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   JC Reiher, State Advocate      Paul Spire, GPD     Angelo Gibilario, Community Director

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tom dupreeJim 3gene ziemba2bob macaluso
VAVS Chairman
Tom Dupree
Social Justice

Chris Lizak
Disaster Relief

Gene Ziemba
Habitat for Humanity
Bob Macaluso

The Fourth Theme of Catholic Social Justice

Almost all Community Activities support our efforts in Building the Domestic Church. Our actions should include not only Brother Knights but also our community family making up the Domestic Church.

Habitat For Humanity – Promotes a need for Councils in the community to assist others. Its basic principles are:

Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ
Focus on shelter
Be an advocate for affordable housing
Promote dignity and hope.

Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services – Apprise the needs of the Veterans. We work closely with VAVS Chairman Tom DuPree in supporting the Veteran’s community. If you want to learn more about Tom’s activities ou can reach him at Email:, Tel. 919 302 5550.

Disaster Relief – Encourage individual preparation for disasters. Appoint a Council Disaster Representative. Develop a Council plan. Create a printed phone chain, and deliver to all involved. Have a preplanned meeting place, someplace where you can gather information, plan of action, and regain strength as a Council. Prior to an emergency contact local authorities, and volunteer organizations to see how your Council can participate locally, post disaster. After the event, keep your District Deputy up to date with your needs. The DD working with the State Disaster Relief Chairman Gene Ziemba will request support from State and Supreme. Financial aid from State may be available.

Social Justice – Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, comfort the sick and imprisoned. Any of these ar all programs that we as Catholics should be doing. By combining our time and talents our Councils should be doing programs that supports programs like these on an ongoing basis.