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State Deputy

John Nussbaum
Will you take on the State Deputy’s challenge for Lent?

As the Lenten season approaches, it is an excellent time to evaluate the activities that you take part in. Jesus Christ challenged his disciples to carry on his mission. As the people of God, they were to join together to share in the ministry of service to others and to spread the good news of Jesus with the world. We are being called today to carry on that ministry. How are you being of service to others or growing in your Faith? Your parish and the Knight of Columbus have many ways for you can get involved. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and start doing something that will help others or will help spread the good news of Jesus during this Lenten season. If you do it every day during Lent, it will become something you could do for the rest of the year to answer God’s call for you.

Across North Carolina, we have many Brothers that are sharing to gift of membership with members of their parish. They are helping the members of their parish to come together to help those in need within their community. By sharing the vision of Father McGivney and getting men to join our Order, we can do so much more to help others as Christ to us to do. Do you know someone in your parish that you would enjoy working with to help others? If so, ask him to help you and consider joining.

On January 29, 2018, North Carolina started On-Line Membership. It is a great opportunity for us to grow and get more help for our many programs. We have two new On-Line members already. Their local Council has been asked to work with them. More information on this opportunity is on the NC state website.

As of today, the following Councils are doing great on sharing the gift of membership:

Council City New Brothers YTD % of Goal
13511 Louisburg 12 300%
11966 Boone 19 271%
9549 Hillsborough 9 225%
7343 Charlotte 30 200%
11076 Belmont 17 189%
12266 Forest City 6 120%
8363 Franklin 7 117%
12610 Mocksville 7 117%
6451 Hickory 16 114%
10891 Asheboro 8 114%
5487 Goldsboro 17 100%
14422 Raleigh (NCSU) 5 100%
15265 Candler 4 100%
11265 Smithfield 11 92%
11102 Charlotte 6 86%
15551 Raleigh 4 80%
8680 Salisbury 6 75%
8143 Morehead City 5 63%
9847 Fayetteville 5 63%
9249 Thomasville 3 60%
12267 King 3 60%
12119 Fuquay Varina 10 59%

Our Field Agents have been very busy taking care of our Brothers and their families. So far, this year, we have 86 Councils that have at least one new insurance member. 232 Brothers have taken out KofC insurance for the first time to protect themselves and their families. We now have 12 Councils that have met their insurance quota for the year. Thank your Field Agent for his help and schedule a meeting with him to make sure you and your family is properly protected. That is what our founder Father Michael J. McGivney would have wanted. Please plan to attend the Fraternal Benefit night that your Council will have. You will be amazed and what you will learn.

If I can ever serve you in any way, please let me know. I can be reach at or 919-366-6405. I will do my very best to make sure you get the help you need. Let’s have a great year! With your help, we can.

Fraternally yours in Christ,
John Nussbaum
NC State Deputy


Nick Nastasi

Worthy Brothers,

Greetings from the Crystal Coast!  I want to thank everyone for their hard work and all the efforts in recruiting this year so far. Your efforts have paid off.

As of the writing of this article, the North Carolina Knights have brought in 473 new members. That is an average of almost 68 new members a month, which is behind our goal of 75 per month overall. We are only 52 members under the yearly quota.

Currently we are number 11 in the entire Order. The eight jurisdictions that are ahead of us are outside the United States. This means that we are the number three jurisdiction in the United States!  Great Job!  We are slowly gaining speed but we still have a long way to go to 900, but with everyone’s help, we can achieve this goal.  I want to thank all the councils who have brought in new members in to the Order. For all those who have not, please consider this your opportunity to change that and begin your recruiting efforts today.  We are called upon to invite every Catholic gentleman and their families the opportunity to join our Order. The best way for a man not to join our Order is by not inviting and offering him and his family the opportunity to join us.

