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Families are the building blocks of our parishes and, indeed, our Faith. By including them in our mission we can renew the Church’s energy for evangelization and insure the sustainability of our Order. Here you’ll find just a few of the ways we can begin doing this, for it will always be a work-in-progress. (Click each item in the list below to see more detail.)

  • Building the Domestic Church
    When I was GK years ago I asked the pastor what the council could do for him and the parish. “You can’t do anything for me … [or] … for this parish. You’re just a little club of old men!” Unpleasant but correct! We needed to recruit younger men. But I saw none. They all disappeared after their Confirmation! This has been on my mind ever since.  With prayer, Building the Domestic Church, can reverse that trend and the drive to recruit young family men is our first tool outa the box. If we include parish families in our activities, we’ll soon be ‘recruiting’ them and not just the breadwinner. That means lifelong active brothers and revitalization for our Holy Church. The BTDC link to the right will take you to the seasonal and year-round council-parish events, home devotional programs and featured community-oriented drives that typify Supreme’s program.
  • Home-Grown BTDC Initiatives
    To qualify as a BTDC activity on the SP-7, a home-grown project must fulfill two criteria: (1) It must engage the council in the life of the parish and (2) it must aid in more fully forming its families in their Faith. FS Trainer Roger Boswell has developed a program called “Baptismal Gifts” which does exactly this. The link at the right will lead you to that and other evolving ideas.
  • Family Awards and Honors
    Family Awards and Honors Publicly recognize those hardworking, Faith-filled families who strive to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth and tell us about your best program which helps them along the way. And, yes, you CAN bestow the Family of the Month on non-knights! (Just 1 restriction: no copy to Supreme) In a small parish? Award Family of the Month and Knight of the Month on alternate months!
  • Food for Families
    This is a FEATURED program which means that qualifying for the established reimbursement will satisfy all Family Program requirements in your quest for the Columbian Award. Involve your parish, set a new record for helping those in need! Even small, weekly donations add up!
  • Silver Rose/Running of the Rose
    In the Spring our state hosts a tour of one of six hand crafted Silver Roses honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe and invoking her intercession in prayer services to end abortions. Started by the Squires back in 1961, the Roses have traveled from Canada to Mexico every year since.
  • Heads Up for...
    …alerts and reminders of upcoming KofC Family-oriented programs along with listings of diocesan family activities. Interested in working with the State Staff? We’re ‘hiring’! (Great pay, too!)
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The Family Director’s Blog

Family Director

Fred Burton

(Part 1 of The Looming Care Crisis can be found here.)

The Looming Care Crisis, Part 2: Elder Orphans


  • The isolated aged living, often singly, in local communities
  • Family or relatives live far away, face restrictions themselves or simply don’t exist
  • They risk losing decision-making capacity, mobility and independence
  • They are at increasing risk for health and safety-related problems
  • Few people are aware of their situation and still fewer visit them regularly
  • They lack social contact and can easily become lonely, depressed
  • Financial resources may be strained due to medical costs, poor decisions or inflation

How common is this?

  • 22% of people 65 and above are in situations of this sort
  • 33% of those aged 45 to 63 may be destined to find themselves in this position
  • There were 35 million in 2002 – by 2012 there were 43 million
  • 11.6% of women 80-84 were childless in 2010; that will increase to 16% by 2030

What must happen?

The medical and social community must actively screen for elder orphans before they lose function or are admitted to a healthcare facility. That includes us – you, your council, your parish, its ministries! Several ideas and suggestions were voiced in last month’s THK. That’s a start as each person and each situation will require different forms and degrees of care and interaction. I forgot to list it, but Meals on Wheels would certainly be appropriate, especially on holidays and long weekends. Keep an eye out for your elderly neighbors; ‘see something, say something’ – and say something if you don’t see them as usual.

But this could happen to YOU or someone you know so you’ve got to prepare. Who will care for you? Where and how will you live? Where will you generate a close-at-hand circle of friends? Who will be contacted if there’s an urgent need and who will have the authority to make decisions if you can’t? Who can provide a ‘second opinion’ on your decisions so as to avoid scams? Your estate, its related documents and your finances must be in order. Major medical issues can drain savings; your Field Agent may be able to help you on that and maybe other financial questions.

And, here’s a link to some resources and discussions:

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Family Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman