The official newsletter of the North Carolina Knights of Columbus State Council
 - State Deputy: John Nussbaum
 - Chaplain: Father Lesak
 - Secretary: Dan Lange
 - Treasurer: JC Reiher
 - Advocate: Chris Losack
 - Warden: Sergio Miranda
 - Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch
#1: JP Horvat
#2: Tom Smith
#3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
#4: Ron Cortopassi
#5: Richard Hamel

State Deputy

Colin Jorsch

HAPPY EASTER to one and all from Fayetteville!  Gina and I truly hope this edition of the THK finds you well and in good spirits.

We are certainly looking forward to the state convention and being able to reunite with many of you.  We are also looking forward to celebrating the many successes that you have experienced this fraternal year.

It is our prayer, with two months to go in this fraternal year, that your councils have achieved all you set out to achieve.  If not, there are still two months that can make a difference for you and your council.  Don’t give up – strive to accomplish your goals!  If there is anything that the state officers can do to provide you some support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As I write this, the Gospel message for the day comes from the Gospel of John and is the story of how the Pharisee named Nicodemus went to Jesus and asked, “How can a man once grown old be born again?”

Jesus’ reply was quite simple in that he told Nicodemus that “What is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of spirit is spirit.”

I share this as I was in awe at our Easter Vigil when we brought six adults into our Church.  It struck me that Jesus’ words are exactly what those six new members experienced during their Rite of Initiation.  Their flesh remained flesh, but their spirit was anew in Christ.  What an awesome experience for our new members and those of us witnessing.

I pray that you spirit is renewed with the Easter Season and we grow to be more Christ-like each day.

May Christ’s be with you until next time.


Colin Jorsch
State Deputy

State Secretary

John Nussbaum

Lori and I send our greetings from Wendell.

Our NC State Convention is just days away. Are you ready to celebrate all of the fantastic things we have accomplished this past year? Lori and I sure hope you are planning to attend. It will be a great time. The convention committee has been work extremely hard to make sure you enjoy yourself.

To be ready for the NC State Convention, you will want to take one last look at the 2017 Countdown to Convention check list. If contains many very important tasks that you will want to complete before arriving at the convention. It will help you be ready to enjoy the weekend.

This year, the elections will give some extra excitement to the weekend. Are you ready to make an informed vote?

For many of these items, there is additional information on the State website

It is not too late to submit the names of Brothers that have gone to meet the Lord this past year. We want to include them in our necrology at the State Convention Mass. We want to read the names of as many Brothers as we can. We feel it is important to recognize those that have served the Lord through their work within the Knights of Columbus.

Every year we collect money for Right to Life and the Bishop’s Fund. The State Council then uses that money to help the Right to Life cause or our Bishops. Please bring your checks, made out to Knights of Columbus NC State Council, to the convention. If you don’t plan to attend the convention, you can mail your check to me at 143 Talford Drive, Wendell, NC. Thank you for your help.

Don’t forget to send in the money that your Council has collected for the Penny-a-Day fund. As we head into the summer months we will need that money to help those in need.

I look forward reading your Annual Report. A copy will be placed in the Proceeding Manual. You can either email it to me or hand it in to me during the convention.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I am here to serve you.

I hope to see you at the 2017 NC State Convention in Durham on May 5-7.

Fraternally yours in Christ,Fraternally yours in Christ,

John Nussbaum
NC State Secretary

State Warden

Chris Losack

Brothers All, Vivat Jesus!

