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As Catholics we believe that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. While Life Programs are here to oppose abortion and support pregnant women so they can deliver a healthy baby, there is more to be considered than just abortion. We must also promote proper end of life care in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Additionally, those with special needs that cannot effectively stand up for themselves need a champion for their issues. Defending the sanctity of human life also includes standing up for those that are persecuted for their faith which is most prevalent today in the Middle East.






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Life Director

Fred Burton

A Great Way to Start a Great Year!

As of this writing we haven’t named a Life Program Director, so let me pinch-hit as his Silver Rose Chairman. Those of you who’ve been to Regional Leadership Training have seen we now have four Required Programs on your way to Star Council. Let’s look at preparing for one of them: Novena for Life.

The protection of life is a sustained prayer intention of the Church and our Order. A council can promote a novena, which is nine days of sustained prayer, to build up a culture of life in our parishes, families and communities. These novenas could precede or end major feast days or pro-life events.

Over the past few years, the Culture of Life Director and I have promoted LifeChain, an event across the US and Canada where entire families stand along thoroughfares holding signs supporting the sanctity of Life. People may give a passing glance at a 30 second news blurb about the Marches in major cities and Washington but they can’t help but notice – and remember! – seeing their neighbors prayerfully standing along the boulevard. Thanks to you, participation has skyrocketed!

So here’s my suggestion: Build on it! Advertise it throughout the parish. Enlist the commitment of your brother knights. Have a picnic, cookout or ice cream social after the event – of course you’ll invite non-Catholics who are out there alongside the road with you. Parishioners of all ethnic groups in your parish can be in this sharing their foods, their Faith and their prayers in their languages. And ask your pastor to make it clear this year’s LifeChain will be the start of that Novena for Life!

But here’s the catch: LifeChain takes place on the first Sunday in October – the 7th this year – so you’ll have to start the groundwork ASAP, in July. That’s why I’m putting this out now. We won’t know who the new council officers are or how to contact them until the State Directory is published in mid-August.  For many councils that leaves only one meeting between then and LifeChain Sunday, and remember, Labor Day weekend falls right in the middle.

I’m hoping we can put links on the state website to sample posters you can print and post plus a list of NC LifeChain sites with local contact persons arranged by Region and referenced to councils or parishes. In the meantime, you can look at an alphabetic list of their sites by state, their mission and their preferred ways to make the best impact, maybe ways you can establish a site of your own at:

Fred Burton, Faith Programs Director and Silver Rose Chairman

PS – a quick ‘blurb’ for one of my former Family programs, Family Week. This is officially the 2nd week in August, so if you have a picnic or outing during the Summer, consider doing it then. If it’s close (or even not so close) and it involves families ….. well, that’s YOUR Family Week!

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Faith Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

Culture of Life

Boyce Williams

Greetings again from High Point! I am glad to announce Bob Klein as your Life Director for the coming year. Bob has been the Raleigh Area Chairman and has done an excellent job. He’s well known in the area and has great connections. Good Luck Bob and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many of you in the Charlotte Area have heard about C-PLAN (Catholic Pro Life Action Network), they are growing and doing great work and they are tied in to the Bishops office. There was a meeting last week in Greensboro to start forming the Triad C-Plan group. Triad & Mountain Area Chairman Albert Hodges was there and will be a great asset. The next meeting will be July 23rd at St Pauls. This is for Parishes as well as Knights so please get your Parish Pro Life coordinator there.

Now that leadership Training has taken place, look at the changes and find the opportunities they bring. Many of you do a baby bottle campaign just to raise money for a Pregnancy Care Center, now you get credit for that on the SP 7! Special Olympics is now under Life and that is where it truly belongs, helping those that need it is always an affirmation of Life! These are 2 examples, find what works for your Council and have fun.

Once again as I turn over the reins to Bob, I want to thank all of you for the great things you have done over the last 2 years.

It has been an honor to help you!

