The Tar Heel Knight

September 2018

State Officers

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants


State Officers

State Deputy: John Nussbaum
Chaplain: Father Lesak
State Secretary: Dan Lange
State Treasurer: JC Reiher
State Advocate: Chris Losack
State Warden: Sergio Miranda
Immediate Past State Deputy: Colin Jorsch

Regional Membership and
Program Consultants

#1: JP Horvat
#2: Joe McCarthy
#3: Walter Kulla, Jr.
#4: Ron Cortopassi
#5: Tom Kotz


Disaster Preparedness Overview: In the new guidebook from Supreme, Faith in Action, the revised Disaster program is completely outlined. This month we will review the steps you need to take…

2019 State Raffle Has Begun

Tickets are only $5 each and your Council gets to keep HALF of all money collected. Due to the cost of trips and cruises, all prizes are CASH.

Grand Knights and Council Raffle Chairmen: Remember to turn in your ticket stubs, money, and all required forms to your DD or RMPC by April 8th.


Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All, Vivat Jesus! As we transition from summer to autumn, the needs of our Veterans are changing.  In my July/August newsletters, I pointed…

State Advocate

Chris Losack

Keeping Our Course in the Storm

Brothers all,

You’ve no doubt heard about the scandal of widespread abuse within the Church in Pennsylvania that went unreported and unremedied. We are all disgusted and feel our confidence has been callously betrayed. Our Supreme Knight’s message on the subject was most relevant in its immediacy and admonitions. If you haven’t read it, I encourage everyone to do so now.

As a lay Catholic Order, we have steadily instituted steps and procedures to protect both ourselves and especially the kids with whom we come in contact as we live out the tenants of our Faith. Our Safe Environment Program has been created to prevent abuses from arising clandestinely during the course of our activities. For those of you who are required to take this training and those who must consent to a background check, do these things immediately after receiving your notification. For other brother Knights, including council officers and directors, I challenge you to voluntarily take this training before Thanksgiving. If the training is not completed within 30 days of the original notification, you are subject of being removed from your position and must be replaced.

But how do we, as Catholics, fortify ourselves in the wake of those disclosures and in the face of distrustful attitudes that will ensue? By God’s grace we’ve just been given the new initiative, “Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly Challenge”. These are small actions involving scripture, prayer and meditation we are challenged to do individually for a few minutes each day that month. The Challenge can be found in Columbia magazine, Knightline and on Supreme’s website. The Chaplain or GK is to initiate a brief discussion of the Challenge among the membership at the beginning of each council meeting. Involve your priest and start this in September; small actions can, in just a month’s time, become priceless spiritual habits.

In the longer outlook, how do we move forward in the spirit of evangelization? “Into the Breach” provides us with the spiritual grounding to combat the encroachment of evil from the society around us. It tells us who were are as Catholic men, the forces against us, our responsibilities and how developing oneness with God can enable us to overcome any storm; start reading this today.

But we also need the encouragement that comes in numbers, for this is a vicious struggle indeed. This is precisely why “Faith in Action” is based on so many devotional programs focused on the council, the parish or the Catholic community at large. Start your planning now for those which will be most beneficial in your parish, especially a Spiritual Reflection project. And for those of you lucky enough to be in a position to do so, set aside the time to take part in the Charlotte Mens’ Conference on September 7 and 8!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.

Vivat Jesus,

Christopher J. Losack
NC State Advocate

We Are Called


Nick Nastasi

Worthy Brothers,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  Hope everyone had a great summer. We are off to bit of a slow start to the fraternal year.

As of the writing of this article, the North Carolina Knights have brought in 82 new members. That is an average of over 41 new members a month, which 34 below our monthly goal. Currently, we are number 16 in the entire Order. I want to thank all the councils who have brought in new members in to the Order so far this year.  I also invite those councils who have not brought a new member into the Order to ask the members of their parish to join either through their local council or by Online Membership.

Let us make a concerted effort to target the younger gentlemen and families and invite them to join the Order. They are our future; let us pass on our knowledge to them to keep our councils vibrant and long running. Even though coming to a meeting may be a challenge, the Online Membership affords the gentleman the same fraternal benefits and the ability to do the right thing for their families as we do as well as spending quality time with their families and building their domestic church.

