called “Faith in Action Information.” This link will take you to Supreme’s site that has a plethora of information and a data sheet on everyone one of the programs. Please take some time to peruse this information as you sit down and plan out your activities for the year.

Finally, in your planning for next year, please note that the program award year will change slightly to accommodate our changes to the Convention timeline. Starting for 2018-2019, the 1st half program reporting period will run from March 1 – August 31 and the 2nd half reporting period will run from September 1 – February 28. The awards submission deadlines will be the last day of the period or August 31st and February 28th respectively. Please plan accordingly.

I wish each of you the very best this year and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime at

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime at

Christopher J. Losack

NC General Program Director

We Are Called

Faith Director

Fred Burton

“Spiritual Reflection” Opportunity! – Man Fully Alive Conference, July 21st, Apex NC

WOW! We haven’t yet finished Leadership Training and we hear of a great program opportunity!

You’ll recall the new program line-up has four Required Programs. In the Faith category, it’s “Spiritual Reflection”, which can be a retreat or day of reflection.  Happily, there’s a men’s conference, “Man Fully Alive”, to be held at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Apex (home of Council 7186) on Saturday, July 21st. YES! It’s entirely possible to do that Required Program in the FIRST MONTH of the new fraternal year!

Image obtained from:

The Fully Alive Men’s Mission is a one day encounter, designed to help attendees dive into the potential and calling every man has to become fully alive. The event will feature engaging speakers, music, prayer experiences, and lunch. Men ages 16 and above are invited to join us. Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 at the door.

“The thief comes only to steal and K*ll and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Presented by The Ten Ten Group

Doors open at 9:30am, event will start at 10am and conclude at 5pm with a closing vigil Mass.

Event info:

KofC “Faith in Action” Guideline Requirements:

If you attend a spiritual event organized by others, such as this, at least 10% of the council or a minimum of 10 must participate. They recommend celebrating a Mass, which concludes this event. Details:

  • Announce it from the pulpit, advertise it and enroll the men (16 and over) of your parish, too. 
  • Invite other councils, assemblies, parishes and missions.
  • Car pool!
  • Be there!
  • Be visible!
  • Be Blessed!

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Faith Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

Life Director

Fred Burton

A Great Way to Start a Great Year!

As of this writing we haven’t named a Life Program Director, so let me pinch-hit as his Silver Rose Chairman. Those of you who’ve been to Regional Leadership Training have seen we now have four Required Programs on your way to Star Council. Let’s look at preparing for one of them: Novena for Life.

The protection of life is a sustained prayer intention of the Church and our Order. A council can promote a novena, which is nine days of sustained prayer, to build up a culture of life in our parishes, families and communities. These novenas could precede or end major feast days or pro-life events.

Over the past few years, the Culture of Life Director and I have promoted LifeChain, an event across the US and Canada where entire families stand along thoroughfares holding signs supporting the sanctity of Life. People may give a passing glance at a 30 second news blurb about the Marches in major cities and Washington but they can’t help but notice – and remember! – seeing their neighbors prayerfully standing along the boulevard. Thanks to you, participation has skyrocketed!

So here’s my suggestion: Build on it! Advertise it throughout the parish. Enlist the commitment of your brother knights. Have a picnic, cookout or ice cream social after the event – of course you’ll invite non-Catholics who are out there alongside the road with you. Parishioners of all ethnic groups in your parish can be in this sharing their foods, their Faith and their prayers in their languages. And ask your pastor to make it clear this year’s LifeChain will be the start of that Novena for Life!

But here’s the catch: LifeChain takes place on the first Sunday in October – the 7th this year – so you’ll have to start the groundwork ASAP, in July. That’s why I’m putting this out now. We won’t know who the new council officers are or how to contact them until the State Directory is published in mid-August.  For many councils that leaves only one meeting between then and LifeChain Sunday, and remember, Labor Day weekend falls right in the middle.

