Culture of life


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JC Reiher, State Advocate              Paul Spire, GPD          Boyce Williams, COL Director           COL Coverage Area

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Charlotte Area
Greg Kent, PSD
Costal Area
Joseph Werrell
Mountain Area
Albert Hodges
Raleigh Area
Bob Klein
Ultrasound Chairman
Len Kobylus

 Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers All,

First thank you for visiting this page. Just by being here you are indicating that you have a desire to protect life and the culture of life of all.

Each council should have a Culture of Life Director preferably one who is married whose wife will work with him but that is not a mandatory requirement. A single Knight may also hold the position.

It is essential that this person or persons have a passion for protection of life from conception to death.
This person should not be afraid to call or email their state representatives to voice their opinion as to the Right to Life or anything that would interfere with that right.

This person should also be willing to peacefully demonstrate in front of abortion clinics, do 40 days of life, attend the Right To Life Marches held in January, do Baby Bottle drives to raise money for Birth Right or a Pregnancy Care Center in your area. Work with the Ultra Sound Program Chairman if asked to assist getting an Ultra Sound Machine installed somewhere.

As Culture of Life representatives we are in a war! We are slowly beginning to win that war but we have to stay active and strive to get more people involved, especially the youth. They are our biggest chance of beating the culture of death that now prevails in this country.

So welcome, tour the site, all information is being updated frequently so visit often and if questions arise you can contact me by clicking on my email link.

Thank you for all that you do.

Boyce C. Williams II
NC State Knights of Columbus Director Culture of Life.