The Online members will receive monthly emails from Supreme learning more about our Order, strengthening their faith and encouraging them to transition to their local council. Please invite these members to your next meeting and their families to your next parish event.

Think of Online membership as a virtual anti-chamber, the online member does not become a degreed Knight and count towards your membership until he has completed the Admission degree.  The website for Online Membership is

Even if you are able to get a name and email address for these gentlemen during your drives, please send them along to the Membership team and we will send them up to Supreme and these families will start receiving information about the Knights of Columbus on a monthly basis.

We are called upon to invite every Catholic gentleman and their families the opportunity to join our Order. The best way for a man not to join our Order is by not inviting and offering him and his family the opportunity to join us.

Fall is approaching, the kids are back in school. Football season is here. The weather will eventually get cooler. Now is the time for all councils to plan their recruitment drives. Please take advantage and order your Church Recruitment Drive materials from Supreme by logging into Officers Online on the Supreme Website and click the Green Supplies Online logo. Then click Kits then Church Recruitment Drive Kit. This is FREE from Supreme. Even if they are unable to run a church drive, order the kits anyways again it FREE. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery which should be just in time for your drives.

Sadly, we had 71 Brothers Knights leave the Order either by withdrawal or suspension already this fraternal year. All councils need to do a better job with Retention and keep in contact with all our Brother Knights so that they do not want to leave the Order or just go away to where we cannot locate them and have no choice but to say goodbye to them. Councils need to make Retention a year-long process and maintain their council’s membership.

Here it is Retention tip. Has your council tried to contact former members?

Do you realize that the council can:

Reinstate the Brother Knight if he has been out less than 3 months with no break in his service.

Reactivate the Brother Knight if he has Insurance and has been out more than 3 months. There is a break in his service but he only pays a $5 fee. Counts as a plus 1 for both membership and insurance.

Readmit the Brother Knight if he did not have Insurance and was out for more than 3 months and less than 7 years. There is a break in service, but he only pays a $7.50 fee.

The Membership Team is:

  • Membership Director – Nick Nastasi
  • Recruitment East – Bob Hack
  • Recruitment West – James Pilate
  • Retention Chairman – Bob Hack
  • Roundtable Chairman – Dick Angell
  • Hispanic Recruitment East – Jose Santos

Please invite us to your meetings, recruitment drives and open house. We cannot come if we are not asked; we are ready and willing to assist your councils in having a successful year. We cannot help if we are not aware that an issue exists.

For councils in Regions 1, 2 and 6 please contact Brother Bob Hack or me for any assistance. For councils in Regions 3, 4 and 5 please contact Brother James Pilate or me for any assistance. For any councils needing assistance with the Hispanic catholic community please contact Brother Jose Santos. Please contact Bob Hack for any guidance on the retention process and procedures.

Also remember that the Insurance Agents are a key part of membership. Please utilize these brother Knights in your recruiting efforts. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members.

District Deputies, I am asking for your help. You are a vital part to your councils. Unleash your awesomeness! RMPC’s, I am asking for your help. You are the Regional Membership and Program Consultants. Please keep your DD’s motivated and accountable.

It is an honor to serve you and your councils as your State Membership Director. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and have a successful fraternal year.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Membership Director

General Program Director

Chris Losack

International Church Service Program Winner

At the recent Supreme Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus granted an International Service Award to a Raleigh-based council following its work rebuilding a church destroyed by arson.

St. Luke the Evangelist Council 12455 was honored for work that began in January 2014 when its home church was destroyed.

In the wake of tragedy, council members served their parish in an inspiring fashion. In addition to Knights who removed debris from the damaged sanctuary, one council member offered office space so that the parish could continue to celebrate Mass together.

The Knights then began a series of fundraising projects to rebuild the destroyed building, and they contributed over $7,000 of their own funds to go toward the new cross atop the church building.

In all, council members logged more than 22,000 hours of community service between the day of the fire and Oct. 21, 2017, the day Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama dedicated a new church building at St. Luke.