I’m hoping we can put links on the state website to sample posters you can print and post plus a list of NC LifeChain sites with local contact persons arranged by Region and referenced to councils or parishes. In the meantime, you can look at an alphabetic list of their sites by state, their mission and their preferred ways to make the best impact, maybe ways you can establish a site of your own at:

Fred Burton, Faith Programs Director and Silver Rose Chairman

PS – a quick ‘blurb’ for one of my former Family programs, Family Week. This is officially the 2nd week in August, so if you have a picnic or outing during the Summer, consider doing it then. If it’s close (or even not so close) and it involves families ….. well, that’s YOUR Family Week!

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Faith Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

Culture of Life

Boyce Williams

Greetings again from High Point! I am glad to announce Bob Klein as your Life Director for the coming year. Bob has been the Raleigh Area Chairman and has done an excellent job. He’s well known in the area and has great connections. Good Luck Bob and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many of you in the Charlotte Area have heard about C-PLAN (Catholic Pro Life Action Network), they are growing and doing great work and they are tied in to the Bishops office. There was a meeting last week in Greensboro to start forming the Triad C-Plan group. Triad & Mountain Area Chairman Albert Hodges was there and will be a great asset. The next meeting will be July 23rd at St Pauls. This is for Parishes as well as Knights so please get your Parish Pro Life coordinator there.

Now that leadership Training has taken place, look at the changes and find the opportunities they bring. Many of you do a baby bottle campaign just to raise money for a Pregnancy Care Center, now you get credit for that on the SP 7! Special Olympics is now under Life and that is where it truly belongs, helping those that need it is always an affirmation of Life! These are 2 examples, find what works for your Council and have fun.

Once again as I turn over the reins to Bob, I want to thank all of you for the great things you have done over the last 2 years.

It has been an honor to help you!

Boyce C Williams II
Culture of Life Director (Past)

Family Director

Bob Macaluso

Family Week, August 2018

Brothers All, as we start our new fraternal year, that I’m sure will be full of new and exciting opportunities to build the domestic church, please try to celebrate “Family Week” which is normally celebrated the second week in August.

What is Family Week?  Family Week is a time set aside in our busy life where we should celebrate the importance of our families within the community and our parish.  Remember, one of our goals as Knights is to Build the Domestic Church.

How to celebrate Family Week? There is no one way to celebrate Family Week since each parish is different.  However, you may want to start by speaking to your parish priest and asking to have a mass offered at the beginning and end of Family Week for The Holy Family.

Other Opportunities to Celebrate Family Week:

  • If your council is having a picnic, invite perspective members and their family as well as parishioners
  • Distribute Family Pray Cards, remember the children, get them an age appropriate card as well
  • Invite parishioners to join you in your councils works of charity that you may have scheduled, such as food drives, LAMB Collections, etc.

These are just a few suggestions.  Your Family Director and your membership may have other suggestions more fitting to your Parish and Parishioners interest.

Good luck, and Gods Blessings,

Vivat Jesus,
Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC State Family Director

Southeast Regional Bocce Tournament

Bob Macaluso

Southeast Regional Bocce Tournament

Congratulations to Wilmington, Council #1074

Last month, on Saturday, June 2nd, the 1st. Regional Bocce Tournament was held in Wilmington.

Approximately 30 brothers from both District 1 and 25 (Council 1228, Hampstead, Council 12885, Wrightsville Beach and the host Council 1074, Wilmington) came together for a fun day of Bocce and Fraternalism. In addition to bocce, Cornhole was also available for those who wanted to play.  After lunch, catered by Firehouse Subs, the final competition took place with Wilmington taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Despite the one-sided victory, all three council are planning another event in the fall and hopefully, more councils will join with the hope of expanding the event to a wider geographic area or perhaps a spinoff with family and parishioners.

A special thanks to the committee, Rich Boccard, Ron Thompson, John Falk and Lou Mattes, for their time and effort to make this event a tremendous success.