I enjoyed seeing all of you at the Mid-Year meetings held in Kinston for the East on January 6 and in Salisbury for the West on January 27 during the general information session and breakout sessions. I know all of you have many questions on the E-Membership rollout that occurred on January 29th. Please check the State and Supreme Websites for updates to the E-Membership rollout. New information is constantly coming out and we will keep you updated as the information is made available.

Now is the time to order your Recruitment kits for your church drives that you are planning for March and April. Please see the State Website for the forms to use to order the kit and the form you will use to report your numbers.

Also remember that the Insurance Agents are a key part of membership – the two go hand in hand. Membership growth is the fuel that keeps this great fraternal engine running. All of our charitable works at the council level are thanks to our hard-working members. And more members equal more charity. We know that the membership blitz is a tried and true way for councils to get more men to join. We see these pushes often in March, in celebration of Founder’s Day, and again in October. These drives are successful because brother Knights have increased visibility speaking or presenting during and after Masses and at special events. We must remember that we have a duty to ask each and every Catholic gentleman to join our ranks for the good of the Church, the community and the Order.

During the rest of the year, we often “forget” to ask men to join and to bring their families into the Knights of Columbus family. You probably know an eligible Catholic man you could ask today. What if the only reason he hasn’t joined is because no one has asked him yet?

When telling a prospect about the strengths of the Order, don’t forget our greatest fraternal benefit: our insurance program. This is often a “selling point” to a potential member who is on the fence. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members.

As professional Knights of Columbus insurance agents, these Brother Knights look forward to helping us grow in fraternity in any way that they can.

District Deputies, I am asking for your help in keeping your councils motivated and accountable for the goals that they set. You are a vital part to them achieving their goals. Unleash your awesomeness! RMPC’s, I am asking for your help. You are the Regional Membership and Program Consultants. Please keep your DD’s motivated and accountable to the district goals that they have set. With everyone working together, there is no question that everyone will reach their goals this fraternal year.

Please check the State Website for the Membership team who is here to assist you in achieving your goal of Star Council this year. Please know not hesitate to contact myself or anyone on the Membership team. We are ready and willing to assist you in achieving your goals. It is an honor to serve you and your councils as your State Membership Director for this state of North Carolina and for the Order.

Vivat Jesus,
Nick Nastasi
State Membership Director

General Program Director

Chris Losack

Integrating the BTDC initiative into your second half programs

Brothers all,

It was so good to see some many of you these past few weeks at the Mid-Year Meetings. We certainly had some challenges to overcome with the bitterly cold weather in the east, but  we made it through. During both meeting we had the opportunity to recognize councils for their amazing program work in the first half of the year. Some of the winning programs were absolutely incredible and are hopefully an inspiration to others to attempt to try something new.

As we have reached our “half-time” and prepare to start the second half, please take time to do an honest self-assessment on how things have progressed and what adjustments we need to make going forward. As part of that process, remember to consider how your programs are integrated with the Building the Domestic Church initiative. Each and every program should have this as a consideration for planning and execution. We should be “leading from the front” within our parishes as the go to ministry for all things. This does not mean that our programs should compete with those already active within the parish, instead it means the opposite. We should be identifying areas that we can either augment existing programs or implement something where there is a gap. Remember, this all begins with discussions with the pastor to understand his needs for the parish.

I am very much looking forward to hearing about all of your great programs for the second half of the year. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2018. I hope that each of you will consider submitting a write up of your best program held during October-March in each of the program areas: Church, Community, Council, Culture-of-Life, Family, LAMB, Membership, and Youth. Your members are working hard and devoting their time for these worthy events, please recognize them for it. If you are not sure about the program awards or how to submit them, the details can be found in the Council Recognition Manual on the state website here:  It can be a valuable resource to you as you are revisiting your program plans for the second half of the year.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime

Christopher J. Losack
NC General Program Director

We Are Called

We Are Called Cross
We Are Called Cross

Culture of Life

Boyce Williams

Greetings from High Point! I hope all who were at any of the Marches enjoyed the effort. To see the President address the National March and commend a friend from Greensboro was stunning. Coastal Chairman Joe Werrell gave me the following information and ideas.


The good news for saving lives of Unborn Children in NC is that the State Legislators provided 2 Million dollars in grants for Pregnancy Centers to purchase ultrasound equipment.  This is a way Centers may obtain new Ultrasound machines in just a few months.  Our Councils should assist Centers in getting this state funding while it is available over a 2 year period.  Centers need more than just the machines and here is where we can help them by providing ongoing funding of consumable supplies and the salary of the Nurse who operates the Ultrasound.  These are not covered by the NC grants and a Center needs the funds to sustain the ultrasound program.  This has the added benefit for both parties-the Center gets the funds to sustain the ultrasound operation and the KofC establishes a long term relationship with the Center.

Another need that the Knights could help Centers is through the purchase of Mobile Vans to take the ultrasound machine to extend Center’s area of service.   Providing a Van may require fundraising at the District or Regional level to obtain the amount of funds needed.  The Van will be a mobile advertisement for our NC KofC for years to come and show our commitment to saving the lives of the Unborn.

Contact your Culture of Life Director or Area Chairman for guidance and assistance.  This is a great opportunity to develop a close, ongoing supporting relationship with Pregnancy Centers throughout our State.

40 Days for Life starts on February 14 at the following locations:

1. Chapel Hill, NC
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Fayetteville, NC
4. Greensboro, NC
5. Wilmington, NC
6. Winston-Salem, NC

Go to: for specifics.

May God Bless all who stand for Life!

Boyce Williams
Culture of Life Director

Family Director

Fred Burton

A Start for Family Devotions – Lent & Beyond

In a December webinar Supreme tells us young men have been asking for spiritual activities for themselves and their families. Our programs, for the future good of all, must address these needs. Let’s look at a couple of ideas with which your councils can get started …

Stations of the Cross

Lent starts soon after you read this. In January, we outlined some meal ideas based on a very successful program run by Student Council 14422 on the NCSU campus. Now, how can we make the devotion itself really family-friendly? See how your pastor feels about letting the youth or families lead Stations on one or two Fridays during Lent. You can assign an entire Friday to a parish youth group, each person taking a turn at the readings and prayers. On the other hand you may be able to engage entire families in a similar way. Ask one family to conduct it on a particular Friday … or ask several families to each take one of the stations. For fun host a Shrove Tuesday (Feb 13th) evening meal of pancakes (aka ‘Shrove Cakes’) for the parish’s families and since Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th, why not serve heart-shaped hot cakes with strawberry or cherry syrup and whipped cream?

Silver Rose

This will be in NC SOMETIME in the SPRING and, yes, we’re still taking requests for visits. Six handcrafted Silver Roses will be making their way from Canada to Mexico in honor of Mary. The Silver Rose prayer program ( which accompanies each Silver Rose (provided in both English and Spanish) honors Our Lady of Guadalupe and humbly pleads for her intercession to end abortions. Show the service to your pastor so he’ll know what you want to accomplish. You can ask when the Rose will be here or make your request for a stop by contacting me directly (be sure to state if you’d prefer the Rose on a weekend or weekday). I’ll make every effort to include as many of you as time, parish schedules and distance will allow.

Family and Individual Devotions

We always think of ‘giving up’ things during Lent but why not ADD other things that can be continued long after Lent is over? I used to suggest a daily Rosary so that people would get in the habit and keep praying it but we now have more options and resources available. Use Lent to introduce those new programs from Building the Domestic Church such as ‘The Family Fully Alive’, ‘Into the Breach’, ‘Fathers for Good’. It may take more work, but seriously consider embarking on Supreme’s Family Rosary Program  and order the Family Rosary Kit (#SR-KIT) and the Scriptural Rosary for the Family (#319) that link suggests. But those are only the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more in the Building the Domestic Church kiosk: . Place it in the church narthex, your fish fry area or on the way out from Stations of the Cross. Yes, you and your parish’s families will receive far more than you’ll be giving up during Lent!