Past Grand Knight John Stanson and his wife Pamela, both of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Raleigh, with NC Knights of Columbus State Deputy John Nussbaum and his wife Lori. Contributed by Evan Fritsch.

Christopher J. Losack

NC General Program Director

We Are Called

Community Director

James T. Laraia

Faith-in-Action – Community Programs

Worthy Brothers All,

As we experience the start of another school year we realize we are entering a busy four months in our Fraternal Year.  These months are packed with various Council Programs.  These programs are meant to inspire our council members to put their faith into action.

Our new Faith-In-Action program model has four Program Categories which are Faith, Community, Family and Life.  There are 32 Supreme Council recommended programs (8 per category).  For Community we have 8 programs as follows:

  • Coats for Kids
  • Global Wheelchair Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Free Throw Championship
  • Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
  • Soccer Challenge
  • Helping Hands.

Your council is encouraged to conduct one or more of the programs above, or it may conduct existing Council programs or develop new programs unique to your parish or community.  The goal is for the council to be active and conduct programs that draw men closer to their faith, families and communities.

Once the Grand Knight appoints its Council Community Director and submits the ‘Service Program Personnel Report’ (#365) the Council Community Director will be notified he is required to take safe environment training and to provide authorization for a background check.  The safe environment training needs to be completed within 30 days of the notification or be subject to removal from the position.  Keep in mind, to achieve the Columbian Award every council must submit a Community Director and he must comply with the Safe Environment Program.

The Supreme Council has designated three featured Community programs which are Coats for Kids, Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity.  When your council conducts one of these featured programs and satisfies the associated requirements, your council will receive two credits toward the Community Category.

Additionally, your council must conduct one required program in each of the four categories (Faith, Community, Family and Life) to be eligible for the Columbian Award.  For the Community Category the required program is Helping Hands.

The State Council has many resources available to help your council achieve the 16 program credits to earn the Columbian Award.  As an example, for the Community Category we have State Program Chairmen that will help you with your Community programs.  If you go to our State Website under ‘Programs’ and click on ‘Community Director’ then scroll down to the list of Chairmen, you will find the contact information for each Community Program Chairman.

As you execute your Community programs, please contact the appropriate Chairman and/or me if you have questions, need clarification, want to share ideas or have comments/feedback.  We are here to serve you!

THANK-YOU for implementing our new Faith-In-Action program model.



James T. Laraia
NC State Community Director
We Are Called


A council needs to complete four (4) programs in each category (Faith, Community, Family and Life) to earn the Columbian Award.  Also, remember that a council must conduct one required program in each category to be eligible for the Columbian Award.

Flood Preparedness Checklist

James T. Laraia

Flood Preparedness Checklist


It is important to have a plan in place for various emergencies.  As our State has observed recently the challenges that a flood causes are numerous.  As a suggestion to all of us in North Carolina please consider the following checklist concerning Flood Preparedness.

  • Do you have a Flood Insurance Policy? Consider the benefits for your specific situation – if it makes reasonable sense then obtain a Flood Insurance Policy.
  • Is your current Flood Insurance Policy adequate and active? Renew Your Policy.
  • Know Your Flood Risk: Learn whether you live, work, or travel through areas that are prone to flooding. You can check at
  • Know How to Stay Informed: To find out what alerts are available in your area, do an internet search with your town, city or county name and the word ‘alerts’.
  • Plan Your Evacuation Route: Know your community’s local flood evacuation plan and identify several escape routes for your location if roads are blocked.
  • Practice Emergency Communications: In case you and your family are not together when authorities issue a flood watch or flood warning, practice how you will communicate with each other. Texting is often a fast method.
  • Practice First Aid: Visit to find out about classes in your area. Or see if there is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in your area.
  • Make a ‘Go Bag’: Take time now to make a list of the things you would need or want to take with you. Store the basic emergency supplies in a ‘Go Bag’ or another container.
  • Protect & Record What’s Important: Get a fireproof, waterproof box for vital documents. Take as many pictures and videos of your flood damaged property and belongings as possible – both on the outside and inside of your home, and inside closets, cabinets, and drawers.

For more flood preparedness tips, visit  It is very important to be proactive and not get caught in the mind set that a natural disaster such as a flood would not happen to me.  Source of information is FEMA.