If your council is planning a regional or parish athletic activity, please send me an email with the details.  I would like to post these events on the states website for all to see and possibly encourage other councils to get involved.

Vivat Jesus,
Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC State Family Director

State Golf Tournament

Bob Macaluso

State Golf Tournament, Saturday, August 18th, 2018

It has been three years since the last Knights of Columbus State Golf Tournament. The reason for this long overdue tournament is primarily due to a lack of brothers signing up to play.  One of the reasons stated for not participating is cost for a two-day event.  So, this year, Edenton Council 11180 has stepped up to host a modified ONE DAY tournament on Saturday, August 18th at the Sounds Golf Link, Albemarle Plantation, in Hertford, NC.  Cost for the tournament is only $50.00 per player and all proceeds will go to LAMB and their College Scholarships fund.  For more information, or to register, please contact any of the following brothers.

Walt Smith @ 252-426-5365

Ken Hoke @ 252-370-3787

Michael Gargulo @ 336-854-0632

I hope to see you there,

Vivat Jesus,
Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC State Family Director

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

LAMB Collections – Halftime Report

As of today, I am happy to report that Year to Date, Council collections are approximately 5% ahead of where we were last year.

However, while this improvement is encouraging and a sign that things are moving in the right direction, we have the opportunity to crank up our efforts in the second half of the year and really run up the score.

Here are some ideas that might help:

  • Make sure you have your store locations for tootsie roll collections booked for the rest of the year. Also, think of other locations rather than your traditional locations, sporting events, parades, etc.
  • Start asking for corporate / individual donations. This could include mailings to local companies in your community, asking your Pastor if you can collect one weekend after Masses (if your Parish’s Faith Formation Program has children with Special needs LAMB funds can be donated to your Church) and add a line item when you send out your Council dues for an optional donation to LAMB.
  • Belk, has added an additional “Back to School” Charity Day this year, August 25th, in addition to the one that occurred in May and the one in the Fall. You can obtain tickets for the event at your local Belk at no cost and sell them for $5 – all of which goes to LAMB.
  • As always, try to arrange tours at the Charities you support, or invite representative to speak at a Council business meeting – it always helps for our membership and volunteers to hear and see how their efforts result in meaningful life changes for the Least of Our Brethren.

More detail on most of the above is in the LAMB Training Manual available in electronic format on the State KofC website.

New LAMB Directors Notifications – as new Council LAMB Directors are appointed please make sure the State LAMB Director is notified. The form is in the LAMB Training Manual, or just email the name of the Brother Knight and his complete contact information to

Richard White
LAMB Director

Visit, Like and Follow LAMB on Facebook:

Op LAMB Website:
Lamb Foundation of NC

Knights in Action

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Council 11966

18th Annual May Crowning of Mary

The 18th Annual Crowning of our Blessed Mother took place at Taylor’s Peak in May for the 18th consecutive year. Rain did not drown the spirit or the event which had to be held inside the Taylor’s cabin. Along with our Blessed Mother the two new Knights of Columbus Councils from North WIlkesboro and Jefferson were honored at the event. Erin Lang, a young lady on the autism spectrum with cerebral palsy crowned our Blessed Mother. She was assisted by her father Rich Lang a member of the Boone Knights of Columbus. Other Knights in attendance were the Grand Knights from Jefferson, Bob Breton and Boone, Mike Ihnet and Past Grand Knight, Dr. Jim Taylor. Also in attendance were Bob Hall, the Deputy Director of District 20. Father James from St. Francis parish in Jefferson led the event and Doris Crothers provided the special music.

Erin Lang and her Father, Rich Lang crowning the Blessed Mother

(From Left to right): Bob Hall, District Director…Mike Ihnet, Grand Knight, Boone, and Bob Breton, Grand Knight, Jefferson, Dr. Jim Taylor, Past Grand Knight …..Erin & Rich Lang.