Where has all the time gone? It seems only yesterday that we were in Winston-Salem for our State Convention and now we are about to gather again for our annual State Convention to celebrate the success of the past year. Time really does fly by. I want to thank all of you for your diligence in completing and submitting your required forms throughout the year. We had have 100% compliance in most forms submitted up until now and I would like to close out the year with the perfect record. To do this, we are requesting that you bring your Columbian Award application (SP7) to the Convention to turn in your state copy. This is similar to what you did at the Mid-Year meeting with the 1728 and 4484. Please make sure that you bring a hard copy with you. If there is a program that you have not completed yet, but have scheduled prior to the June 30 deadline, you can in good faith report the program in advance. As mentioned last month, there is an additional requirement to report programs that are part of the Building the Domestic Church initiative. Please make sure that you do not overlook this requirement. Remember, the June 30 deadline is a firm deadline and NO submissions after this date will be accepted. This is a mandatory report for obtaining STAR status and every year we have Councils that miss achieving their START award simply by not completing the SP7. What a shame for the hard working people of your Council that have done everything asked of them but are not recognized due to not filing the proper paperwork.

I also want to request that if your Council has not submitted your Form 1295 Audit due February 15th, please do so as soon as possible. There are current 6 Councils outstanding. If you recall from the Mid-Year meeting that in order to obtain STAR Council you must remaining in good standing with Supreme. This means completing your Audits. It also means completing your Form 990 with the IRS. Please do not short change your fellow bothers by not following the required protocol.

Finally, it is time to start looking forward to next year. By now you should have put together a list of officer candidates to be elected in the next few months. As soon as you have your elections you need to file the Officers Chosen for Term (Form 185) as well as complete the State Directory form on the NC State Council website. Filing the Form 185 does not update the contact information in the State Website. Please update the directory form as soon as possible so that important communications can be sent to the proper personnel.

I look forward to seeing you in Durham at the State Convention where we celebrate all of the great accomplishments over the past Fraternal Year.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Warden

Membership Director

Pete Devlin

Brothers All,

Holly and I hope you and yours had a Blessed Easter. As you know Easter is the time that our RCIA Candidates are received into full communion with the Church. As you know they have just completed a long journey, into the church, but now have a little time available. Perfect time to invite them to join the Knights, in service to the Church and community. Knights that have come through the RCIA program in the past have been very strong Knights, motivated and educated on their Catholic Faith.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at convention, but remember Convention is early this year, your year is not over, you and councils still have two full months to reach your goals. So let’s finish this year strong, top recruiter contest ends June 31st so still plenty of time.

God bless you and yours,

Pete Devlin
Membership Director

Council Director

Nick Sanstasi

Brothers All,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast! Convention time is upon us and I look forward to seeing you all at the State Convention being held in Durham from May 5th to May 7th. My chairman and I will have information area set up for upcoming events such as the State Bocce Tournament as well as the State Golf Tournament. We will also have information available for Special Olympics. Please stop by and visit us at the convention for more information.

I want to thank the Bishop Hafey Council #4507 in High Point for hosting the State Basketball Tournament that was held in February. The article and pictures of the event will be in this article as well as on the State Website.

There is still time to register a team for the State Bocce Tournament being held in Winston-Salem. The information can be found on the State Website and at the convention. The date of the tournament is May 20th with a rain date of June 10th. The dates for the State Golf Tournament are October 7th and 8th in Clemmons. Please check the website and future articles of the THK for additional information. Thanks to our State Athletics Chairman, Craig Smith for coordinating with the councils to host these events.

In keeping with the new parish initiative, please remember to extend an invitation to the entire parish to participate in any activity that you hold and that your activity has your priest’s or pastor’s blessing.

District Deputies and RMPC’s, please continue to keep track on the progress on the Traveling Gavels that are going through your councils, districts and regions. Please remember to submit your monthly progress report to the Traveling Gavel chairman, Anthony Thompson. Please ensure that all the gavels are brought to the State Convention so that they can be re-distributed for the 2017-18 Fraternal Year.

