Membership Incentives

January 1 through June 30, 2017

  • Top recruiters in each division – January 1st to June 30th 2017
  • 1st place – $100, 2nd place – $50, 3rd place – $25, 4th place – $25, 5th place – $25
  • This is per division so councils of equal size are judged together.
  • Top recruiters for each division July 1st 2016 through June 30th 2017 will receive an additional $300.
  • Council must have a positive membership growth (Net) for this fraternal year.
  • For every new Brother added to your Council roster between January 1 and June 30, 2017:
  • The NC State council will waive $3.50 of state capita on your August 15th per capita invoice.
  • If your new Brother is under the age of 35:
  • The NC State council will waive an additional $3.50 of state capita on your February 15,
    2018 per capita invoice. This is a full year of NC State per capita for this new Brother.
  • This will save your council some money that can be used for your charitable work.
  • Supreme will refund your council $4.50 in Supreme per capita for each of your members.
  • Last year, this incentive added up to over $20,000 for councils in North Carolina. That a lot of additional charitable work that can be done in North Carolina.  

Councils that achieve 100% or more of their membership goal (Net) for the year will receive a KofC polo shirt.


Will receive $50.00 for each council within his District that receives STAR Council (first STAR only).

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Rick Scherer

Membership Growth in North Carolina

January 22, 2017

Worthy District Deputies and Grand Knights,

The Mid-Year West meeting was held this last weekend. It was an honor to talk to and get input from all that were able to attend. I am sorry, due to weather, we were not able to have the same exchange with those of you from the eastern part of the state that couldn’t make the meeting in the west.

As you can see, we have some Councils that are doing very well on membership this year. Our concern is why are we not doing as well as last year. We all know that we are all getting older. If we are going to continue to do God’s work, we need to recruit new members. How is your Council doing? Here is how we are doing at the state level:

This Year Last Year
Councils with a New Brother 84 97
Council at or above 100% of quota 8 14
New Brothers 309 483
Lost Brothers 180 70

I want your input. What is going on?  What is the reason that we are so far behind last year? What changed?

If you have thoughts to share, please email me at:

One of the inputs that I received at the Mid-Year West meeting was that since our Council is dropping some Brothers, there is no sense in bringing new Brothers into our Council because we won’t make our membership goals.

My thoughts on this are

  1. New members are the live blood of your council and the order, to completely give up on recruitment because of a couple of drops, is suicide for the health of your council.
  2. Drops are part of life for a council. When drops are a part of a balanced membership program, the effects on the health of your council can be improved. You need to talk with those Brothers that no longer want to be a member and find out why they don’t want to a member. From those comments, you may need to make some adjustments within your council. If we fail to learn from those members that are leaving, we are bound to repeat the same mistake in the future.
    • Interview all candidates – Make sure they understand what the council expects of them and what they expect of the council
    • All new candidates should have a mentor (should be the proposer). The mentor should take the new Brother under his wing, introduce him to all Brother Knights in the council, help him find a job in your council, and get him through his degrees
    • Stay in touch with him

You are the leader of your Council. You have a great responsibility for the life of the council you are entrusted with. You must have new members to grow and continue your charitable work.

We at the state level are here to help, the incentive’s attached are the most aggressive we have ever put out. Please take a very good look at them. Working on membership can both help you gain help for your programs and financially.

You still have 6 months to make this a great year for your council. Put a plan in place now to reach your goals.

Please share the membership incentives below with everyone in your council.

We are here to help you. Please don’t forget that we have members on the membership team that can come help you. Our State Chaplain Father Bill Lesak is available to help you with your blitz.

<<Click here to order your Blitz Kit now.>>

With your leadership, your council can have a great year and continue to grow.

Please let us know, if you have any question, or need any assistance.

<<Click here to see the current Membership Incentives>>

God bless,

Pete Devlin
N.C. Membership Director
C (704) 791-0304