Vivat Jesus,
Fred Burton
NC Family Director
NC Silver Rose Chairman

LAMB Director

LAMB Director

LAMB – Year End Results Are In!

The preliminary Council LAMB results for 2017 are as follows;

We experienced an uptick in the number of Councils doing LAMB, with only 24 Councils having no deposits down from 28 in 2016, with a total of 103 Councils participating in LAMB in some fashion.

As a result, we ended 2017 with a Council fundraising total of $594,818 versus $553,948 raised in 2016 – a 7.4% increase.  By contrast however, 10 years ago the total statewide was $875,733 so we still have a lot of catching up to do.

Also, of the 103 Councils that did participate in 2017, we have still not received disbursement forms from 66 of them as of 1/25/18.

Getting back to the significant drop in fundraising since 2007, I have recently been referring to some Councils (18 in total) as belonging to the “Whatever it Takes Club”.

Every Council has varying issues with fundraising, difficulty in getting stores, volunteers, membership, etc., however a few manage to continually set the bar no matter what difficulties arise.

The defining metric of these Councils is they continually raise in excess of $61 per member. (the average we need to get to in order to get back to where we once were)  They range in size from 47 to 462 members (with the average being 140) and are located across the State.

In speaking with a number of them, the one common theme to their success is the commitment of their Councils and members to the LAMB program.

If your Council is searching for ideas, why not check in with one of the below:

3574 Jacksonville
5487 Goldsboro
7024 Swansboro
7184 Hendersonville
7259 Newton Grove
7547 Elizabeth City
8664 Lincolton
8759 Kill Devil Hills
8886 Brevard
8923 Arden
9492 Tryon
10389 Denver
10783 Hamlet
10852 Charlotte
11180 Edenton
12281 Hampstead
12537 Southport
12921 Wallace

Richard White
LAMB Director

Visit, Like and Follow LAMB on Facebook:

Op LAMB Website:
Lamb Foundation of NC

Youth Director

Pat O’Doherty

State Free Throw Championship hosted by the PIUS X Council # 3498

Our State Free Throw Championship will be March 24th, 2018 at the Fairchild Community Center in Burlington. Doors will open at 11:00 am for registration ad practice with the opening Ceremony at 12:15 pm and completion beginning at 12:30. Awards will follow completion of the completion.

All contestants will be provided a lunch ticket with refreshments available for purchase by non-contestants.

Please note “There must be a Guardian’s signature on the form or the Competitor will not be allowed to participate!””

For Addition information please visit the Youth Program section of the State website.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Vivat Jesus,
Pat O’Doherty, PGK
State Youth Director
North Carolina State Council
Knights of Columbus
(336) 782-6901 (Please leave a message)
1925 Echo Trail
Pfafftown, NC 27040

World Meeting of Families Pilgrimage

The Diocese of Charlotte invites you to the World Meeting of Families in Ireland this August. Meet families and fellow Catholics from around the world and experience the holy sites of Ireland on this 10-day pilgrimage. Highlights include a sightseeing tour of Dublin, the World Meeting of Families (including the 3-day congress, the Festival for Families, Mass and celebrations), and an anticipated visit from Pope Francis. We will also see the shrine at Knock and explore Galway City, Kylemore Abbey and Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, and many other beautiful and timeless attractions of Ireland. Round-trip airfare from Charlotte, 4-star accommodations, transportation, tour guide, World Meeting of Families registration and more are included!

Call Canterbury Pilgrimages at 800-653-0017 or visit for details.

View a .pdf of this Event


Tom DuPree

Greetings Brothers, Sir Knight, Worthy Grand Knights, and Faithful Navigators,

Vivat Jesus!

