The Tar Heel Knight

May 2018

State Officers

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants


State Officers

State Deputy: John Nussbaum
Chaplain: Father Lesak
State Secretary: Dan Lange
State Treasurer: JC Reiher
State Advocate: Chris Losack
State Warden: Sergio Miranda
Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants

#1: JP Horvat
#2: Tom Smith
#3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
#4: Ron Cortopassi
#5: Richard Hamel

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Worthy Brothers, Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the efforts in recruiting this year so far. Your efforts have paid…


eMembership Brothers, I pray that this edition of the Tar Heel Knight finds you well as we celebrate the successes of your councils at the state convention. I don’t know…

Community Director

Creating a Disaster Response Program (DRP) Worthy Grand Knights and Council Leaders As you learned from our 2018 Mid-Year Meeting, Disaster Relief is a Key Community Program.  I am reaching…

We Thank Our Heroes

Publicly Thanking & Recognizing the Service of First Responders Worthy Brothers Please consider implementing a We Thank Our Heroes program.  This is a yearly program to thank & recognize the…

Family Director

Fred Burton Heads-Up for New Council Officers! First:  Vital things that need to be done soon. Budget – Plan what you want to do, the cost and then your…

LAMB Director

Sometimes It’s the Little Things We sometimes talk about how the funds we raise for LAMB are severely needed by the communities in which we live. Along those lines, I…

Youth Director

Substance Abuse Poster Contest For this year’s Substance Abuse Poster Contest, we had the following winners: Substance Abuse Poster Contest Place Theme / Group / Name Council Alcohol Themed Posters…


Greetings Brothers, Sir Knight, Worthy Grand Knights, and Faithful Navigators, Vivat Jesus! National Wheel Chair Games The 38th National Veterans Wheel Chair Games will be held in Orlando, Florida July 29-Aug…

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State Advocate

Chris Losack

Council Resolutions & Youth Protection Update

Brothers All,

Believe it or not, it is almost the end of the Fraternal Year. I am sure that it seems like only yesterday you were being elected to your current officer position and were wondering how you were going to get everything accomplished and worried that you might let your Council down. Well, it has been a year and I am sure that you have learned a lot during that time. Please don’t let that learning go to waste. You should take the time to put forth a transition plan so that your Council will operate smoothly from one leadership team to the next. How does that happen you ask? It happens simply by setting up for future success.

The first step is to get a complete slate of officers lined up for the elections. You should be canvassing your membership to garner interest in becoming an officer. You never know that person that might be too shy to ask, but when asked would be very honored to hold an officer or director position within the Council. Please reach out to everyone to gauge their interest. Remember that as an officer you are in your office until you are duly replaced. Your slate of officers and opening of nominations should occur in your May business meeting and elections held at the June meeting. Failing to fill these positions just makes it difficult for all parties involved and puts undue pressure on those that are holding those positions. Please work hard to make this happen.

Identifying and electing the leadership for the next year is only the first step in this transition period. Those new leaders should plan to attend the regional training sessions that are held in June. Much important information is dispensed during these sessions and really helps Council leaders prepare for what they are about to undertake. In addition current officers should help plan the activities for the new year, at least through the summer. Help your successor hit the ground running by assisting him in his planning process. Finally, you will need to submit the proper forms (185 and 365) to report the new officers, directors and chairmen. This is how information is disseminated to your Council.

Bottom line is that if you set your successor up for success, the council will be successful. Remember that the entire state staff from your DD to the Program Directors and Chairmen to your State Officers are here to support you in any way required.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Advocate

We Are Called


Nick Nastasi

Worthy Brothers,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the efforts in recruiting this year so far. Your efforts have paid off. At the State Convention, we will talk about how your councils can finish strong and help you achieve your goal of STAR Council.

As of the writing of this article, the North Carolina Knights have brought in 701 new members. That is an average of 70 new members a month, which is behind our goal of 75 per month overall. We are only 199 new members from reaching our goal of 900. We are in the last two months of this fraternal year. Let’s finish strong and hit this goal. We are at the time of year where the weather is getting warmer. Church picnics are happening. Children are making their first Communion. Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are around the corner. All great opportunities to invite Catholic gentlemen and their families to join our Order.

Currently we are number 13 in the entire Order. The eight jurisdictions that are ahead of us are outside the United States. This means that we are the number five jurisdiction in the United States!  Great Job!   I want to thank all the councils who have brought in new members in to the Order. For all those who have not, please consider this your opportunity to change that and begin your recruiting efforts today.  We are called upon to invite every Catholic gentleman and their families the opportunity to join our Order. The best way for a man not to join our Order is by not inviting and offering him and his family the opportunity to join us.

