Form 2629 - Notice of Appointment of Round Table Coordinator
Form 2630 - Annual Report KofC Round Table
Form 2632 -  Parish Round Table Guidelines

Building better relations between a council that services more than one parish and that parish is the goal of Round Table. It’s a means of showing the pastor of that parish how the Knights can help lighten his work load. It is what we are about!

Get a copy of brochure 2632 which describes the program and brochure 4519, an overview of the program for the pastor to read and give him an idea of what we can do to help. With the proper coordination there should be no conflicts with existing parish groups.

There are many needs in the parish that the Knights can fill. Some needs might be financial but odds are that most needs are going to be through service to the church and the community. It is the pastor and perhaps the administrator, if the parish is a large one, that will tell you the best ways the Knights can help.

Meet with the pastor once a month, at his convenience, and also when you completed a project. It would be a good idea to put an article in the church bulletin with the name of the coordinator and the projects being performed. Take pictures and submit them to Supreme, the State, Columbia Magazine and the state chairman. Communication is the key to success! Communication with the pastor and communication with the order.

Many councils are a part of more than one parish. This is the best place to looking to helping out the parishes. Eventually and hopefully we can start a new council. If the round table reaches 30 members then that would be the perfect time to explore council formation. This has to be done by your District Deputy, so keep him informed as to your progress.

The Report of the Parish Round Table Coordinator (Form #2629) and the Report of Fraternal Activity of the Round Table (#2630) can be found in the Council Report Forms booklet (#1436) and on the Order’s Website at

Parishes with 150 families or more should explore the possibility of forming its own council.