If you have any Special Olympic events going on, please make the Special Olympics chairman, Michael Garguilo aware of that event. If you wish to host a State Athletic event, please contact the Athletics Chairman, Craig Smith on how to get started.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my chairmen if we can assist your regions, districts and councils in going and making a difference in this fraternal year in building your domestic church while strengthening our parishes. It is an honor to be serving you as your State Council Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

Vivat Jesus,

Nick Nastasi
State Council Director

Family Director

Fred Burton

Plan for the Summer’s Events

By now I hope you’ve all ‘recovered’ from our 97th State Convention. With the fraternal year coming to a close, you’re also busy proposing a slate of council officers for your election in June. That being said, it would probably be a good idea to decide on your council service program directors soon. Why …….

A hurdle to overcome. At this time of the year great opportunities tend to fall through our fingers because of the transition process that occurs. New officers undergo a crash course on their duties, the District Deputy wants to install officers ASAP and there’s lotsa reports to be submitted. And our new state directory isn’t published until August – too late to inform those new officers of early Autumn and Summer projects, some of which will have already passed.

Your Events: You’ve arranged for parish couples to reaffirm their marriage vows at Masses on Fathers Day, right? NO?! Talk with your pastor and order prayer cards if needed; it still may not be too late! Family week is the 2nd week in August – real soon after elections– if you usually have a parish picnic or outing this would be the perfect time! Take 10 minutes to look at the calendar and pinpoint the months you can conduct 5th Sunday Rosaries for the parish. Summer is prime time for construction, so find some Habitat for Humanity projects for the council to help with. Consult with your Assembly to see if they’ll have any family-inclusive events such as a flag retirement ceremony or a Labor Day or Columbus Day parade – just the thing for Parish-sponsored scout troops! Does the council need funds? A prepaid gasoline card raffle would be especially attractive during the Summer vacation months.

Membership Planning: I’m guessing you’ll also hold a recruiting blitz and a fraternal benefits night in the Fall. After that 1st Degree comes Exemplifications: we NEED councils to host 2nd and 3rd degrees – your new GK can get the requirements from the State Ceremonials Chairman and put your council’s name in the hat. Know of any young men in the parish going to college in August? Put them in contact with a college council!

Your People: Go ahead, name a LifeChain coordinator for this event which takes place on the first Sunday in October! While you’re at it, name a Youth Director so he can get Soccer Challenge kits and plan for Coats for Kids. A new LAMB Director might be able to arrange a Tootsie Roll event on the sales tax-free weekend in which school supplies are sold.

Christmas planning in May? Appoint a committee to conduct a Food for Families drive – that’s a BIG project and requires a lot of time. Your Youth Director could place an order with the Squires for Christmas cards to be sold right after Halloween. Is there anyone you know who helps at projects like Toys-for-Tots and could they use your council’s help? Look over all those Christmas events under Building the Domestic Church and talk with your pastor as to which he’d like to have in his parish – that Advent calendar fills up EARLY so prepare EARLY!

This could be the first step in making YOUR legacy Faith-Filled Families and a Vibrant Parish!

Vivat Jesus!

Fred Burton
NC Family Director and Silver Rose Chairman

Silver Rose

Knights from Council 14276 along with Assembly 3552 are seen gathering to lead a public procession of the Silver Rose from the Athletic Park through Butner, NC to St Bernadette Church to have Mass for the Unity of People. A Univision TV crew was on hand to cover the event and conduct interviews. Approximately 500 people attended Masses in which the Rose was on display at St Bernadette’s on March 26th, the first stop of the Silver Rose tour in NC.


LAMB Director

LAMB Director

Brothers All,

Auction at the State Convention – It’s not too late for your Council to gather a few items for the upcoming LAMB Silent Auction at the State Convention, as mentioned last month it is another great way to “fun” raise for LAMB.

The value of items donated are fully tax-deductible, so make sure your Council brings some things to the Convention to auction off.   Council LAMB Directors have been sent all of the required information previously.

LAMB Calendar – well we have one third of the year already behind us!  Hopefully your Council had a successful Spring with fundraising and has plans finalized or under way for the rest of the year, including reserving stores, other fundraisers and applying for corporate grants and individual contributions, etc.