Right now, there are 31 councils that have not brought a new member into the Order this Fraternal Year. The Grand Knights, District Deputies and RMPCs have been or will be contacted by the Membership team to see what can be done to assist these councils in bringing in at least one new member into the Order this year.  If every council in the State brings in only 1 more member for the next two months, not only will we hit our goal of 900, but we will surpass it. Please remind your Council members that for every new member that they recruit from December 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, their names get put into a drawing for an all-expense paid trip to Dublin, Ireland for two to attend the World Meeting of Families.

For councils in Regions 1, 2 and 6 please Brother Bob Hack or me for any assistance. For councils in Regions 3, 4 and 5 please contact Brother James Pilate or me for any assistance. For any councils needing assistance with the Hispanic catholic community please contact Brother Jose Santos. Please contact Brother Dave Benes for any guidance on the retention process and procedures. We cannot help if we are not aware that an issue exists. Please call and invite us to assist you to achieve your ultimate goal of STAR Council.

Also, please take advantage of E-Membership if someone is on the fence about joining the Order. This gives that gentleman the opportunity to learn more about the Order as well as the opportunity to protect him and his family with our fraternal benefits. The goal is to move that gentleman from an E-Member to a Degreed Knight. The website for E-Membership

Even if you are able to get a name and email address for these gentlemen during your drives, please send them along to the Membership team and we will send them up to Supreme and these families will start receiving information about the Knights of Columbus on a monthly basis.

Also remember that the Insurance Agents are a key part of membership. Please utilize these brother Knights during your drives. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members.

It is also important to keep the Brother Knights that we currently have. Remember our principles of Charity and Fraternity. Make personal contact to see how that Brother Knight is doing and be as fraternal as possible. Work with the Brothers to keep them in your councils and in the Order.

District Deputies, I am asking for your help in keeping your councils motivated and accountable for their goals that they set. You are a vital part to them achieving their goals. Unleash your awesomeness! RMPC’s, I am asking for your help. You are the Regional Membership and Program Consultants. Please keep your DD’s motivated and accountable to the district goals that they have set. With everyone working together, there is no question that everyone will reach their goals this fraternal year.

Please check the State Website for the Membership team who is here to assist you in achieving your goal of Star Council this year. Please know not hesitate to contact myself or anyone on the Membership team. We are ready and willing to assist you in achieving your goals. It is an honor to serve you and your councils as your State Membership Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Membership Director


Colin Jorsch



I pray that this edition of the Tar Heel Knight finds you well as we celebrate the successes of your councils at the state convention.

I don’t know if you know or not, the Knights of Columbus is now offering eMembership as a method to join the Order.  This allows those men who are Catholic, and may not have a huge amount of time to devote to a local council, an opportunity to explore membership with the Knights of Columbus.

So far the state has experienced slow utilization (comparatively) of this opportunity.  I am not sure the resistance, but perhaps we just don’t know.  At the time of this writing, we have welcomed eleven new members using this vehicle.  Of those eleven, five have expressed interest in joining or have joined local councils – that is a pretty good rate, as the Order wide conversion rate is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent.

I would ask you, as you close out your year and conduct those last ditch effort to reach your goal, if you run across a man that may have some reservation, don’t turn him away because he does not want to join your council. Offer him the opportunity of membership via  It may prove fruitful for your council in the future.

Peace in Christ,
Colin Jorsch
Immediate Past State Deputy

Community Director

James T. Laraia

Creating a Disaster Response Program (DRP)

Worthy Grand Knights and Council Leaders

As you learned from our 2018 Mid-Year Meeting, Disaster Relief is a Key Community Program.  I am reaching out to personally ask for your help in creating a Disaster Response Program (DRP) in your Council.

One of our initial goals is to have a Statewide Network of Knights of Columbus Councils to assist after a disaster in North Carolina.  If you recall from our meeting most of us falsely believe or have a mindset that ‘it will never happen to us’.  The Knights of Columbus of North Carolina are now positioned to proactively help our brothers, their families and the community when a disaster does occur.

Before I explain the initial steps to form a DRP at your Council, let me share what has occurred at the State Level.

  • Our DRP State Chairman, Brother Gene Ziemba, has spent the past two years developing the appropriate relationships with other organizations that are involved with Disaster Relief…you may recognize some of these organizations – American Red Cross, Baptist Ministries, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), Catholic Charities, etc.
  • We have been able to learn and understand where we can be of assistance after a disaster occurs such as; helping to serve meals, answering phone calls from our homes to pass on information, helping with clean-up & debris removal, rebuilding homes or assisting with shelter management.
  • The State Council has become a member of the North Carolina Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster also known as NC VOAD.
  • Our DRP State Chairman, Gene Ziemba, has become a Board Member of NC VOAD. NC VOAD consists of 31 different groups including the organizations listed above.