James T. Laraia
NC State Community Director
We Are Called


Family Director

Bob Macaluso

Get the Word Out on Your Activities

Brothers, I know that many councils hold special event fundraisers for local charities, but, how do you get the word out to the public for their support?  I assume that many of the councils promote their events in the church bulletins, as well as, flyers and email blasts for events such as golf tournaments, but have you ever considered using Public Service Announcements? Recently, Wilmington Council 1074 teamed up with a local TV station, WWAY, to broadcast 15 and 30 second PSA’s to promote their upcoming 6th Annual Golf Tournament to support Special Olympics 50th anniversary.

Like many local media outlets, WWAY is committed to local organizations that support the needs of the community and are willing to work with these organizations to promote their events using PSA’s.  In some cases, PSA’s are free but are subject to available air time.  For primetime PSA’s, a small fee maybe charged but your message is broadcasted during maximum viewership.

Before your next major fundraising event, checkout your local media networks to get the word out about your event and the Knights of Columbus and don’t forget about including Catholic Radio if you are fortunate to have it in your community.

I am including the link to Council 1074’s PSA for your review.

Good luck and much success with your charitable events.

Vivat Jesus,
Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC State Family Director

LAMB Director

LAMB Director


We mention at just about every opportunity the importance of exposing our members and their families to how their efforts with LAMB has a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve – and I for one don’t know if this can be emphasized enough.

At my home Council (and I know other Councils do things similar) we are fortunate to be able to have a number of opportunities to accomplish this.

Three of my favorites.

  • Holy Angels of Belmont is the charity that receives the most LAMB funding from our Council and is a short drive from us. Annually we arrange a date to visit Holy Angels and present our LAMB check where we invite all Council members and their families.  The Holy Angels staff is kind enough to then take us all on a tour of their facility.  I did my first such tour about 12 years ago.  To put it simply, once you take that tour and see the fantastic work being done, you become “hooked on LAMB”.

As a result, over the years we have built a core team of Brother Knights who are committed to “doing whatever it takes”.

  • We also sometimes have a guest speaker from one of the groups we support give a short talk prior to a business meeting about how our efforts help their charity. One of the most memorable for me, a few years ago we had the gentleman who owns a runs a therapeutic riding farm for those with intellectual disabilities.  He is a southern gentleman, not a Catholic, but when he stood before our group and looked around, he literally came to tears, saying he never realized the many works we did as Knights of Columbus.
  • Our Council also funds the Special Religious Education Faith Formation (SPRED) program at our Parish through funds we raise by collecting at Church for LAMB after Masses. The children from this program are inclusive members of our Parish, a special Advent and Closing Mass are held each year, and not only our members but the Parish at large sees the visible result of our efforts.

St. Matthew –SPRED – Advent Closing Mass

So think about what you can possibly do at your Council to help get the word out to your members about how their work pays off….

Richard White
LAMB Director

Visit, Like and Follow LAMB on Facebook:

Op LAMB Website:
Lamb Foundation of NC

NC State Holiday – First Responder’s Day

NC State Holiday – First Responder’s Day

Worthy Brothers,

This September 11th marks a North Carolina State Holiday.  It has been designated as First Responders Day.  Please refer to the information below for further details.

We encourage all councils to share this with their members and ask that when they have an encounter with a First Responder to say ‘Thank-you for Your Service.’  This small gesture means a great deal to our First Responders.


Kyle Hester

First Responders Chairman

North Carolina First Responder Day

September 11

Raleigh— In 2017 the NC General Assembly designated September 11th of each year as First Responder Day, making it an official State holiday. The date of September 11th was chosen in recognition of the huge sacrifices made by first responders at the World Trade Center attack in New York. According to Tim Bradley, Executive Director of the NC State Firefighters’ Association (NCSFA), there are over 50,000 firefighters, both career and volunteer, in North Carolina serving 1,376 fire departments.  “After the attacks on 9/11/01 we vowed to never forget the sacrifices made that day by first responders, 343 of whom were firefighters. Having this day each year as a State holiday will help keep the recognition of that sacrifice alive and continue to honor those who serve their community with sacrifices every day.”