Tom DuPree

Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All,

Vivat Jesus!

Congratulations to each of you for being the elected leader of your Council or Assembly!  With Supremes’ new initiative, “Just Faith”, I know you will have some challenges in the coming months.  As your Veteran’s Affairs Chairman and District VAVS Representative, it is my responsibility to communicate the needs of our Veterans.  In NC, we have over 800,000 Veterans and four VA Medical Centers, healthcare centers that provide medical care to those who have sacrifice much for you and me to be able to enjoy the freedoms in this great country.  Each day 22 Veterans commit suicide in North Carolina with 60% of them being women.  The Knights of Columbus in NC, with 128 Councils and 43 Assemblies with a total membership of 17,500+ have an obligation and a responsibility under the principles of Charity and Patriotism to provide needed assistance to our military and Veterans where requested.

How do we accomplish this charge from Supreme?  First step—is a plan budget.  Secondly, it is important for the GK and FN meet in the month of July with the objective of planning and cooperating programs that will assist our Veterans.  Finally, implementing those plans each month during your business meetings.  “Many hands make the task easier.”

In previous newsletters, Tar Heel Knight and the Golden Plume, I have provided programs and guidance.  In the coming months we will implement our New Coat program sweat pants and shirt program, basket bash, bingos, and holiday gift program.  My VAVS Reps and Deputy Reps and I are available to provide guidance and assistance in communicating the needs of our Veterans.  Please contact us and invite us to your monthly meeting.  We will be glad to help.

The Fourth of July holiday is just around the corner.  Remember the many sacrifices of those through the years that have given us our Independence.    Try to find an opportunity to say thank you to our Military and Veterans.

The National Wheel Chair Games will be held in Orlando, Florida July 29-Aug 4th.  Teams from the Fayetteville, Salisbury and Durham VA will be attending.  The Veterans wish to express their thanks for providing the funding for their rooms and transportation that allow them to attend these games which are life changing therapy.

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal—Second annual VHVH golf tournament is a benefit event to help homeless Veterans in the Winston Salem area.  Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH, Inc) is a 24 bed transitional housing facility for previously homeless male Veterans in Forsyth County.  Please see attach flyer regarding the golf tournament to be held in September with the funds to be dedicated in support of this program.  Your support and participation is requested.


2018 Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Golf Tournament Flyer

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Registration Form

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH) Sponsorship Form


SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
NC State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

District Master



Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers all,

Congratulations to all the newly elected Assembly Faithful Navigators and Faithful Officers for the Fraternal Year 2018-19. You have been elected by your Brother Sir Knights to be the CEO’s and leaders of your Assembly. Now is the time to start implementing your budget, plans and calendar of events. We are here to help at any time, please call.

Thank you to all retiring Faithful Navigators and Faithful Officers, for a job well done. Your Assembly continues to flourish, a sign of your leadership and mentorship. Please continue to be an active part of your Assembly to support those Sir Knights that supported you during your tenure.

Some very important tools in your tool kit as Faithful Navigator must be the 4th Degree Rules and Regulations (new 2017 Edition) as well as a Protocol Handbook. All FN’s should have a copy of each and read them carefully. You do not have to memorize them, however a working knowledge of the Rules and Regulations will come in very handy. Your Faithful Comptroller can order them both from Supreme.

Now that all Elections are over, FN’s and FC’s should insure that State Directory Form is updated with any changes and Form 186 has been completed and forwarded as per the directions on the form. Your help is needed to insure we have 100% reporting from all Assemblies. Just a reminder, if you have filed the 186 thru Member Management, copies still need to be forwarded to Vice Supreme Master, District Master and the State Deputy. There have been some changes to the State Website computer program with regard to the listing of Assembly Officers, etc. Should you have any problems, please contact the State Communications Director at

Assembly Installations are in full swing and keeping District Marshal Paul, I and other Assistant District Marshal’s busy. However, that is what we are here for. If you have not as yet requested an installation date, I have attached my personal calendar to this newsletter to show the reservations already received.