Now that we are well positioned on the State level we need to focus on organizing the tremendous knowledge base, strong leadership, and support capabilities that we have throughout North Carolina in our Councils.  The first step in harnessing these capabilities is to begin the process of developing a Council DRP.

In order that we keep this process straight forward and simple we would like your leadership in establishing a Council Disaster Response Program (DRP).  We believe it is more important to start the DRP with clear & straight forward steps and over time as appropriate each council can expand their program.

We respectfully ask you to implement the following steps to get your Program started:

  • Step 1: Appoint a council member as the Council’s Disaster Response Chairman
  • Step 2: You and your Disaster Response Chairman would then identify and attract a few volunteers to join the team
  • Step 3: Create a line item in your Annual Budget to set aside money for Disaster Response – let it build up year over year to use as required

When you have completed these 3 steps then contact me (email: or cell: 937-609-1753) to discuss some further steps as appropriate for your specific Council.

Keep in mind that over time the overall goal is to have a Network of Councils that are well positioned to serve the needs of NC VOAD.  Please contact me to discuss any questions you may have.

Have a Blessed Day

NC State Community Director
James T. Laraia
Cell: 937-609-1753

We Thank Our Heroes

James T. Laraia

Publicly Thanking & Recognizing the Service of First Responders

Worthy Brothers

Please consider implementing a We Thank Our Heroes program.  This is a yearly program to thank & recognize the First Responders in your community.  A first responder is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accidentnatural disaster, or terrorist attack.  First responders typically include paramedicsemergency medical technicianspolice officersfirefightersrescuers, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work.

We have several councils that currently have a program to thank and recognize first responders in their community.  Piedmont Council 939 has a program called ‘Emergency Responders Awards’ which has been in existence for 45 years!  We are blessed to have a strong base of experience & knowledge to draw upon for advice.  The names of these programs vary however all the programs are focused on thanking and recognizing their community’s first responders.  We Thank Our Heroes is an umbrella name to include all your various program names.

For the councils that would like to start or expand their program the following will provide some key insight.  Any date is appropriate to thank & recognize our First Responders.  However, one key date to consider when implementing a We Thank Our Heroes program is September 11th.  NC Senate Bill 257 designated September 11th as First Responders Day.  The First Responders Anthem is called “Thank You First Responder”.  Click or cut & paste the following link: to hear the Anthem.

A jointly collaborated community event, a council sponsored event or an individual member’s words of thanks are all appropriate to honor our First Responders.  The purpose of a We Thank Our Heroes program is to express our gratitude to our Community’s First Responders for their difficult job and the selfless actions they perform every day to protect, serve and enhance our community.  The We Thank Our Heroes program’s basic principles are:

  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ
  • Focus on the selfless service of our First Responders
  • Advocate for continued community support
  • Recognize the emotional burden of our First Responders
  • Promote the Honor, Courage and Service of our First Responders.

Below is a quick check list to implement your program:

  • Appoint a council member as the program’s Chairman
  • Provide his name & contact information to the program’s State Chairman
  • Have a brief conference call with the program’s State Chairman to review potential activities and how to present the We Thank Our Heroes program to your membership
  • Have the Council’s Program Chairman and council members identify one or two potential activities/events to develop and/or sponsor…choose the best activity/event that fits your council’s resources
  • Depending on the scope of your selected activity/event…Publicize the activity’s date to attract participants and donors. Involve your parish community in the activity by inviting non-members and their families to participate.  Also, consider collaborating with other community organizations such as Schools, Community Organizations & Government
  • Involve your local media for PSAs (Public Service Announcements) – Catholic Radio, Church Bulletin, Public Radio, Newspapers, TV Stations, Online, etc. as appropriate to promote your activity/event
  • As always…remember to thank your volunteers before, during and after the activity/event

Below are some activities/events to consider:

  • Special Mass dedicated to our First Responders
  • Donuts & Coffee after Mass to thank our First Responders
  • Special Breakfast at no charge for all First Responders
  • Drop off Bake Goods to Fire, Police, EMS stations made by parishioners, Knights, Women Church Organizations, etc.
  • Provide a lunch/dinner from 12:00pm to 7:00pm for First Responders to pick-up and/or deliver
  • Sponsor a School Poster contest to thank First Responders and display in Public Library or School Hallway
  • Select a day where everyone makes a focused effort to thank every first responder they encounter during the day
  • Notify all First Responder departments (i.e. Police, Fire, EMS, Military, etc.) and Mayor’s Office to have a gathering of all available volunteers (& families) at your City Hall Flag location. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Play the National Anthem, play the First Responders Anthem, have a speaker (i.e. Mayor), and Chaplin to honor all the First Responders.
  • Expand the above event by presenting plagues to each department and/or incorporate a meal during the day for First Responders to stop by and eat or deliver to them
  • Make signs of ‘thanks’ and stand in front of First Responder’s Facilities to say thanks during shift changes

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your thoughts.

Have a Blessed Day

NC State Community Director
James T. Laraia
Cell: 937-609-1753

Sources and references for this article and to learn more about organizations designed to support our First Responders:

Family Director

Fred Burton

Heads-Up for New Council Officers!

First:  Vital things that need to be done soon. Budget – Plan what you want to do, the cost and then your fundraisers. SP-7 due June 30  (if you didn’t turn it in at the State Convention); get a head start on next year’s by penciling in all the programs you regularly do each year – those are so often forgotten in ‘crunch time’. You’ll need some of that info for January’s Form 1728 (Yes, I’ll make you look it up). The Audit is due on the Feast of the Assumption. Let us know who’s running the council with forms 185, 365 and the State Directory and State Contact forms. Warning: Late means DISQUALIFIED for Star Council!

Second: Find out what you can do on-line such as submit reports/awards and get information. We don’t get a lot of info from the councils on the programs and successes they have. On-line entry makes it easy! OH, there is Regional Leadership Training available for you! Now let’s get into some programs and activities………

3rd Degrees: Recruiting peaks in spring, so new brothers may be anxious to move ahead through their degrees. Do they have 2nd degrees? Any 2nd Degree brothers wanting to serve as officers are required to get their 3rd Degree ASAP. Can you host one? Younger knights will be off from school. Summer is also when parish calendars and facilities have the most openings. The prospect of a 4th Degree in Autumn makes Summer the best time to host a 3rd Degree. Jump on this NOW as THREE months of prep time is REQUIRED!

VBS: It’d be great to get some brothers to work it during the 5 weekday evenings it’s in session. If not, hold a social/project meeting on the Sunday before VBS starts to help construct the sets, decorate the rooms and maybe provide hot dogs and drinks for everyone. If this falls in August, call it a “Family Week” activity! Family Week is actually the 2nd week in August, so that’d be the GREAT time for a council outing or parish picnic.

LifeChain: This kicks off the 40-Days for Life on the first Sunday in October. Waiting until later to organize it may be too late – there will likely be only ONE business meeting between Labor Day and LifeChain Sunday. It’s an easy, ideal program for family and parish participation – your council can make that happen!

If your council does the 5th Sunday Rosary program, mark JULY, September and December as 5-Sunday months. And speaking of December, you could combine the 5th Sunday Rosary with the Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family if the holiday schedule precludes saying it at Masses. BTW, you may want to choose your council’s December activities NOW as parish calendars fill up quickly and soon. You’ll also want to order religious Christmas cards from the Squires before the Summer is gone – really!

What else could you thinking about? Free Throw Contest, Soccer Challenge, Essay and Poster Contests. New Youth Directors MUST be certified on Supreme’s program in 45 days – NO EXCEPTIONS! Featured programs: Food for Families and Coats for Kids. How about a Fraternal Benefits Night? A November Memorial Mass? Family of the Month? Knight of the Month? (Award them on alternate months if your council is small.)

NEW INCENTIVE: Councils holding 2 Building the Domestic Church activities in each of 4 program categories (8 total) will be eligible to receive a Holy Family icon from Supreme per their delayed February 24th webinar.

PS – Know of any councils that can only recruit 1 or 2 new members a year? The e-Member program could change that and might now give them a real shot at becoming Star Councils! April’s Family THK article outlined this and June’s will provide some further pointers.

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Family Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

We sometimes talk about how the funds we raise for LAMB are severely needed by the communities in which we live.

Along those lines, I thought I would share with you a handwritten thank you note we received recently from a school teacher in Eastern NC.  I am keeping the identity and location of the sender secret for reasons which will become obvious at the end.

“Dear LAMB Foundation,

My name is xxxxx and I am a teacher at yyyyy Elementary School in zzzz County.  I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous gift to purchase supplies for my students.

You truly have no idea at my surprise when I opened the letter and saw a check inside!  It was like Christmas!

My kids, my principal and our secretary were all so happy and so thankful.

Please know your gift will allow me to buy a few things I had on my “wish list” of manipulatives for my students that will be used for years to come.

Thank you so very much!


The amount of time this teacher spent to write this kind note and send it out personally shows how much of what we do provides results in very meaning ways.

