Hurricane Florence

The NC State Council will maintain this page throughout the storm and after.  Please check back from time to time for updates.

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KofC Hurricane Supply Distribution Centers

The following locations are maintained by Knights of Columbus in NC as relief supply depots.

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How You Can Help

September 13th


I have been sending out blasts so that you know what is going on in our state. We have developed locations throughout the state that will provide supplies after the hurricane. However, we also need to be available to help our brothers who will need us after Florence is gone.

To do this, we have created a sign-up sheet on the state website. Please go to the site and click on the Hurricane link. It will take you to a special page that you can use for useful links and information. One of those links is to sign-up to help. Please do so to help get our brothers and their families back up and on their feet again. After you sign up you will receive an email from me giving you instructions where to report.

Volunteer To Help

Please remember that there are times when we are afraid and feel alone. God will never let that happen, he is always with you. He has said that whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me.

God Bless and May his peace be with all of you.

Dan Lange
State Secretary

Supply Distribution Locations

September 12th

Worthy Brothers all,

I am issuing this email to make you aware of the locations that the supreme council and the state council will be establishing distribution centers for after the storm arrives. These locations will hopefully be on high ground. I say this because we are still unsure where the storm will make landfall.

A list of these locations along with other relevant info can be found on the State Website on the Hurricane Florence page we have established:

Hurricane Florence Page

One thing we do know. It will be the worst storm to ever hit our great state. The centers will have water and other items necessary to help you until things clear out. When you receive this email, please forward it to your council members immediately as people are being required to evacuate by the minute.

Please do not underestimate this storm. If you are instructed to leave, please do so as soon as possible. Your safety is the most important thing to consider. I am also asking the Grand Knights and/or council leadership to reach out to me with information with regard to brothers who are in need of assistance. I am in the western part of the state and will be the most likely person to have communication capabilities immediately after the storm. I can be reached at 828-369-0059 (H) or 828-421-4939 (C).

God Bless and Vivat Jesus,
Dan Lange
State Secretary

Emergency Disaster Response

September 10th

Brothers all,

I am sure all of you are aware of what is off our coast in the Atlantic. This is a very dangerous and potentially deadly storm. Please heed all advisories and follow any and all suggestions you receive from state and local authorities as to evacuations. This storm will affect the entire state and there may well be floods as well as high winds and heavy surf.

Below is a list of items from our Community Director and our Disaster Preparedness Chairman. I would personally suggest you download the FEMA app and the hurricane center app onto your cell phone as many of us will lose power. There are also information links on the State Council website main page.

It is recommend that our current plan be to evacuate as required now, Councils contact and assess membership needs before the storm. Report if possible after the storm via District Deputies to the State Secretary, what if any needs you may have regarding membership, parish, and community needs. Copy the DD, RMPC, and State Deputy on all correspondence to the State Secretary. The State Secretary’s e-mail address is, cell 828-421-4939, and home 828-369-0059. Also, contact parishes when safe, and integrate with parish/community disaster response activity.

Hurricane Plan for both Coastal and Inland Areas

Remember: It is better to be safe than sorry. Take a ½ hour today and get ready for a potentially dangerous hurricane heading to our state. If nothing happens that is great, we will all be prepared for the next potential challenge.

Go to Please go to this web-site to learn about safe shelter, preparing, timeframe information with what to do, and what to do after the storm.

Today’s Task: Restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include the following:

  • Food and water enough for at least three days
  • Medications
  • A flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Cash
  • First aid supplies

Plan how to communicate with family members if you lose power. For example, you can call, text, email or use social media.

After the storm and once it is safe for you:

  • Contact and assess membership needs
  • Contact local parishes for their needs
  • Integrate with parish/community disaster response activities
  • Report via District Deputies to State Leadership information and needs

During the response phase consider using Brother Knights’ trucks & vans or rent vehicles as required to distribute purchased commodities for distribution locally. Seek out other faith-based organizations in your area and volunteer to integrate into their activities. The Baptist Men and United Methodist Church in NC are excellent choices.

Additional Resources:

  • Please reference the Hurricane Safety Checklist from the American Red Cross which can be found on the State Website.
  • Go to the National Hurricane Center to learn and get access to various educational links.
  • Stay Informed: To find out what alerts are available in your area, do an internet search with your town, city or county name and the word ‘alerts’.

If you have the resources and are able consider a trip to visit family or friends outside of the danger zone. At this point we need to realize the immediate recovery and long-term recovery may define us for at least a year. Stay Prepared & Be Safe!

John Nussbaum

NC State Deputy