Fire departments across the State will hold various festivities on First Responder Day. This involves everything from ringing the community fire alarm to formal 9.11 services. According to Swannanoa Fire Chief Anthony Penland, who serves the year as President of NCSFA, “these services and recognitions are wonderful, but sometimes all it takes is a positive comment or pat on the back from a member of the community”.  “It’s a recognition of service and sacrifice in the past as well as sacrifice yet to come”, Penland said.

For information about events that may be occurring local for First Responders Day, contact your local fire department or police department.


Gene Ziemba
Disaster Relief

Disaster Preparedness

Overview: In the new guidebook from Supreme, Faith in Action, the revised Disaster program is completely outlined. This month we will review the steps you need to take now.

Are you ready for disaster? As I write this in late August, in coastal NC all is right with the world. We’re two months into Hurricane season, and nothing is on the horizon. Literally. But, if you have spent more than two weeks here, you know that we get it all in North Carolina. Hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, ice, sleet, snow, and did I mention hurricanes? We know not where, we know not when.

Personal preparation:  We are unable to address Council preparation until you are personally prepared.

Please read that last sentence again.

This is a big deal. Most of us have endured events that are termed disasters, but we have been lucky. Our lights have stayed on, our house didn’t flood, we didn’t have to evacuate, we made a pot of chili, and life went on. Luck is not a plan. Please take the time to download the apps ReadyNC and FEMA.  Look at the checklists. Make sure you are ready. Food, water, fuel, meds, and special needs. Where will your family meet? No smart phone go on line and visit their web pages. Until you are prepared to survive for at least three days minimum, you are not prepared personally.

As a Council:  In writing the Disaster Preparedness section for Faith in Action, Supreme did an excellent job incorporating lessons learned, and providing specific guidance for each Council. The title of the section contains the biggest clue for the direction that they want us to take. Gone is Disaster Relief, or Response. Are we stopping those activities? Certainly not. We are now encouraged to perform those activities after we have made sufficient preparation at the Council, Parish, and Community levels. We are attempting to leave pick up games behind, and approach Disasters in a systematic fashion. You’ll notice the article this month from our Community Director regarding flood preparedness.

So, rather than rehashing what has already been written I recommend you visit>Programs>Community>Disaster Preparedness or> Faith in Action>Community>Disaster Preparedness. There you will see Action steps, Council Action, and Council Disaster Response actions. Your Council Disaster Preparedness Chair will have plenty to do. You will be well served by selecting a Brother Knight who wants to be involved.

Next month we will get deeper into our task…unless of course we are dealing with a currently unnamed Hurricane.

I stand ready to help you.

Gene Ziemba, PGK

2019 State Raffle Has Begun

photo of Dave Onofrio, KofC NC State Raffle Chairman

Dave Onofrio State Raffle Chairman

The 2019 State Raffle Has Begun!!

We’ve listened to you and made several changes to the Raffle. Your DDs and GMPCs have been trained and have been given the responsibility to train every Grand Knight and Council Raffle Chairman to show what has change (for the better), why we have certain forms that need to be submitted, and how to work with the new process. I will have all the tickets distributed to the RMPCs by the end of August. They have been asked to get them to the DDs as early in September as possible. The DDs have been asked to distribute the tickets and train the Councils by the middle of October. The raffle ends on March 31, 2019, but Councils are to wrap it up at their March, 2019 meeting. This extends the raffle at least 3 months since, in the past, most of the councils didn’t get started until the end of January or middle of March. District 19 does not have an RMPC or DD so I will ensure each Council gets their tickets and the training they need. The most important thing all Councils need to do right now is to find a Raffle Chairman willing to spend the time to do the job the right way. The top Council last year earned over $2000 for their various projects / programs they were running. Can your Council use a piece of that???

QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS —- Start with your DD and RMPC, but remember I’m just an email or phone call away. If you call me and I don’t answer, please leave your name, council title, council number and a brief reason for the call. I will get back to you as soon as I possible can.

Dave Onofrio
(H) 919-552-7817
(M) 919-413-8132

Knights in Action

Jack Driscoll Council 8886, Bravard, NC

Bob Molloy Wins Two Gold Medals

Brother Robert Molloy, a member of Jack Driscoll Council 8886 and Blue Ridge Assembly 2130 traveled to Seattle to represent Transylvania County, NC in the Special Olympics USA Games held during the first week of July 2018. Robert was one of more than 4000 competitors and he came home with two gold medals for winning both the 800 meter walk and the shot put competitions.

Sir Knight Bob Molloy with Council 8886 LAMB Director Tom Fortner

Sir Knight Bob Molloy proudly displays his medals.

Contributed by Terry Jednaszewski

St. Francis of Assisi Council #16839, Jefferson, NC

Honorary Life Member

Pictured with Grand Knight Bob Breton of St. Francis Council 16839, Paul Baschon was awarded a certificate and honorary life membership card for 21 years of continuous service with the Knights of Columbus. Paul became a Knight in 1947 in a class with about a dozen Marines from Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Paul Bashon awarded Honorary Life Membership, with Grand Knight Bob Breton.

Contributed by Richard LaBonte

Father Bernard McDevitt Council #15085


Council 15085 welcomes its newest member Rev. Richard Sutter, Parish Administrator St. John the Evangelist (Waynesville) and Immaculate Conception (Canton) Churches.

LAMB Drive

Council 15085 Members sponsor a LAMB Drive at the FolkMoot Festival held in Waynesville.

Contributed by Lonnie Pizza

District Master



Jack Murray

Worthy Sir Knights & Brothers,

Please join me to congratulate and welcome sixty-five new Brother Sir Knights to the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus. Three Priests were also Exemplified to the Fourth Degree in this class. These new “Patriots” were Exemplified at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC on Saturday August 11, 2018. Once again, the Fourth Degree Exemplification TEAM performed in an outstanding manner. A very fine “thank you” is also due the host Assembly, George L. Gettier Assembly No. 780 of Charlotte. Under the direction of Faithful Navigator SK Charles Elgin, the Assembly has plenty of manpower “at the ready” and were very helpful in the prompt completion of all tasks. Thank you Brother Sir Knights! Please see three (3) pictures attached.

A special “Pass the Helmet” collection was held at the Fourth Degree Luncheon, that will result in $734.00 to be split among various Organizations to help Veterans.

Class picture from the 4th Degree Exemplification on August 11, 2018, St. Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC

Three (3) Generations of the Brunner Family at the 4th Degree Exemplification: Grandpa SK Joe Brunner, Grandson & new SK Gavin Brunner and Father SK Mike Brunner.

Fr. Shinto Abraham received the honors of the 4th Degree prior to his return to India

The next Fourth Degree Exemplification is scheduled for Saturday November 17, 2018 hosted by Msgr. Christopher Dennen Assembly No. 2017 at St. Mary Catholic Church in Wilmington, NC. Please get the word out to all our Brother SK’s to “ASK” a Brother Knight to become a Fourth Degree Member. We hear all the time the same words “no one asked me”. Now more then ever we need Catholic men to join us as we continue to support our Church, Community and Country!

Looking ahead to future Exemplifications hopefully in the areas of Greensboro, Hendersonville and back to the East. If you wish for your Assembly to host a Fourth Degree Exemplification, please advise and we will meet to discuss.

Thank you for all your help and support as you continue your Programs in support of our Church, Community and Veterans across our State. It is very gratifying to hear of the many deeds accomplished by you, the Sir Knights and Assemblies! Again, thank you very much and please keep up the good work. You can also send a picture of your events to me and we will display them on the 4th Degree Website as well as in the Golden Plume as space permits.

Civic Award: Supreme has announced that during the 2017-2018 Fraternal Year, 449 Assemblies received the Civic Award. As soon as they arrive, we will present them to the winning Assemblies.

To Be A Patriot Award: Supreme recognizes three Programs annually for the To Be A Patriot Award, not necessarily 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place. Assembly 2431 of North Myrtle Beach, S.C., of our DeSoto Province was one of the winners. You can view the winning submissions on the Supreme Website.

