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Richard White
LAMB Director
LAMB, “Least Among My Brethren”, was a program started by PSD Bill Scott which was adopted as a statewide program by the State Council in 1974.  The sole purpose of LAMB is to support those with intellectual disabilities.  These individuals have needs that most of us cannot imagine. The funds that our Councils provide, through various means of fundraising, help to meet some of those needs.

By its very nature LAMB touches just about every program we as Knights support; community, family, right to life, youth, church, you name it.

On this page you will find some information on the program as well as links to other resources.  A comprehensive list of resources is available on the LAMB Website  Log in is required contact me at my email address listed to the left


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The LAMB Director’s Blog

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

LAMB – “The Home Stretch”

Hopefully everyone has their stores, etc. in place for the last four months of the year which is when LAMB typically raises 70% of what is raised for the entire year. (A little sidebar, a partial reason for this, a number of Councils still only fundraise in the fall rather than throughout the year)

Now is also the perfect time to send out appeals for Corporate and Individual donations.

Speaking of solicitation at stores, I recently received a question from a council about the “one door rule” some retailers have implemented.  I thought it would be helpful to share some excerpts from my response that may help answer some questions.

First and foremost, we must remember we are there at the generosity of the stores, whose business it is to make money.  Anything that gets in the way of that, rather than assisting is a problem.

The Knights are not usually the problem as we know, it is the other groups who chase after patrons trying to sell popcorn, cookies, etc. at $9 a pop and unfortunately the “if we make an exception for one”…. logic kicks in.

Even with the Knights, I have had people and store managers call me complaining about how some of their customers have been harassed – i.e. one Knight yelled out “don’t be cheap” to someone as they walked away.

The solution with some stores is to give their customers an “easy exit” by limiting solicitation to one door and in some cases a specific distance you must stand from the door.

I think the best approach is for the local Councils to contact the store managers ahead of time if they would like to try and do more than one door, (the Managers should be familiar with who we are anyway) ask if they have a problem doing both doors, and go armed with a LAMB brochure specific to their council (which all councils should have) as well as a copy of the LAMB Solicitation license.  On hot days we have actually have had managers ask us to come inside the foyer.

If they still insist on one door, abide by whatever they say, remember it is their store and they are responsible for it.

As a routine, another thing that works well, when the person for the first shift checks in at the customer service desk, as they should no matter what the store, leave a box of tootsie rolls for the staff.

It is also always a good idea to print up a certificate of appreciation and present it to the store managers. Sample certificates are available on the LAMB website, total cost about $5 including the frame.

The Hendersonville Council recently came up with some perpetual “Year after Year” plaques to give to Walmart, etc. however although they cover 12 years, it is an upfront cost of $60 per plaque.

Past Grand Knight Patrick Faragher, Council 7184

Richard White
LAMB Director

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