Information Resources – as always if you require any LAMB related materials / information, please reach out to either the State LAMB Director, Richard White, or the corresponding LAMB Chairman for your Region, Brother Jim Laraia in the East, or Brother Steve Purcell in the West,

LAMB materials are also available on the State Council website, under LAMB or on the LAMB Website, (contact the State LAMB Director for login information)

Richard White

LAMB Director

Bull City Roll, Walk, Run 2017

Tom DuPree

Bull City Run, Walk, Roll 5K

Click to download Flyer

Brother Knights,

What a great opportunity you have to participate in if you are available!  The Durham VA Healthcare System in partnership with the Knights of Columbus and the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 175 is proud to announce the 3rd Annual VA Bull City Run, Walk and Roll 5K fundraiser.  This event is Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the Durham VA Medical Center.  We are inviting you and your family to celebrate Veterans, their families and love ones through a healthy, fun-filled, family friendly event.  Our GOAL is to raise $10,000. These funds will provide scholarships for Veterans to attend National Veterans Rehab Events.   Please read the attached flier for important details.

In order to achieve our goal, we are seeking financial support from our North Carolina Knights of Columbus Councils/Assemblies and individual Knights to provide funds for sponsorship.

Ways to reach our Goal:

  • Request sponsorship of local/community companies in your area
  • Sponsorship of a runner from your Council/Assembly
  • Donation by Council/Assembly
  • Donation by individual



SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
N C State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

Social Justice

Chris Lizak
Social Justice Chairman

25 Ways to be Politically Active (whether you lean left or right)

Want to get more involved in the process of moving the Church’s agenda forward? Policy moves forward when both political parties are competing and pushing in the same direction. Here are 25 ways you can elevate your activism, whether from the right or the left. For more details on each one, click here:

  1. Know who your local legislators and politicians are
  2. Know how to get in touch with them (and actually make them listen.)
  3. Identify an issue you care about and pursue it
  4. Attend town hall meetings
  5. Attend City Council meetings
  6. Get to know your local School Board
  7. Join your local PTA
  8. Mobilize more people to support your cause
  9. Join a voting league or political organization
  10. Register to act on behalf of a political party.
  11. Join a campaign
  12. Volunteer at their headquarters
  13. Attend or organize rallies and events
  14. Pound the pavement
  15. Volunteer to work at a polling place
  16. Volunteer to register voters
  17. Vote
  18. Subscribe to a paper or other publication you believe in
  19. Read up on American history and civics
  20. Share that knowledge
  21. Volunteer at a place that benefits your community
  22. Volunteer at a museum, park, cultural center or historical society
  23. GO to a museum, park, or historical society
  24. Donate
  25. Get off the internet


State Bocce Ball Tournament

Santa Maria Council #2829

2017 State Knights of Columbus Bocce tournament.

Where: MILLER PARK: 2598 Queen St. Winston Salem, NC 27103

When: 8:30 a.m. SATURDAY, May 20, 2017(rain date 6/10/2017)
Teams: 4 Man teams (may be Co-ed with at least 2 KOFC members)

Cost: $80 per team

SK Matt Pisano
PO Box 26622
Winston Salem, NC 27114

Tournament limited to 24 teams.

Any teams registering should send application and fees in no later than MAY 6th .
Registration fees are NON REFUNDABLE!!

2017 Basketball Tournament Results

[metaslider id=7211]

On Saturday, February 25, the 2017 North Carolina Knights of Columbus State 4-on 4 Basketball was held at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in High Point, NC hosted by Bishop Hafey Council #4507.  After the tournament, all participants and their guests were treated to a hamburger and hot dog lunch with all the trimmings.  The four teams battling for the championship were Santa Maria Council #2829 Green, Santa Maria Council #2829 White, Bishop Greco Council #9499, and Our Lady of Mercy Council #10504.

All games are played to 32 points.  First team to score 32 points wins the game.     The first round started with #10504 defeating #2829 Green by the score of 32 to 19 and #2829 White defeating #9499 by 32 to 14.

