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First thank you for visiting this page. Listed below are a number of programs that you may want to consider for your Council to fulfil the requirements for Star Council. For additional information on these programs or help from a Director or Chairman, please refer to

                                                                                Special Olympics

Any council that provides financial or manpower support, and meets the minimum requirements for Special Olympics, will receive full credit for all Columbian Award requirements in the Council Activities category.
Minimum Requirements for qualification are:

Your Council must contribute a minimum of 200 man-hours in support of state/local Special Olympics activities, and must raise, through council or parish activities, a minimum of $2,000 for Special Olympics. Report your activity using the Partnership Profile with Special Olympics form (Form 4584) and the Columbian Award Application (Form SP-7).
As part of our ongoing goal to provide financial, spiritual, and emotional support to those less fortunate, the Knights of Columbus has been a strong supporter of the Special Olympics since its inception. Our goal is to help the games not only become stronger The Knights of Columbus believe that the Special Olympics are nearly unparalleled in their ability to show the intrinsic worth and dignity of every single human being. These games do not just build strength and character among the athletes and participants; it only takes a few moments with the competitors to be inspired by the force of their determination, and the true sense of God’s love.
Participate as a Council in your local, regional, or state Special Olympics programs. More opportunities to support Special Olympics can be found at

Traveling Gavel – The purpose of the Traveling Gavel is to promote fraternity among the Councils. Each Council will receive the gavel from the previous Council during a regular business meeting and, in turn, present it to the next scheduled Council at their business meeting. The State Traveling Gavel chairman, with the assistance of the District Deputies, will establish a schedule for each Council in their District. A minimum of three (3) Brothers should travel with the gavel and stay for the entire meeting. Remember that the idea is to spread Brotherly love.
State Raffle – Every Council is encouraged to participate in the annual State Raffle. It is an excellent way for your Council to raise money for your Council programs. T
his raffle also allows the State Council to make charitable donations in your name. The raffle tickets are distributed to every Council during the Mid-Year meeting in January. The raffle concludes with the drawing at the North Carolina State Convention in May.

Fraternal Benefits Night – Every Council is encouraged to hold a fraternal benefits night at least once a year. Invite the Knights of Columbus Field Agent to address your Brothers and their families. Ask him to speak about the benefits that are offered by the Knights of Columbus insurance program, as well as any new products that are available. It is preferred that this program is conducted outside of a regular business meeting in order to include the spouses. No other featured speaker should be scheduled for the same night.

Knight of the Month – The purpose of this activity is to recognize those Brother Knights who are, and have been, active in the success of your Council. Ideally, nominations for this award would come from the Council members and officers, or may be designated by the Grand Knight. This recognition should include presentation of a Knight of the Month award, preferably in a frame. Some Councils also provide a small token of their appreciation. It is usually some sort of KofC merchandise. A write up of this award should be placed on your Council website and in your next Council newsletter.
Widows Program – It is so important that we not forget the widows of our fallen Brother Knights. A widows program can be as simple as inviting the widows to your events as your guests. It could also include a planned day where you go do some tasks for the widow (mow her lawn, paint, makes simple repairs, move furniture, etc.).
Council Budget – A budget is a crucial tool to the success of your Council. The Council should prepare a budget for the upcoming fraternal year and present it at your June business meeting. It then should be sent to all of your members for their review. At your July business meeting it should be voted on, with any corrects that are required. Your District Deputy should get a copy.

Activity Schedule – Your Council should prepare a calendar of events for the entire upcoming fraternal year. This will be an excellent tool to use when to have your discussions with your Pastor. It also is extremely helpful in scheduling room at your Church. An activity schedule is a plan that facilitates your Council’s strategic plan, detailing fund raising activities and existing and new programs. Adjustment to the activity schedule can always be made as required.

Council Newsletter – Communication with your members is the key to an active Council. Keeping Council members informed of all planned activities using a newsletter helps to promote Knights that are more active. The newsletter can be e-mailed to all Brother Knights with an e-mail address. For those without an e-mail address it should be sent to them by regular mail. A copy should be sent to all State Officers. Your newsletter should be sent out on a regular schedule (at least quarterly). Make sure all of the content is positive and informative. For more suggestion, please refer to the Duane Russell Award on page 12.

Council Website – A Council website can be an excellent way to communicate in a very timely fashion information on events or programs that you have just completed or are about to hold. For ideas on what it should contain, please refer to page 13 for the Council Website Award details.

Council’s Fraternal Year Record – Every Council is encouraged to create a record of events conducted throughout the year. In the past, it was a scrapbook, but it could also be a photo album or PowerPoint presentation. It can be an excellent tool to use when trying to show a prospective new member what you do as a Council. It is also a very good historical record of what you did that year. The Council’s Fraternal Year Record is an activity that must be worked on all year. At the end of the fraternal year, your can submit it to the State Council for judging and a possible award. For more details on that see page 13.

Athletic Events – Every year the State Council hosts a number of athletic events designed to encourage fraternity. Your Council can consider hosting one of these events (golf, basketball, bocci, softball, bowling, etc.). If you are not able to host an event, you are encouraged to send a team to participate.

Ceremonials – Getting a new member through all three of the Degrees is vital to getting him active in your Council and keeping him. Every Council should have a 1st Degree team and hold a 1st Degree whenever they have a prospective new member wanting to join. If you have the proper facilities, you are encouraged to host a 2nd or 3rd Degree. For more details, please contact your District Deputy or the State Ceremonials chairman.

Council Awards Presentation – A special event where Council members and their families are recognized for special honors such as, Knight of the Year, Golden Knight of the Year, Family of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. In many Councils, this is accomplished at the annual installation of officer’s banquet. It should be noted that Supreme council supply catalog offers many different types of plaques for these awards.



Additional Council Program Ideas:

● Conduct a Council fundraiser.

● Conduct a Columbus Day or Founders Day event.

● Conduct an athletic program within your Council.

● Host any state, regional or district event.

● Submit nominations to the State Secretary for:

    ○ Rookie of the Year

    ○ Knight of the Year

    ○ Golden Knight of the Year

● Provide material support to a new Council.

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