To Be A Patriot Award N.C: Congratulations to Our Lady of LaSalette Assembly No. 3115 of Shallotte, NC, winners of the State To Be A Patriot Award. The winning submission can be viewed on the State website.

I have received an e-mail notice from the Supreme Master and his office personnel, regarding the Chain of Command that we must follow, similar to the Third Degree. Please do not e-mail or call the Supreme Master with questions that can be answered by any of the Assistant District Marshal’s, District Staff or me. You can call any one of us and if we do not know the answer, will get it for you. There is also information posted on the 4th Degree Website relative to Exemplifications, forms, etc.

Some very important tools in your tool kit as Faithful Navigator must be the Fourth Degree Rules and Regulations, 2017 Edition, (item # 1350) as well as a Knights of Columbus Protocol Handbook (item # 1612, dated 2/16). All FN’s should have a copy of each and read them carefully. You do not have to memorize them, however a working knowledge will come in very handy. Your Faithful Comptroller can order them both for you as well as the Color Corps Drill Manual.

We are receiving a lot of questions re: Color Corps and Uniforms. There are two (2) distinct groups that make up the Color Corps – the Color Guard and the Honor Guard. The Color Guard are the flag bearers with SK’s as guards and a Color Guard Commander. The Honor Guard are the Brother Knights standing in line at various Church functions, funerals, etc.

Another big question is relative to mixing the Uniform and Regalia. The Color Guard must all be the same – either the Uniform or Regalia, cannot be mixed. An Honor Guard must have SK’s wearing the new Uniform first in line, followed by SK’s in Regalia, SK’s in tuxedo with social baldric and SK’s in dark suits with social baldric, in that order. All Assemblies are encouraged to purchase the Fourth Degree Color Corps Drill Manual, item No 808 dated 1-18 from Supreme. This manual has a lot of general information relative to the Fourth Degree Protocol. Again, please do not be afraid to call or e-mail your questions – we want you to be correct in your public appearances.

There are still a number of Assemblies that have not updated the State Directory. There is a process for access to that Directory, which was recently e-mail blasted to all currently listed FN’s and FC’s. Please make every effort to update Assembly information ASAP. Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

District Marshal SK Paul L. Spire has requested retirement from his position as District Marshal. Paul has done an outstanding job for these past two years. We wish the best for him and Gena, especially with their growing family, 16 grandchildren! Good luck Brother Paul, you will be missed.

Sir Knight Jean Dion has been appointed as the new District Marshal and he has already fit right in and gone to work. SK Edward Rogosich has been appointed as an Assistant District Marshal Central for the middle of the State. Brother Ed has been Color Corps Commander for the State and his Assembly and brings a wealth of experience to the position. Best of luck to both SK’s Jean and Ed.

Brother Sir Knight’s we need your help! The Charlotte Diocese Eucharistic Congress will be held on Saturday September 8, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center. The day starts off with a procession of the Eucharist led by Sir Knights in Uniform and Regalia to the Convention Center and Adoration all day requiring an Honor Guard. There is a Mass at 4:15 PM requiring an Honor Guard and also Sir Knights escorting Priests to their Communion Stations. We are inviting Brother Sir Knights from the surrounding Assemblies, not necessarily just from the Charlotte Diocese, to assist in this great service and honor to our Church. Information will be posted to the 4th Degree website: as to times, starting location and Adoration sign-up sheet. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation to make this a truly memorable event for all that attend.

Also – The annual Special Olympics Equestrian Tournament Opening Ceremonies will be held on Friday Sept. 28, 2018 at the Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex. 1025 Blue Ridge Rd., Raleigh. ADM Ed Rogosich is asking for Brother SK’s to assist him with the Color Guard for the Opening Ceremonies.

There are also Special Olympics Events being held in Charlotte where the Assemblies are assisting by presenting the winners with their medals. The Faithful Navigators are in charge, your help needed. Thank you.

Thank you to all the Assemblies hosting Fourth Degree Assembly Installations, especially those hosting multiple Assembly Installations. Thank you for all your hospitality for the Fourth Degree District Staff, and their wives, as they performed the Installations and the repasts that followed.