The second round saw a tough battle between #2829 White and #10504 with #2829 White prevailing 32 to 29.  #2829 Green defeated #9499 by the score of 32 to 16.

In the third and final round, #2829 Green put a scare into the undefeated #2829 White but #2829 White prevailed 32 to 27.  #10504 defeated #9499 by the score of 32 to 15.

With the round-robin finished, teams were now seeded for the tournament.  Council #2829 White was the #1 seed and would take on Council #9499, the number 4 seed, in one semi-final.  In the other semi-final, Council #10504, the #2 seed, would take on Santa Maria Council #2829 Green, #3 seed.  #2829 White continued their fine play defeating #9499 by the score of 32 to 10 and #10504 took out #2829 Green by the score of 32 to 11.  This set up a re-match of the last KofC basketball tournament final between St. Leo’s and Our Lady of Mercy.  #2829 White continued their fine play along with some hot shooting behind the 3 point line for a 32 to 10 victory for the state championship.

Knights in Action

Council #15085

Food for Families

Council #7184 & Assembly #2130

Fred Ratzer hosted the 25th Annual Shield Awards. DGK Bob Zanolli filled in for GK Patrick Faragher. Thanks also to the 4th Degree Honor Guard members Eric Bindewald, Juan Ramirez, and Tom Ashby.

This Council/Assembly has been hosting this event for 27 years and received recognition in the form of front page news in the BlueRidgeNow Times-News.  Please click the link below to read the article:

Shield Awards honor those who protect, serve

Knights of Columbus recognition of local police, fire, and EMT personnel is greatly appreciated by the officers, their supervisors, our political leaders, and the officers’ families.
Thanks to John Remensnyder for the photos below.


District Master

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers All,

This Month is a very important month as Assembly Elections are held. As per the Fourth Degree By-Laws, Assembly Elections must be held at the first regular meeting in May of each year. You will be electing Brother Sir Knights as your leaders for the next Fraternal Year 2017-18. Best of luck to all those running for Assembly Officer positions. As soon as the elections are held, there are two (2) very important first steps the Faithful Navigator and Faithful Comptroller must do:

  1. Go to the State website ( and under the 4th Degree section, find and fill out the Directory Form. There is some additional information requested this year: meeting date, location and name of the FN wife – please be prepared.
  2. Please go to the Supreme websire ( and complete Form 186,

Report of Assembly Officers chosen for the Fraternal Year 2017-18.  This can be done online or download and do manually. Please send me a copy ( and the Vice Supreme Master Robert Anderson (

Thank you for all your help to insure we get all the correct information for all Assemblies posted on the website and the 2017-18 4th Degree Directory.

Would very much like to see 100% cooperation ASAP so that the District Secretary and District Marshal do not have to hound you for the information.

Once Assembly Elections are held, please consider the date for the Assembly Installation. Please call the District Master ASAP following the elections to insure the date you would like for an installation is available.

Please welcome aboard the newest Assembly to the DeSoto Province and North Carolina:

St. Teresa of Calcutta
Assembly #3711
Hamlet, NC

On March 15, 2017, the new Assembly met to elect Officers for the next Fraternal Year, vote on the Assembly name as well as meeting date, dues, etc.  SK Bud Stovall was elected as the Charter Faithful Navigator. Good luck Brother Sir Knights!

Help Needed! Drivers are needed for transportation for Disabled Veterans to and from Doctor and Hospital appointments. This need is across the State, not just localized. Please contact SK Tom DuPree for further information. Even once a month would be a big help in a show of support for our Veterans.

4th Degree Exemplification(s): Confirmed are the following 4th Degree Exemplifications for the next Fraternal Year:

  • August 26, 2017, St. Eugene’s Catholic Church, Asheville, NC
  • Nov.18, 2017, Infant of Prague Catholic Church, Jacksonville, NC

The host hotel for the Asheville date will be contracted soon and the Exemplification forms posted on the 4th Degree Website ASAP.