Boyce C Williams II
Culture of Life Director (Past)

Culture of Life

Boyce Williams

Greetings from High Point! I ask all of you to start planning for Life Chain on October 7. It seems early but with the start of the new Fraternal year, installations, summer vacations…. It will be October faster than you think. There is also the Fall 40 Days for Life to plan for. Prayer helps save lives and close abortion centers.

Always consider ways to ensure our elderly are cared for properly. As I looked at all the gray/white hair at the Convention I realized that this is more important than ever.

For those that were not at the Convention, I will step down on June 30th. I need a break after 9 years in leadership positions and my wife wants one too. I know that you all will continue to support my successor the way you have supported me. Most important is to keep doing the great things you are doing.

Thank you all for the last 2 years.

Boyce Williams
Culture of Life Director

Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Act


There is a Bill in the State Senate that needs our help to pass: Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Act – Senate Bill 425.

Below is a link to a letter that explains this well and includes a sample letter to the Senators needed. I ask that you also send it to your State Senator.

It is important that all Catholics stand against this barbaric procedure.


Boyce Williams
CofL Director

Respect Life Committees can assist with Diaper Drive Service Project

The Love My Life Youth Rally will be held at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral this year. Chris Padgett is this year’s keynote speaker.

After the Diocesan Mass for Life at noon inside Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, the youth and chaperones will have a light lunch and then board their cars and buses to head over to the March for Life on Halifax Mall. The March has been moved to 2:30 to accommodate us.

Youth are asked to bring an unopened box of diapers to donate to Catholic Parish Outreach and Catholic Charities. You can assist youth by having a parish diaper drive. Contact our office for more details. Visit for more details about the events on January 13.

Be Not Afraid has new Spanish resources on Prenatal Diagnosis
Three brochures can be found on the Be Not Afraid website on prenatal screening, prenatal diagnosis and sidewalk counseling for those with a prenatal diagnosis.

Buses to the March for Life
Please contact our office if you know of buses in your parish or neighboring parish to the March for Life in Washington, DC, on January 19, 2018.

Bishop Zarama will be the main celebrant and homilist at the Mass at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at 11:30 am, followed by the March for Life on the national mall. I hope to see many of you there!

Mary Beth Phillips, Respect Life and Social Concerns Coordinator
Secretariat for Lay Formation, Marriage and Family Life
Catholic Diocese of Raleigh / 919-719-8267


New Date for Advance Directive Train the Trainer Event

Advance Directive training will be held Friday, December 1, at:

Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Center
7200 Stonehenge Drive
Raleigh, NC

The event begins at 10:00 am. It is suggested that those who attend take the materials back to their parishes and share what you have learned.

Your pastor has received a letter asking him to appoint someone from his parish to take the training, if he has not already done so for previous trainings. Space is limited, so if you are interested in taking this training, contact your pastor for the registration link.

We hope you will attend and share this important information on navigating the complicated legal and medical issues at the end of life in light of Catholic teaching.

Note that you will receive a new Advance Directive booklet, which has been updated with a new letter from Bishop Zarama and some other formatting changes.

The War on Our Children

Several years ago, a brother Knight was upset over an incident in his sons 5th grade class. His son related how the teacher announced that a girl in the class had “come out” as gay. The class was told how brave this girl was and how they should be proud of her. Really? In the 5th Grade?

We can wonder what sort of manipulation was used to bring about that so called revelation. Keep in mind though, there are even more powerful efforts to indoctrinate our children in ways contrary to our values and faith. As early as Kindergarten! Sadly, abortions now do not require that parents even be informed; these forces will not stop their assault through our school boards until children can undergo sex change surgery with out parents having any say at all.

There is a war going on for the minds of our children. Several groups want everyone to think that being whatever gender you decide is OK. They want everyone to accept abortion. They think they are better qualified than you are to teach sex education to your children. They do not represent anything that a Catholic can accept.

These links can help you understand what’s going on:

  • The War on Children – Exposing the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Agenda
  • SHIFT NC Data – This is the group pushing to put CSE in our schools.  One of their major donors is Planned Parenthood.