By the Way – the check she received was for all of $75.00

So next time when you are counting the minutes to the end of that 2-hour LAMB shift, you may want to reflect upon this…

Richard White
LAMB Director

Visit, Like and Follow LAMB on Facebook:

Op LAMB Website:
Lamb Foundation of NC

Youth Director

Pat O’Doherty

Substance Abuse Poster Contest

For this year’s Substance Abuse Poster Contest, we had the following winners:

Substance Abuse Poster Contest
PlaceTheme / Group / NameCouncil
Alcohol Themed Posters
Age 8-11
1stMadejin Betson2829
2ndVianetlli Flores Jasso3498
Age 12–14
1stIsabella Cobb2829
2ndJessica Tinervia3498
Drug Abuse Themed
Age 8-11
1stNora McDonald2829
2ndJuliette Onder3498
Age 12-14
1stHaven Amick3498
2ndAbby Elwell2829
3rdDavis Hathaway6600

We would like to thank all the participants and their sponsoring Councils.

Vivat Jesus,
Pat O’Doherty, PGK
State Youth Director
North Carolina State Council
Knights of Columbus
(336) 782-6901 (Please leave a message)
1925 Echo Trail
Pfafftown, NC 27040

2018 Essay Contest Winners

For this year’s Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest for North Carolina on the theme “To the Peripheries” , the following are the Eighth grade winners:




Helen Meyer



Keira Dappen



Allison Kimmel



There were no essays submitted in the other grade levels for this year’s competition. We would like to thank all the participants and their sponsoring Councils for their involvement in this essay contest.


Tom DuPree

Greetings Brothers, Sir Knight, Worthy Grand Knights, and Faithful Navigators,

Vivat Jesus!

National Wheel Chair Games

The 38th National Veterans Wheel Chair Games will be held in Orlando, Florida July 29-Aug 4

The 38th NVWG will offer 19 events plus triathlon.

These Games are the largest annual wheel chair multi-sport and rehabilitation event in the world.  The Games are open to US military service Veterans who use wheel chairs due to spinal cord injuries, certain neurological conditions, amputations, or other mobility impairments.  The Games are committed to fostering better physical and mental health for Veterans with disabilities through sports competition.

Co-sponsors by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs & Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) annually.  Six action-packed days of competition and camaraderie.  600 athletes will compete.

Goals of the NVWG are:

  • Improve the quality of life for Veterans with physical disabilities.
  • Promote greater independence and functional skills through wheel chair sports and recreation.
  • Provide education and training for clinicians, specializing in treatment of spinal cord injuries/diseases, amputations, MS & neurological disorders.
  • Initiate camaraderie by matching newly injured Veterans with Veteran athletes who have previously participated in the Games.

Dateline:  July 2, 2018

All athletes must register by this date and provide their flight information and hotel reservations.                                                                                                                                     Cost:  Air flight (round trip)  $250-300. Per Veteran  Hotel:  $1,000. Per room—most Veterans share a room.

For the past ten years, the Knights of Columbus in North Carolina have honored the request of our VA Medical Centers and the Veterans, who have participated in these Games, by assisting these Veterans in providing funding in helping cover the cost.  This year 20 Veterans are planning on attending the Games.    How can you help?  We are requesting each Council/Assembly and Brother Knights to consider making a cash donation to cover the Veterans expenses.  Every dollar is critical!                                  Please send your donation to:

SK Jerry Cucurullo, FC
6208 Heacham Ct,
Raleigh, NC 27614

Make check PAYABLE:  St. Francis of Assisi Assembly #3552  MENO:  VAVS/WHEEL CHAIR GAMES/ COUNCIL/ASSEMBLY #.  The VAVS account is a special checking account designated to support our Veterans’ Programs (100%)  Your Council/Assembly will be given credit you’re your donation.  Any questions, please contact me at or 919-302-5550.  As your State Veteran Affair and District VAVS representative, I am asking for 100% participation.

Fourth Annual VA Bull City 5 K Run, Walk & Roll—Saturday May 5, 2018  8:00 AM  This event is being sponsored by the Durham VA Medical Center in partnership with the Knights of NC ( Saint Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552) and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 175   Funds will be used to support Veterans Programs.  Come, participate with your family and friends.  Walk ups are welcome.


