Christmas Card Program

North Carolina Columbia Squires “KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS” CARD PROGRAM 

We only fill orders placed by Knights of Columbus Councils, Assemblies and Circles located in North Carolina. 

Brother Knights,

Once again this year the North Carolina Columbia Squires will offer each Council and Assembly the “KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS” EVANGELIZATION PROGRAM by selling RELIGIOUS CHRISTMAS CARDS.

This is an excellent fund raiser for your Council or Assembly to support your parish or community needs and to support the North Carolina Columbian Squires State Circle projects.

Each year, the demand for Spanish and other Ethnic Cards increases, New Spanish cards display cases will be offered this year in addition to the Standard English display cases.

We are sending out the Christmas Card ordering forms and brochure info electronically this year but other than that the process remains much of the same as previous years. You would remit your orders to me at the address or email that is provided on the top of the Council Order Form. You can also call me if you have questions but I cannot take orders over the phone. Only snail mail and email.

In the link below you will find the Council Order Form (Black and White Form) that you will order the cards you intend to sell to the public. This form has all the council prices and display info.

The link below is for the color brochure that can give you a visual of the cards but it is also used for individual, direct to customer orders. The order form on page 4 is a non-council order form. Councils should only use the Black and White Order Form (above) to order the cards the council intends to sell.

The North Carolina Columbian Squires are looking forward to working with you in promoting the National Knights of Columbus theme of “Keeping Christ in Christmas” by offering Religious Christmas Cards.

If you have questions please let me know ASAP.

Joseph S. Smith
State Squires Chairman and Christmas Card Chairman