Thank you for all your help and support as you continue your Programs in support of our Church, Community and Veterans across our State. It is very gratifying to hear of the great work of you, the Sir Knights and Assemblies! Again, thank you and please keep up the good work. Please send a picture of your events to me and we will display them on the 4th Degree Website and in the Golden Plume as space dictates.

Just as with the 3rd Degree, there is a Chain of Command that we must follow.  If you have any questions, you can contact any of the District Officers, Assistant District Marshal’s and me. You can also call me direct and I will get the answer for you. Please do not call the 4th Degree Supreme Office with questions that we can help you with. A lot of information is on the State Website relative to the 4th Degree, Forms, requests, etc.

With the changeover in Assemblies, there will also be new Color Corps Commanders. Please insure that they receive a copy of the new & updated 4th Degree “Color Corps Drill Manual” and then review it. The latest update was accomplished and approved by the Supreme Board of Directors, February 2, 2018.

At a recent State Training Session, many Brother Knights were amazed to hear that the average age of the 4th Degree in NC is circa 66 years. We need to lower that age by asking and bringing into the Patriotic Order, new Brothers. Just like at Council Membership Drives, you must ask a Brother Knight to take the next step to become a 4th Degree Knight. We are making it easier to attend a 4th Degree Exemplification with the one day Exemplifications being sponsored across the State.

The next 4th Degree Exemplification will be held in Charlotte at St. Matthew Catholic Church on Saturday August 11, 2018. George L. Gettier Assembly No.780 will be the host Assembly. All pertinent information and required forms can be found on the State Website at

In support of the planned 4th Degree scheduled for 8/11/18, St. Matthew Council 10852 will host a 3rd Degree on Sat. August 4, 2018. I plan to attend the Degree and upon completion of the Degree will accept Form 4 Applications and Dress Code Forms ONLY from those Brother Knights completing the 3rd Degree that day and wishing to take their 4th Degree on 8/11. That also includes all associated fees. Please insure that all Form 4’s are properly prepared including membership numbers and Assemblies assigned to.

Msgr. Christopher Dennen Assembly No. 2017 has requested to host a 4th Degree Exemplification on Saturday November 17, 2018 at St. Mary Catholic Church in Wilmington. Plenty of time to start recruiting!! More information to follow.

The Annual Eucharistic Congress for the Charlotte Diocese will be held on Saturday Sept. 8, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Brother Sir Knight’s, we need your help! There is a Procession through downtown Charlotte to the Convention Center, Adoration all day requiring an Honor Guard. There is a Mass requiring 4th Degree Knights to escort Priest’s to their assigned location in the Convention Center as they deliver Communion to the Faithful. Brother Sir Knight’s in Charlotte have been a part of this Congress since its inception. We are inviting Brother Sir Knights from the surrounding Assemblies, not necessarily just from the Charlotte Diocese, to assist in this great service and honor to our Church. Information will be posted on the 4th Degree website: as to times and starting location, etc. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation to make this a truly memorable event for all that attend.

There will be Special Guests joining us at the Eucharistic Congress as the Vice Supreme Master for the DeSoto Province, SK Robert Anderson, the District Masters of Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, North and South Carolina, all in Charlotte for a Provincial Meeting and will join us for the Mass.

Please find attached as a part of this report to you, an Official Dress Code 2018  update. There are still many misconceptions as to the wearing of the new Uniform, Regalia, etc. Please review it carefully and comply as it is important to us all. The update will also be placed on the 4th Degree Website at:

Jo and I wish for all continued good health and we keep in our thoughts and prayers those in special need and those who have gone to their eternal reward.