GK/FN and Trustees, as you prepare your budgets for 2018-2019, I would respectfully request that you provide a budgetary line item for the following:  New Coat Program for Needed Veterans, National Wheel Chair Games, 5K Run, Walk & Roll, Marine Corp Trials (MCT), USO-NC, Wounded Warrior (M.O.P.H.) & sweat pants and shirts.  These items needed for the welfare for our Veterans and are NOT provided by the VA Administration.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Each VA Medical and its affiliates have many opportunities where you can volunteer your time, talent and treasure to improve the lives of our Veterans and their families.  Your volunteer time is valued at $25.00 per hour.  Your rewards are priceless ( “SERVING THOSE WHO SERVED”)



SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
NC State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

4th Degree Knights Honor Local Business

Members of the Father Stanley Grubitz Assembly, Elizabeth City, NC, presented a Certificate of Patriotism to Brian Jennings, owner of B&S Enterprises (Case Dealership), for their display of the American flag on three large poles located at their home and two of their dealership locations in the Elizabeth City area. Shown at the presentation are the Elizabeth City Dealership Owner, Brian Jennings (center), with his shop Manager being presented a certificate and flag by SK Walt Smith (second from left). The flag had been flown by the U.S. Air Force over a local headquarters in Afghanistan and Qatar, as well as carried along on a mission supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

2018 Free Throw Championship Results

We would like to thank the Pius X Council # 3498 in Burlington for hosting the State Free Throw Championship. The youth participating and the adults attending or assisting with the contest had a wonderful time. We had a young lady win her age group for the fifth straight time and the State Officers helped as judges \ observers for the event. A special thanks to Fr. Lesak for both providing the invocation and for helping tally the results. The winning youth are as follows:

Final Results

9 Year Old GirlsHometown9 Year Old BoysHometown
1stClaire SullivanWinston-Salem, NCAndrew SmithCharlotte, NC
2ndRielyn RanieriDavidson, NCEvan PottschmidtRaleigh, NC
3rdEvan CrooksFuquay Varina, NC
10 Year Old GirlsHometown10 Year Old BoysHometown
1stKelsey BurlesonLocust, NCBryce FitzsimmonsDurham, NC
2ndKelly GoliberWinston-Salem, NCEdward DavidMatthews, NC
3rdAlyssa LaneRaleigh, NCThomas ThompsonKernersville, NC
11 Year Old GirlsHometown11 Year Old BoysHometown
1stGrace GaylonWinston-Salem, NCSawyer HuntCary, NC
2ndEllen HurnigFort Mill, SCDavis HathawayGreenville, NC
3rdKaylee EngelsConcord, NCCarson RanieriDavidson, NC
12 Year Old GirlsHometown12 Year Old BoysHometown
1stKaylee FitzsimmonsDurham, NCJoe KuhnHuntersville, NC
2ndJa’Lashia MarlowCalabash, NCJeffrey DillWinston-Salem, NC
3rdAva GoodmanGibsonville, NCJoshua TurnerDurham, NC
13 Year Old GirlsHometown13 Year Old BoysHometown
1stReagan GulledgeAlbermarle, NCMichael SchaalChapel Hill, NC
2ndMadison KesnerSunset Beach, NCJacob GloverRaleigh
3rdEleanor BurbidgeBurlington, NCDavid ArmstrongMcCleansville, NC
14 Year Old GirlsHometown14 Year Old BoysHometown
1stBriasia SommervilleWashington, NCNoah GoodmanGibsonville, NC
2ndThalia SpardilloWilmington, NC
3rdAnijay Flores-JassoGraham, NC

There were 22 young ladies and 22 young gentlemen participants along with a large number of parent, siblings and brother Knights at the event.

2018 Free Throw Contest Winners with the State Officers and Youth Director.

Death of GK Sir Knight John Schmidt, Sr.

Death of GK John Schmidt, Sr.

John Anthony Schmidt
June 15, 1935 – April 9, 2018

Wilmington Knights of Columbus Council 1074 is in mourning over the death of our Grand Knight, Sir Knight, John Schmidt, Sr., who passed away on the evening of Monday, April 9th. John was a longtime member of the Knights of Columbus and was very active in both Council 1074 and Msgr. Christopher Dennen 4th Degree Assembly 2017 where he was an active member of the Color Corps. John’s wake was on Thursday, April 12th and his Funeral Mass on Saturday, April 14th was concelebrated at the Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary by Fr. Robert Kus and Fr. John McGee. They are the pastors respectively of the Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary and Immaculate Conception Church; the two parishes serviced by Council 1074. Both events were well attended and the Color Corps participated in both. The North Carolina Knights of Columbus State Deputy John Nussbaum attended the Mass on Saturday. Afterwards the Knights provided a reception for John’s family and friends. John is survived by his wife Marion, four children Cathleen Gormley and husband, Brian, John Schmidt, Jr., Theresa Hughes and husband, Sam, and Joseph M. Schmidt; seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Both of John’s sons, John Jr. and Joe are members of Council 1074. Donations may be made to the Knights of Columbus LAMB Foundation at, please add a notation, “In memory of John Schmidt, Council 1074” so that your award is properly credited.

