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  • Receiving the grant is Nathaniel Carmichael, Interim Director of the O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center from Colin Jorsch, LAMB Foundation Director and State Deputy-Elect for North Carolina. On the left is Travis Kibler, an O’Berry Center Foundation Director.
  • Receiving the Scholarship grant is Kimberly Jansen, Executive Director of the O’Berry Center Foundation from Colin Jorsch, LAMB Foundation Director and State Deputy-Elect for North Carolina. On the left is Travis Kibler, an O’Berry Center Foundation Director.
  • Pictured above(l-r) is Travis Kibler, O’Berry Center Foundation Director, Colin Jorsch, LAMB Foundation Director and North Carolina State Deputy-Elect, Kimberly Jansen Executive Director of O’Berry Center Foundation, Nathaniel Carmichael, Interim Director of the O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center. In front is CJ and Michael Gouldie, grandsons of the photographer, John Gouldie, President of the LAMB Foundation.
  • Pictured above is a LAMB grant presentation to the Caswell Center in Kinston on June 25, 2015. (l-r) Norb Mikos LAMB Director for council 11817, Kenneth Merck Trustee for council 12017, Leon Owens Caswell Center Director, James Laraia LAMD Foundation Secretary, Danielle Howell Director of Volunteer Services at Caswell Center, Rocco Laraia son of James and a LAMB Volunteer.
  • LAMB

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jc reiher paul spire richard white

 JC Reiher, State Advocate GPD Paul SpireLAMB Director, Richard White

LAMB Chairman (East)
James Laraia
LAMB Chairman - West
Steve Purcell, Jr

                                                                                                  Our history

Operation LAMB’s story starts in 1960 at the local Knights of Columbus council of William “Bill” Scott. Bill and his wife, Maureen, had two children with intellectual disabilities and experienced firsthand the desperate need to help fund facilities and organizations that care for, educate and support people like their children.

Bill’s idea grew, and by 1974 he enlisted the help of fellow state officers to present his program to the local Knights of Columbus councils across North Carolina. The idea was simple: If each local council collected funds on an entirely volunteer basis, all of the money raised could go directly where it’s needed most: to institutions that care for people with intellectual disabilities.

The program was unanimously approved and adopted, with Knights of Columbus across the state donning iconic yellow aprons and handing out Tootsie Rolls while raising money for Operation LAMB, which is an acronym derived from the Biblical phrase in Matthew to serve the “Least Among My Brethren.” Today, North Carolina has 130 councils with more than 16,000 members who take to streets and storefronts at various times throughout the year, offering Tootsie Rolls to passers-by for voluntary donations. Volunteers range from Knights of Columbus members and their families and friends to teachers and participants with intellectual disabilities from LAMB-sponsored organizations. A substantial portion of the funds raised also comes from the generous donations of local corporations and individuals.

The LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. was officially incorporated in 1999 to accommodate Operation LAMB’s growth and has raised $21 million since its inception. Bill’s vision is still alive and well, with a whopping 93% of all funds raised going directly to program support (the 7% pays for our hallmark Tootsie Rolls, yellow vests and a required outside accountant who performs our annual financial review and tax filings).

Our allocation structure also ensures that our funding directly benefits the communities in which we live. Each local council allocates 85% of its collections for donation to local organizations. The remaining 15% is controlled by the LAMB Foundation of NC’s Board of Directors and is given to organizations that serve people with intellectual disabilities regionally, or organizations that may not have a local Knights of Columbus council and that have a special need.

In recent years, the LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. is proud to have achieved Gold Sponsor status with the Special Olympics North Carolina, one of our larger recipients.

Operation LAMB was conceived from the very personal experience of Bill and his family and has continued to be a passionately personal cause for our members, volunteers and the individuals and families impacted by our funding. We strive to increase our fundraising annually so that year over year we can support the “least among our brethren” in even more meaningful ways. Please join us.