The Military Chaplain’s Fund is still active until the end of the Fraternal Year. Please find attached an e-mail from FVSM SK Gary McLain. North Carolina has done a great job in supporting, as is noted in Gary’s e-mail, however there is still a need for funds. Our Faithful Friar, SK Fr. William Lesak is very passionate and supportive of this initiative, to insure our active military personnel have enough Catholic Priests to support them. Your support will help!

I have received six (6) applications for the To Be A Patriot Award. Thank you for your submissions, they will all be reviewed and the winning submission forwarded to the Vice Supreme Master for further consideration as the top program. All of the submissions were great and the Assemblies commended for their fantastic programs in support of Veterans.

Please do not forget the RSVP & Plaque Application  and the Civic Award Application both due by 6/30, submitted to Supreme with a copy to the VSM  and District Master.

May – a very important month with 2 very important dates beginning with the letter “M”: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Please remember to honor all our Mothers on this special day for them. Remember all our Veterans and Active Military Personnel on Memorial Day by flying the flag at half staff until noon and participate in programs, parades, etc. supporting all community efforts in support of the Military.

Jo and I wish for all continued good health and we will keep in our thoughts and prayers those in special need.

REMEMBER: “Sir Knight” is an Honor – Not just a Title!

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America


SK Jack Murray, IPSD
District Master


Tom DuPree

Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service

Greetings Brother Sir Knights and Faithful Navigators,

Vivat Jesus

In the month of May, we will be celebrating two important dates in honor of our Veterans:  Saturday, May 20st “Arm Forces Day” and Monday, May 29th “Memorial Day”.  Most Americans will only view these two dates, as Holidays.  I would like to request that you, my Brother SK, take the extra step of doing something positive to celebrate the sacrifices that our men and women in the Military have given in defense of our freedom.

National Wheel Chair Games:  Cincinnati, Ohio July 17 – July 22nd. The following VA’s Durham (sending 19 Veterans), Salisbury (sending 17 Veterans) and Fayetteville (sending 6 Veterans).  The Knights of Columbus have been supporting these Games (NWCG) for the past eight years.  The Knights have been requested to provide financial support to assist these Veterans to attend the Games.  See Attached flier.

Some Assemblies and SK have stepped up to provide funding to assist and support these Veterans.  THANKS !

We are STILL IN NEED of additional dollars to fund the cost of their trips.  The VA provides NO FUNDING for this program.

If your Assembly has not yet considered making a donation to support the Veterans, I respectfully request your support.  As SK’s, this is an excellent opportunity to show your support of our principle, “Patriotism”, by making a personal $$$ donation.

Every dollar is critical!

Leadership:  By this time, your Assembly has prepared your slate of officers for the year 2017-2018.  I want to thank the existing FN and Officers for their support of the VAVS Programs.

In order to support the many needs of our Veterans and VAVS Programs, I would like to suggest that you consider funding in your budget in the coming year for such programs as Coats for Veterans, The National Wheel Chair Games, Wounded Warriors, USOs, and special needs throughout the year.  FN, please contact the GK of the Councils under your Assembly (the month of July) and discuss how you and he, in cooperation of the Council/Assembly membership to support our Veterans.

VAVS Representatives and Deputy Reps:  I am still in need of support of the Fayetteville, Asheville and Salisbury VA Medical Centers.  Communications from the VA to the Assembly/Councils  the needs of our Veterans.  Details of the job and VAVS Program are available on the State Website under Fourth Degree (VA Voluntary Service-Representative and Deputy Representative Volunteer Training).

No Veterans Dies Alone:  Veterans in our Hospice and Community Living Centers often do not have any relatives near for their support in their final days.  The medical staff provides the best care they can.  Volunteers who are willing to provide comfort to these Veterans during their last days will receive Hospice Training by the VA.  This is one of our Works of Mercy in The Year of Mercy.