As we begin 2018, I want to express my thanks for those Councils, Assemblies, and Brother Knights who have supported our VAVS Programs in the year 2017.  Each year you have increased your participation.  My Challenge for each of us is to find more time to volunteer hours & monetary dollars at our USO,  VA Medical Centers, Health Care Centers, and other VA facilities.  This will assist those Veterans both active and retired to have a more pleasurable life.

Reports:  North Carolina annual activity report: VAVS: “Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service”—this is located on the State website under Forms.  Due date:  January 31, 2018 for the year 2017.

Each Council/Assembly (GK/FN) is required to complete and submit this form to my attention.   This information is CRITICAL in your documentation of support to our military.  This information is provided to the State Deputy, District Master, Vice-Supreme Master and Supreme.   Why is this important?  To maintain K of C Order tax status and to live up to our principles of Charity and Patriotism.  Thanks to those Councils/Assemblies who have already submitted this report.  NOT TOO LATE to submit!

Coat Program:  As our season turned bitterly cold, your response to this program has been very positive & successful.  The Knights of Columbus have provided hundreds of New Winter Coats to all four VA Medical Centers in NC for the last 6 years.  These donations have been in sufficient amount to meet the current needs.  Thank you for providing the warmth, “To the Least of Our Brothers”.

38th National Wheel Chair Games:  Each year, hundreds of disabled Veterans travel from around the country to compete in these games.  Last year over 600 Veterans participated.  With them, they bring the fighting spirit and tenacity that defines the Veterans of our Arm Forces.  This year the Games with be at Orlando, Florida from July 30—Aug 4th.  The Knights of Columbus have provided financial support to enable Veterans from Durham, Fayetteville, and Salisbury VA Medical Centers to send more than 30+ Veterans to these Games.  We assist in funding for transportation, housing and team uniforms.  Hotel cost is $1,000 for a week per room (2 Veterans per room).  Airfare is estimated at $350 per person.

How can you help?  I respectfully request that your Council/Assembly/Brother Knight make a donation to help these Veterans to cover these expenses.


 Donations can be made Payable to:  St. Francis of Assisi Assembly #3552
Memo:     VAVS NWCG/ Council/Assembly #
Send to: SK Jerry Cucurullo, FC
6208 Heacham Ct.  Raleigh, NC 27614

I have set up a special checking account for the VAVS Programs.  100% of your contributions goes directly to support our Veterans.  You can use the following link to maKe a Personal DONATION.

You will receive full credit for your participation and donation.

Needs:  All VA Medical Centers and USO can use gift cards ($10, $20 & $25) to assist in needs of our Veterans (special or emergencies).   These are used for items that are NOT available to the Veterans by VA Administration.  i.e. Walmart, Target, grocery stores, restaurants, movies etc…

Sweat Pants and shirts:  needed at all VA Medical Centers.


SK Thomas W. (Tom) DuPree Jr. PGK, PFN, VAVS Representative Durham VA North Carolina District VAVS Representative VA,
NC State Council Veterans Affairs and VAVS Chairman
St. Francis of Assisi Assembly # 3552 Faithful Navigator

State Deputy Visits Edenton, NC Council

Mother of Mary Council #11180, Edenton, NC

NC State Deputy with Program Directors, Council Members, & Grand Knight of Mother of Mercy Council #11180 in Edenton, NC.

Mother of Mary Council, #11180, Edenton, NC, would like to thank the State Deputy for traveling all the way out to the far northeast part of the state to attend our latest meeting in January. Due to the snowstorm the previous week, none of the councils in the far east were able to attend the mid-year meeting in Kinston, NC, or send any delegates. The Worthy State Deputy took time out from his duties to bring to our council and present those awards which they would have received at the mid-year meeting. As a whole, we were humbled by the presentation of several first, second, and third place awards for programs which we have been supporting as a council. Program Directors, Council Members, and the Grand Knight were certainly appreciative that their efforts in each of these areas were noted and recognized.  Thank you to all the members of the council who participated and to the State Council for recognizing those efforts.

Vivat Jesus!

Submitted by: Brother Jason Martin