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Bob Macaluso
Council Director
Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers All, I hope that you fine the following information helpful and answerers any questions that you may have regarding programs that can put you on the path for Star Council. Should you have any questions regarding these programs, please contact either the Council Director or one of the Chairman listed.
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The Council Director’s Blog

Were your Members an MIA? (Missing in Athletics)

Worthy Grand Knights, by now you have heard that both state athletic games, scheduled for early October, were cancelled due to low registered attendance.  What you may not have known is that only one council signed up for the Bocce Tournament (4 brothers) and sixteen brothers registered for the Golf Tournament.  This leads me to ask the question,” why such low participation” from a state that has 127 councils and thousands of members.

As Brother Knights in North Carolina, we demonstrate our commitment to our faith and first principle of the order Charity. In fraternal year 2016-2017, North Carolina Knights donated over $1.6 million dollars and approximately 700,000 volunteer hours.  You need to be congratulated for your service to Charity and Unity.  However, how did you demonstrate Fraternity, the third principle of our order?  Fraternity through athletics is one of several ways in which we can grow our fraternal bonds.

I would like to encourage each Grand Knight to discuss with their membership, and District Deputy, the formation of some athletic program that they can compete in with other councils in their district/region.  Athletics need not be Basketball, Baseball, Golf or anything too physical or strenuous.  Consider competitive games such as Bocce, Bowling, Corn hole and other activities that lends its self towards improving fraternalism between councils.   Think back to your high school and college days where intramural sports lead to “bragging” rights.   Let’s take a lesson from our Youth Program where local winners compete in district challenges and those winners move up to regional and eventually state games.

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the recently cancelled state games and the formation of local athletic events that will only lead to a stronger fraternalism.   Please email me with your thoughts or input at councildirector@kofcnc.opg

Vivat Jesus,

Bob Macaluso, PGK
NC Council Director

Additional Council Program Ideas

  • Conduct a Council fundraiser.
  • Conduct a Columbus Day or Founders Day event.
  • Conduct an athletic program within your Council.
  • Host any state, regional or district event.
  • Submit nominations to the State Secretary for:
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Knight of the Year
    • Golden Knight of the Year
  • Provide material support to a new Council.

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