Bull City Run, Walk, Roll—5K—Saturday, May 6th.  This event is being sponsored by the Durham VA Medical Center in partnership with the Knights of NC ( Saint Francis of Assist Assembly # 3552) and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 175   Funds will be used to support Veterans Programs.  Come, participate with your family and friends.

Reporting of Assembly Activities in Support of our Veterans:  January 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017.  FN, please take time to complete the form of the Activities that you were responsible during this period.  Forms are on the State Website.  Reason:  this will assist the new FN in his requirement to report all activities for the calendar year of 2017-2018 ( Due December 31st).

Needs by the VA Medical Centers:  Gift cards to community restaurants for Veterans served through Hospice.  Visa gift cards ( utilized for recreational outing) and for purchasing other items not support by VA vendors.  I-Tune gift cards for music down loads.  Prepackaged snack foods such as granola bars, peanut butter crackers, soda and bottles of water.  Art/craft supplies, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, sketch pads, color pencils, color markers, paint brushes, Model cars/ships/airplanes, tile mosaic kits for adults.  Feminine products, phone cars and annual passes to places like Biltmore, arboretum, tickets—theater, fine arts, museums, etc…sponsors for picnics and sponsors for monthly breakfasts.


  • Hormel complete meals any variety including breakfast meals
  • Horizon milk ( No refrigeration until opened)
  • Cereal individual packages or bowls
  • Decaffeinated coffee K Cups
  • Word Search Puzzle books, decks of cards and electronic games


SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
N C State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

VAVS – National Veterans Wheelchair Games

The 37th National Veterans Wheel Chair Games will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio July 17 – July 22nd

The 37th NVWG will offer 19 events plus triathlon.  This year bobsledding will be offered as the year’s exhibition sport.

These Games are the largest annual wheel chair multi-sport and rehabilitation event in the world.  The Games are open to US military service Veterans who use wheel chairs due to spinal cord injuries, certain neurological conditions, amputations, or other mobility impairments.  The Games are committed to fostering better physical and mental health for Veterans with disabilities through sports competition.

Co-sponsors by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs & Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) annually.  Six action-packed days of competition and camaraderie.  600 athletes will compete.

Goals of the NVWG are:

  • Improve the quality of life for Veterans with physical disabilities.
  • Promote greater independence and functional skills through wheel chair sports and recreation.
  • Provide education and training for clinicians, specializing in treatment of spinal cord injuries/diseases, amputations, MS & neurological disorders.
  • Initiate camaraderie by matching newly injured Veterans with Veteran athletes who have previously participated in the Games.

Dateline:  June 30, 2017

All athletes must register by this date and provide their flight information and hotel reservations.

Cost:  Air flight (round trip)  $350. Per Veteran

Hotel:  $1,000. Per room—most Veterans share a room.

For the past eight years, the Knights of Columbus in North Carolina have honored the request of our VA Medical Centers and the Veterans, who have participated in these Games, by assisting these Veterans in providing funding in helping cover the cost.  This year 30 Veterans are planning on attending the Games.    How can you help?  We are requesting each Council/Assembly and Brother Knights to consider making a cash donation to cover the Veterans expenses.  Every dollar is critical! 

Please send your donation to:

SK Jerry Cucurullo, FC
6208 Heacham Ct,
Raleigh, NC 27614

Make check PAYABLE:  St. Francis of Assisi Assembly #3552  MENO:  VAVS/WHEEL CHAIR GAMES/ COUNCIL/ASSEMBLY #.  The VAVS account is a special checking account designated to support our Veterans’ Programs (100%)  Your Council/Assembly will be given credit for your donation.  Any questions, please contact me at or 919-302-5550.  As your State Veteran Affair and District VAVS representative, I am asking for 100% participation.

Special Olympics Color Guard

Msgr. William O’Brien Assembly #3365

SK Ray Anderson and Faithful Navigator Dave Kuboushek of Assembly #3365 in Durham marched in and provided the color guard for the Special Olympics.