The Deputy Grand Knight, Sir Knight, Bob Benazzi will lead the council for the remainder of the current Columbian Year ending on June 30th. Elections for the 2018-19 year will be held at the May 8th business meeting.


Founder’s Day Dinner

GK John Schmidt, Sr. rallied to attend one final event, Council 1074’s annual Founder’s Day Dinner on March 27th at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Wilmington. Founder Day, March 29th, is the date on which the Knights of Columbus was chartered by the State of Connecticut in 1882 and is traditionally the event when awards for the year are presented. The dinner was held a few nights early since March 29th was Holy Thursday this year. The GK treated the council to appetizers and we had a delicious dinner. Afterwards the GK accompanied by DGK Bob Benazzi presented the awards to this year’s winners. The text of the awards is below along with photos of the presentations. Congratulations to all of the winners.





Presented To

Jim & Patty Cavanaugh

In recognition of your support and contributions to our council activities.




Presented To Jim Mulligan

In recognition as a new Knight with such a great willingness to get so actively involved in our council.




Presented To Bob Macaluso, PGK

In recognition of your leadership as a Past Grand Knight and for your many years of hard work supporting our council and the community.




Presented To Theon “Charlie” Backes, PGK

In recognition of your many years of service to the Knights as a two-time Past Grand Knight of Council 1074, Former District Deputy and holder of several State Council positions.

Thanks for always being there to assist in our council leadership.




Presented To

Ken Schradin

In recognition of your many years of hard work as our Council 1074 Webmaster.




Presented To

Francis Reck, PGK

In recognition of your many years of hard work as our Council 1074 Monthly Newsletter Editor.

Remarks by Council 1074 Chancellor, Tim Pflaum at the reception following the Funeral Mass for GK Sir Knight John Schmidt, Sr.

John Anthony Schmidt

Ubi Caritas est vera; Deus ibi est.  Where your heart is – God is there.

John Schmidt was a great man because he lived a life of Faith in the Triple Love Command.   John loved God; John loved his family, Marian and his four beautiful children.  He loved his brothers – his brothers at VMI and then, by following his Father’s example, his brother Knights in the Knights of Columbus.

John invested his whole life – his heart and his soul into the triple love command.  John was a beautiful example of Christian Stewardship – using his God-given talents to make something better – to grow in faith, hope and love by investing your talents, your time and your treasure to improve the quality of life for those you love.  John demonstrated his Faith in God by loving and serving others.  He was humble and caring in his words and his actions – more interested in your views and ideas than in pushing his own agenda.

John was an exemplary leader because he lived by a vision – a dream, if you will – and he knew how to encourage, motivate and inspire others to join him in his labors for love.  John was successful in business because he knew how to plan, organize and motivate his employees and colleagues to get the work done.  In military parlance, John led from the front – he was always there; he was always involved and he was always enthusiastic.  It was always a pleasure to be with him.  However, John saw business in a practical, realistic sense – as the means to an end.  John was not greedy or self-centered.  His goal in business was to be successful in order to provide a reliable income for his family.  His motivation for his business career was love of his family.

As our Grand Knight, John exemplified the virtues and values that the Knight of Columbus stand for -Charity, Unity, Brotherhood and Patriotism.  He was a Catholic Gentleman in the very best sense of the term.  He exemplified Christian Love and Leadership throughout his whole life.  John knew how to listen, to encourage and to offer caring advice and wise counsel.  He trusted in the Holy Spirit and he knew how and when to step aside to allow the Holy Spirit to step in.  I am in a position of Leadership in this Council because of John’s quiet and skillful caring love.  Most importantly, John lived in accord with Jesus’ command at the Last Supper – “Love one another as I have loved you”.

All of us will miss John greatly and we will remember him in our prayers.  As we make our own way through this Valley of Tears may we be uplifted by the thought that we will all be together again with John in the Heavenly Kingdom for all eternity.  Eternal Rest grant to him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace.  May his soul and all the souls of our Faithful Departed rest in peace.


LAMB Donation

On behalf of the Father Bernard McDevitt Council #15085, PGK/SK Chris Amsler makes a $540 donation to Courtney Phillips of Camp Ability.

Submitted by Lonnie Pizza

District Master (Golden Plume)

Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights and Brothers,

Class Picture of New Sir Knights – Fourth Degree Exemplification on April 14, 2018 in Raleigh, NC

Please join me to congratulate seventy (70) new Brother Sir Knights, including two (2) Priests, to the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus. These new “Patriots: were Exemplified at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Raleigh, on Saturday April 14, 2018. Once again, the Fourth Degree Exemplification TEAM did an outstanding job. A very fine “thank you” is also due to the Host Assembly, St. Francis of Assisi Assembly No. 3552 of Raleigh. Under the direction of Faithful Navigator SK Joseph McCarthy, the Assembly had plenty of manpower “at the ready” and were very helpful in the prompt completion of tasks. Thank you very much Brother Sir Knights!