Confirmed Installation Dates:

  • 7/09/18 – Assembly 3510 Host
  • 7/14/18 – Assembly 3115 Host
  • 7/15/18 – Assembly 1820 Host w/ Assembly #2894
  • 7/18/18 – Assembly 2983 Host
  • 7/21/18 – Assembly 3001 Host
  • 7/24/18 – Assembly 3365 Host
  • 7/29/28 – Assembly 2238 Host
  • 7/29/18 – Assembly 3552 Host
  • 8/05/18 – Assembly 1828 Host
  • 8/11/18 – 4th Degree Charlotte
  • 8/18/18 – Assembly 779 Host
  • 8/19/18 – Assembly 1899 Host
  • 9/08/18 – Eucharistic Congress, Charlotte
  • 9/08-10 – DeSoto Provincial Meeting – Charlotte
  • 9/16/18 – Assembly 2379 Host
  • 9/17/18 – Assembly 2989 Host

Dates to Remember for July 2018:

  • 7/2 – US Army Air Corps Established – 1926
  • 7/4 – Independence Day
  • 7/27 – Korean War Ended – 1953
  • 7/28 – World War I Began – 1914

Remember – “Sir Knight” is not just a title, it is “An Honor” 

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America!


SK Jack Murray, PSD
District Master

Senator Albert J. Ellis Assembly No. 1541, Jacksonville, Brother Sir Knights at a Flag Day Event, June 14, 2018.

Official Dress Code

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding wearing of the new Uniform, when to wear and how to wear. I will give some basic guidance below and hope it will be informative. You can also go to the Supreme Website and on the face page you will see a title of “New Uniform”. You can click on this icon and it will take you to more information regarding the Uniform. You can also download a copy of the Color Corps Drill Manual if you wish. The Manual and an updated copy of the 4th Degree By-Laws (2017) is also available.

New Uniform consists of the Official Fourth Degree Blue Blazer, Official Gray Trousers, Official Fourth Degree Necktie and Official Fourth Degree Black Beret which you purchase from Knights Gear. You purchase on your own to wear with the Uniform: white shirt (no French cuffs or cufflinks) and no button down collars;  black belt, black socks and black shoes. The Official Fourth Degree Lapel Pin # PG-113, is attached to the left lapel of the jacket and you may wear any Past Miniature Medals of Officer over the left pocket. A Fourth Degree Member may also wear the current medal of his office around his neck: Assembly, Council, State Council, Supreme Council and Supreme Assembly.

The name pocket badge and social baldric are not worn with the new  Uniform at any time.

Color Corps and Honor Guard Uniform consists of the basic Uniform as detailed above with the following: Service Baldric and Sword worn over the Blazer, from right shoulder to the left hip and white gloves. For any reason the sword is not permitted, the Service Baldric and white gloves shall still be worn.

Regalia: Cape, Chapeau, Service Baldric, Sword and White Gloves may still be worn as called for by the Faithful Navigator and in some cases the Clergy. If the sword is not permitted, again, as above with the Uniform, the Service Baldric is still worn.

Tuxedo / Dark Suit: the tuxedo with social baldric, name tag and miniature medals may still be worn by Sir Knights when called for by the Faithful Navigator.

A dark suit with social baldric and name tag are also permitted.

Color Guard consists of the Flag Bearer(s) and Flag Guard(s). Shall be dressed in the Uniform or Regalia but not mixed, in other words must all be dressed the same.

Honor Guard consists of those Sir Knights performing a ceremonial honor guard. If there is not a Color Corps, the Official Lineup for an Honor Guard is the following: Uniform first and Regalia (Cape & Chapeau) to follow.

I have been asked about the Brother Sir Knights not possessing Uniform or Regalia participating in an Honor Guard. Tuxedo with Social Baldric and Dark Suit with Social Baldric should be worn and fall in behind the Brother Sir Knights in Uniform and Regalia. They are not to be mixed together. This is not listed in the Color Corps Drill Manual, however may be approved by the Faithful Navigator.