This past month SK Robert J. Singer. PSD, FDM and FVSM passed away. He will be missed and our condolences to his wife Marge and family. Even after his term as VSM, SK Bob continued to serve our Military and Veterans through the Military Order of the Purple Heart, sending wounded soldiers and veterans home for the Christmas Holiday. May he rest in peace!

There are a couple of pictures:


Dates to Remember for September 2018:

  • • September 2 – V-J Day: Japan signed formal surrender (1945)
    • September 3 – Labor Day
    • September 9 – Grandparents Day
    • September 11 – Patriot Day & National Day of Service and Remembrance
    • September 14 – Star-Spangled Banner Written – (1814)
    • September 17 – U.S. Constitution Approved (1787)
    • September 18 – U.S. Air Force Established (1947)
    • September 21 – POW/MIA Recognition Day
    • September 30 – Gold Star Mothers Day

Remember – “Sir Knight” is not just a title, it is “An Honor” 

God Bless You, God Bless Our Church and God Bless America!


SK Jack Murray, PSD
District Master


Tom DuPree

Greeting Grand Knights, Faithful Navigators, and Brothers All,

Vivat Jesus!

As we transition from summer to autumn, the needs of our Veterans are changing.  In my July/August newsletters, I pointed out the major programs that need our support.  Hopefully, in your budget you have made the commitments to support these programs.  On behalf of our Veterans, VA Medical Centers and USO-NC, I want to express their appreciation for your support.

Worthy GK and FN, I hope you have had the opportunity to meet and discuss the combine efforts of both your Council and Assembly as required to support the Veterans Affairs and the VAVS Programs.  Request that you appoint a Sir Knight in your Council and Assembly to share and communicate on a monthly basis during your meetings.  Under the Council agenda, under Fourth Degree the FN or his representative should share information on activities and needs from the Assembly.  This is important that communication is working both ways in order to successfully meet our objectives.

I want to thank each of you for the opportunity to represent and our State at the Supreme Convention in Baltimore.  There I had the opportunity to meet Colonel Charles Gallina, USMC/RET, our National Rep for the VAVS Program and Veterans Affairs.  He acknowledged the great works that we in NC are doing in support of our Military and Veterans.  His main concern was the lack of documentation for the programs and assistants that you provide.  It is important for us to document.  We accomplish this through our VAVS Rep and Deputy Reps PLUS the end of your report (NC VAVS Report) due January 15th of each year.  Any questions on how to complete your documentation, please contact me.

The Veterans have returned from the National Wheel Chair Games in Orlando, Fl.  We sent 18 athletes from three VA Medical Centers.  Many medals were won but more importantly, the athletes shared their feelings of being “normal”.  When they saw others worse off, they realized they too can do it!  Your donations paid for rooms, transportation and shipment of their equipment.  A total of 779 Veterans attended this year’s games with over 2,000+ volunteers to assist these Veteran athletes.  Next year games are in Louisville, Kentucky.

Leadership:  I am looking for Deputy VAVS Rep for the Fayetteville, Durham and Salisbury Medical Centers.  The task involves communicating the needs of our Veterans at these facilities to the Councils/Assemblies in their areas.  If interested, please contact me for more information.  The job position is very rewarding and truly worth your time.

Needs:   Sweat pants and shirts are desperately needed at all four Medical Centers.  Men’s boxer briefs, color tee shirts, women sports/comfort bras (on piece construction-no metal) are also needed.  Casual pants are needed too.  Gift cards truly help all Medical Centers.  They are used to purchase food for a final meal in the Hospice Unit, to take Veterans out for a special treat from the Community Living Center as well as so many other things.

Volunteers:  There is a tremendous need within the VA system for volunteers to assist the Staff and Veterans in their daily activities.  They especially need drivers to transport Veterans to and from the Medical Centers for their appointments.  Vehicles are provided.  You– provide your valuable time.  If interested contact your local VA Medical Center, Chief of Voluntary Services if you are interested.

No Veterans Dies Alone:  Looking for Volunteers who are willing to provide comfort to a Veteran during his/her final hours.  Many of our Veterans do not have family members to provide moral and spiritual support during this time.  You will receive special training.  “There is no greater service…!”


SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
NC State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552, Past Faithful Navigator