Brother and Sir Knight Tom DuPree was the Honoree for this Exemplification, receiving an award plaque to commemorate this honor.

A “Special Pass the Helmet” collection was held at the Fourth Degree Luncheon following the Exemplification on Saturday April 14, 2018 that resulted in $945.00 that will be split in the following manner: $225.00 for the VA 5K Bull City Run, Walk & Roll Event, as requested by Honoree Tom DuPree. $220.00 for the USO at Raleigh Durham Airport, $200.00 to the VRQ in Asheville for the 4th of July Veterans B-B-Q and $200.00 for the USO at Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

The next Fourth Degree Exemplification is scheduled for Saturday August 11, 2018 hosted by George L. Gettier Assembly No. 780 in Charlotte, NC. The information letter for this Exemplification has been posted on the State website at Hotel information will be posted on the website as soon as arrangements are made.

I am going to insert here a, a “plug”, “request” for some of our younger SK’s to help the Fourth Degree Exemplification Team. Each of the Exemplar positions has a text that requires memorization, and the current Exemplar’s perform in an excellent manner. However, they will be the first to tell you – they are aging. They will also be the first to tell you the feeling of joy at the end of the Exemplification, just to see the look on the faces of the new Sir Knights. Please prayerfully consider becoming a member of a great TEAM of Brother Sir Knights.

Membership continues to be the lifeblood of our Organization to insure continued growth and success of the Fourth Degree. We must continuously offer membership to our Brother 3rd Degree Knights to become a part of the Patriotic Degree. The 3rd Degree Councils hold membership drives to gain new Brother Knights. Assemblies also need to conduct membership drives to encourage support for the Fourth Degree.

The Biennial Meeting was held on Saturday April 28, 2018 in Burlington, NC with 49 Delegates present. The District Master conducted the meeting with many important topics offered for discussion. All of these topics have been e-mail blasted to the Faithful Navigators and Faithful Comptrollers for discussion at Assembly meetings. Nominees for NC District Master for the term 2018-2020 have been forwarded to the Vice Supreme Master. Also offered and passed by the Delegation was the suggestion for Regional Meetings for Assembly Officers. The idea is to keep all Assembly Officers informed as much as possible regarding their respective positions and Supreme requirements, forms, etc. Further information will follow once details are all worked out. If an Assembly would like to host one of the training sessions, please call the DM.

Please continue to support Veterans needs throughout the State. For further information on their needs, please call or e-mail Brother SK Tom DuPree for updates as to where you can help.

Assembly Elections for the Fraternal Year 2018 – 2019 should be held at the May Assembly meetings.  Please insure that Form 186, Report of Officers Chosen For The Term, is submitted as directed on the bottom of the form. Further, please go to the State website and complete the State form for the Fourth Degree as this information is utilized for Assembly contacts as well as for the Fourth Degree District Directory that will be sent to all FN’s and FC’s when completed.

Once Assembly Elections are held and the above tasks completed, please consider a date for the Assembly Installation. Please e-mail or call the District Master ASAP, to insure the date you would like for an installation is available. The following dates have already been assigned for installations: 6/16, 6/26 & 6/28; 7/14, 7/15, 7/18, 7/24, 7/29 and 8/5. Also consider hosting other Assemblies for a combined installation – great for Fraternity and families to get together.

There is a very important date coming up for our Patriotic Organization to remember: Memorial Day on May 28th and Flag Day on June 14th. Please remember to honor our Flag with special commemorative activities. Consider forwarding pictures of your event and we will insure it is posted on the website as well as placed in the Golden Plume.

Dates to Remember for May 2018:

  • May 3 – National Day of Prayer
  • May 13Mother’s Day
  • May 15 – Peace Officer’s Memorial Day
  • May 19 – Armed Forces Day
  • May 28 – Memorial Day

Special Exemplification for Parish Priests of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Newton Grove. Fr. Kevin Moley and Fr. Mark Wise were Exemplified into the Fourth Degree
Left to Right: District Master SK Jack Murray, Rev. & SK Kevin Moley, Pastor; Rev. & SK Joseph Dionne, Faithful Friar for Assembly 2490, Rev. & SK Mark Wise, Parochial Vicar and District Marshal Paul Spire

Deacon and SK David Miller at his first Mass as Deacon, delivered the Homily and honored with an Honor Guard of Brother SK’s from Assembly 2017.

Remember – “Sir Knight” is not just a title, it is “An Honor” 

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America!


SK Jack Murray, PSD
District Master